Fixed a bug in RtlDestroyHeap, that will cause a page fault, if more than one subheap...
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / ntdll / rtl / heap.c
2002-04-03 Hartmut BirrFixed a bug in RtlDestroyHeap, that will cause a page...
2002-04-01 Hartmut BirrFixed a wrong parameter for a call to ZwFreeVirtualMemo...
2001-12-02 David WelchImplemented LPC sections
2001-08-07 Eric KohlChanged stack allocation.
2001-05-06 Eric KohlCleanup
2000-11-04 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
2000-08-12 David WelchUpdated CREDITS
2000-07-30 David WelchFixes from Casper Hornstrup
2000-07-19 David WelchRemoved broken dma code
2000-06-29 David WelchMade header file usage more consistent
2000-05-25 Eric KohlImplemented:
2000-02-27 Eric KohlImproved csrss (doesn't crash any more)
1999-09-12 Emanuele AlibertiSome missing __stdcall added.
1999-04-14 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-03-25 David WelchCleaned up code a bit
1999-03-24 David WelchChanged kernel32 to compile as a dll
1999-03-19 Rex JolliffMerged mingw32 branch into main trunk