Perl5.8 requires the pointer to i/o table to be exported, and layed out correctly...
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / msvcrt / msvcrt.def
2002-12-26 Robert DickensonPerl5.8 requires the pointer to i/o table to be exporte...
2002-11-24 Robert DickensonAdded binary and unicode file i/o support to msvcrt.
2001-10-03 Eric KohlImplemented _doserrno().
2001-07-18 Eric KohlAdded process and mbstring functions.
2001-07-12 Eric KohlAdded more functions to msvcrt.
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded _wasctime() and _wctime().
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded more missing functions
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded missing math and stdio functions
2001-07-04 Eric KohlAdded conio functions
2001-07-03 Eric KohlUntangled crtdll/msvcrt header mess.
2001-07-02 Eric KohlAdded some float and stdlib functions
2001-04-10 Eric KohlAdded functions to run MS VC++ 5/6 apps
2001-01-11 Phillip SusiFixed compilation error with symbols _environ/_environ_dll
2001-01-07 Eric KohlAdded some more runtime functions
2001-01-06 Eric KohlAdded some more functions
2000-12-28 jeancopy of some functions from crtdll
2000-12-03 Eric KohlAdded some functions to msvcrt