- document and partly implement DevicePropertiesExA/W()
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / devmgr / precomp.h
2005-12-03 Thomas Bluemel- document and partly implement DevicePropertiesExA/W()
2005-12-03 Thomas Bluemel- if the device cannot be opened display information...
2005-12-01 Thomas Bluemelhandle device updates in the advanced property pages...
2005-12-01 Thomas Bluemel- display whether the device is enabled or disabled
2005-12-01 Thomas Bluemel- hide devices if necessary
2005-11-30 Thomas Bluemel- support remote device property sheets
2005-11-26 Thomas Bluemelimplemented the general device information page
2005-11-26 Thomas Bluemelsimplify displaying the advanced device properties
2005-11-26 Thomas Bluemelinitial implementation of DeviceAdvancedPropertiesA/W
2005-11-26 Thomas Bluemeldisplay the advanced device properties
2005-11-25 Thomas BluemelInitial implementation of the hardware page, based...