Thomas Weidenmueller <>
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / rtl / sid.c
2005-03-12 Thomas BluemelThomas Weidenmueller <>
2005-02-22 Thomas Bluemel1. added irql checks to various rtl and security functions
2005-01-04 Alex IonescuUse proper PISID pointer to SID structure, fix wrong...
2004-07-12 Eric KohlReplace hardcoded values by new constants.
2004-07-10 Eric KohlFix RtlEqualSid().
2004-06-20 Gunnar Dalsnesforgot to change some memory allocators calls
2004-05-31 Gunnar Dalsnescreate rtl for stuff common to ntdll/ntoskrnl