Use ASSERT() instead of assert().
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / kernel32 / k32.h
2004-11-05 Eric KohlUse ASSERT() instead of assert().
2004-11-02 Thomas Bluemel1. get rid of InternalGetProcessId()
2004-10-30 Thomas Bluemeladded a few missing structures and some janitory work
2004-09-19 Thomas Bluemel1. implemented SetProcessWorkingSetSize()
2004-07-03 Filip Navara- Fix errors during optimized build.
2004-06-13 Filip Navara- Compile kernel32 using w32api.
2004-03-14 Thomas BluemelImplemented CreateHardLink()
2004-01-23 Eric KohlMove kernekl32-internal declarations from global includ...
2003-11-18 Royce Mitchell IIIremove unnecessary include
2003-11-17 KJK::HyperionMoved and renamed some ReactOS specific macros
2003-04-29 KJK::Hyperion - new statically linked library ROSRTL, for code to...
2003-02-01 KJK::HyperionGetVersion, GetVersionExA and GetVersionExW reimplement...
2003-01-15 Casper Hornstrup*** empty log message ***