Added some stubbs for the WINE kernel32 regression test
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / kernel32 / kernel32.def
2002-09-23 Steven EdwardsAdded some stubbs for the WINE kernel32 regression...
2001-12-11 Emanuele Alibertiprocess/session.c in the makefile.
2001-03-31 David WelchFix for not valid PE module bug
2001-01-05 Phillip SusiExport SetLastErrorByStatus()
2000-08-14 Emanuele AlibertiWin32 fiber stubs
2000-08-05 David WelchIntegrated fixes from prep0016
2000-04-14 Eric KohlImplemented debugger functions
1999-10-26 Emanuele AlibertiAn attempt to fix the ntdll not found bug.
1999-07-17 Emanuele Alibertifixes
1999-06-06 Emanuele AlibertiNtOpenProcess exported
1999-05-15 Eric KohlImproved time functions.
1999-05-15 Emanuele Alibertinaive USER32.ExitWindows
1999-05-11 Eric KohlExport more functions.
1999-05-10 Eric KohlAdded process ids.
1999-05-07 Eric KohlExport some more functions.
1999-05-06 Eric KohlAdded GetDiskFreeSpaceEx().
1999-04-18 David WelchCorrected bug which stopped(!) crtdll from compiling
1999-04-16 Eric Kohlchanges to build cmd again
1999-04-16 Eric Kohllast bugfixes for cmd
1999-04-15 Eric Kohlchanges to build cmd again
1999-04-14 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-04-01 David WelchEnhanced memory managment
1999-03-24 David WelchChanged kernel32 to compile as a dll
1998-12-04 Rex JolliffRolled in various changes from others
1998-08-25 Rex JolliffInitial revision