Emanuele Aliberti <ea@reactos.com>
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / kernel32 / misc / stubs.c
2004-09-23 Emanuele AlibertiEmanuele Aliberti <ea@reactos.com>
2004-09-23 Thomas Bluemelremove implemented stubs
2004-09-23 Thomas Bluemelimplemented IsProcessInJob(), AssignProcessToJobObject...
2004-09-22 Thomas Bluemelaccidently changed the @unimplemented marks
2004-09-22 Thomas Bluemeldon't be silent when calling unimplemented functions
2004-09-22 Thomas Bluemelimplemented CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3A/W()
2004-09-21 Thomas Bluemelimplemented GetSystemRegistryQuota()
2004-09-21 Thomas Bluemelimplemented GetProcessHandleCount()
2004-09-21 Thomas Bluemelimplemented CreateMemoryResourceNotification() and...
2004-09-21 Thomas Bluemelimplemented IsDBCSLeadByte() and IsDBCSLeadByteEx()
2004-08-29 Thomas Bluemelimplemented SetProcessPriorityBoost() and GetProcessPri...
2004-07-30 James TaborImplemented OpenThread and GetSystemTimes.
2004-07-08 Thomas Bluemel1. implemented the timer queue functions of kernel32...
2004-06-26 Filip Navara- Partial implementation of CompareStringW. Fixes bug...
2004-06-20 Gunnar Dalsnesremove unused stub SetCriticalSectionSpinCount (it...
2004-06-13 Filip Navara- Compile kernel32 using w32api.
2004-05-13 Filip Navara- Add some stubs needed by native Windows DLLs.
2004-05-03 Thomas Bluemelimplemented LoadModule()
2004-05-02 Thomas Bluemelported GetBinaryType() from wine
2004-04-22 James TaborFix GlobalMemoryStatus & Ex.
2004-04-12 James TaborAdd Debug header.
2004-04-12 Filip Navara- Return some reasonable values from GlobalMemoryStatusEx.
2004-03-18 Thomas Bluemelimplemented SetFileShortName()
2004-03-18 Thomas Bluemel1. implemented SetFileValidData()
2004-03-14 Thomas Bluemelimplemented GetProcessIoCounters()
2004-03-14 Thomas Bluemelimplemented SetConsoleIcon()
2004-03-14 Thomas Bluemelimplemented GetFileSizeEx()
2004-03-14 Thomas Bluemelimplemented SetFilePointerEx() and fixed SetFilePointer...
2004-03-14 Thomas Bluemelimplemented GetProcessId()
2004-03-14 Thomas BluemelImplemented CreateHardLink()
2004-02-15 Art YerkesGetComputerName(Ex)?[AW] implemented. These are needed...
2004-01-29 Filip NavaraImplementation of InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount...
2004-01-23 Eric KohlCleanup: Replace WINBOOL by BOOL
2003-09-20 Thomas Bluemelunstubbed national language support functions
2003-09-12 Vizzininew patch for more stubs and misc changes
2003-09-08 Thomas Bluemelchanges in this patch by Jonathon Wilson:
2003-08-29 Gé van GeldorpFix warning
2003-08-28 Gé van GeldorpStubs for newer functions (patch by Jonathan Wilson)
2003-08-07 Royce Mitchell III* added _DISABLE_TIDENTS macro to disable any ANSI...
2003-08-05 Thomas BluemelANSI/UNICODE struct separation patch by Royce3, ANSI...
2003-07-10 Casper Hornstrup2003-07-10 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2003-06-09 Hartmut Birr- Implemented GetFileAttributesExA/W.
2003-06-08 Eric KohlAdded full implementations of [Get/Set]ComputerName...
2003-04-20 Gé van GeldorpSimple implementation of GetCPInfo
2003-04-18 Gé van GeldorpHave GetACP() return something sensible
2003-02-12 Eric KohlImplemented IsProcessorFeaturePresent().
2003-02-03 Eric KohlImplemented CancelIo() and SetThreadIdealProcessor().
2003-02-02 Eric KohlImplemented QueryPerformanceCounter() and QueryPerforma...
2003-01-22 Eric KohlFixed some warnings.
2003-01-21 Robert DickensonChanged define _OLE2NLS_IN_BUILD_ to reactivate various...
2003-01-15 Casper Hornstrup2003-01-15 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2003-01-07 Robert DickensonAdded support for lauching VDM on dos image load.
2003-01-05 Robert DickensonMoved the beginnings of some toolhelp exports to their...
2003-01-04 Robert Dickensonexported stubs for Process32First, Process32Next and...
2002-12-12 Robert DickensonFixed "kernel32_test codepage" conformance test:
2002-12-06 Robert DickensonIn search of meaningful error messages and some houseke...
2002-10-29 Marty DillAdded stub for IsProcessorFeaturePresent() to stop...
2002-09-30 Hartmut BirrWideCharToMultiByte accept each code page like MultiByt...
2002-09-27 Hartmut BirrFixed the conversion in MultiByteToWideChar. Wmc.exe...
2002-09-23 Steven EdwardsAdded some stubbs for the WINE kernel32 regression...
2002-09-08 Casper HornstrupReverted latest changes.
2002-09-07 Casper HornstrupUse free Windows DDK and compile with latest MinGW...
2002-08-28 Robert Kopferladded a preliminary WideCharToMultyByte(). This impl...
2002-07-18 Eugene IngermanExport MmCopyFrom/ToCaller from ntoskrnl. Added MulDiv.
2001-05-03 Eric KohlMoved some heap stubs
2001-04-05 Eric KohlFixed global and local memory functions
2001-03-31 David WelchCheck for failed allocation
2001-03-30 David WelchEnable atom functions
2001-02-10 Emanuele AlibertiKERNEL32.GetProcessVersion partial implementation.
2001-01-20 Eric KohlCompleted mutex and semaphore implementation
2000-09-05 Eric KohlImplemented dll detach on thread termination
2000-09-01 Eric KohlImproved internal dll handling
2000-08-27 Eric KohlUser-mode loader improvements
2000-07-01 Emanuele AlibertiMinor changes.
2000-05-14 David WelchUpdated clean targets in various places
2000-05-14 Emanuele AlibertiFixed bug reported by Michael Rich in kernel32 compilation.
2000-05-13 David WelchSome fixes.
2000-04-25 Emanuele AlibertiPartially implemented (handlers only)
2000-04-14 Eric KohlImplemented debugger functions
2000-03-22 David WelchUpdated the minix driver
2000-02-14 Emanuele AlibertiUntested raw implementation of MultiByteToWideChar().
1999-12-26 David WelchAdded some security functions
1999-11-17 Boudewijn Dekkerimplemented LoadResource/FlushViewOfFile
1999-10-18 Boudewijn Dekkerimplemented some ldr functions
1999-10-17 Boudewijn Dekkerimplemented LoadLibray and FreeLibrary
1999-10-07 Eric KohlFixed header inclusion order.
1999-10-03 Emanuele AlibertiI removed a pair of stubs for the OpenFileMapping functions
1999-10-02 Boudewijn DekkerMiscellaneous implementation of kernel32 stubs.
1999-09-27 Boudewijn DekkerAdded support for critical sections.
1999-08-29 Emanuele Alibertisome __stdcall fixes in ntoskrnl and ntdll
1999-07-17 Emanuele Alibertifixes
1999-07-12 Emanuele Alibertikernel32 missing stubs