Fix some .rbuild file problems
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / sdk /
2008-05-02 Ged Murphy- Remove CLSID_RebarBandSite from uuid, and contain...
2008-05-01 Ged Murphy- Add IShellView2 and IShellView3 COM interfaces
2008-05-01 Ged MurphyStart to fix some COM interfaces which will be used...
2008-04-11 Hervé PoussineauAdd wine_get_data_dir()/wine_get_build_dir() functions
2008-04-04 Hervé PoussineauTry to fix build
2008-04-04 Hervé PoussineauTry to fix build
2008-03-14 Timo Kreuzer- Simplify IntSetCursor
2008-02-20 Colin Finck- Remove much Win9x-specific stuff from the scrnsave...
2008-02-16 Colin Finck[FORMATTING]
2008-02-11 Hervé PoussineauBring back ext2 code from branch
2008-01-14 Hervé PoussineauAdd more UUIDs
2008-01-13 Aleksey Bragin- Sync up Mm interface with WinLdr branch (introduce...
2008-01-03 Christoph von Wittichinlcude guids for hlink
2007-12-30 Aleksey Bragin- These will be needed soon.
2007-12-29 Dmitry ChapyshevAdd strsafe library (Part 2/2)
2007-12-13 Magnus Olsenupdate dxguid to match dxsdk 2004 dec
2007-11-29 Hervé PoussineauAdd a few more GUIDs to uuid library
2007-11-25 Marc Piulachsrename scrnsavelib to scrnsave as it's the name for...
2007-11-25 Magnus Olsenadd directdraw3 guid to dxguid
2007-11-24 Aleksey Bragin- Guard MSVC's intrinsics with #ifdefs. Proper solution...
2007-11-24 Aleksey Bragin- MS's crt headers define this as 'const'. Fixes an...
2007-11-19 Marc Piulachsadd scrnsave to build
2007-11-19 Marc PiulachsMove scrnsave to a more correct location as it's a...
2007-11-11 Aleksey Bragin- Winesync cppexcept.c. This fixes try/catch C++ except...
2007-11-11 Aleksey Bragin- Update MSVCRT_thread_data
2007-11-11 Aleksey Bragin- After bugfixing, more complete except_nt exception...
2007-11-11 Aleksey Bragin- Fix two more typos, now exception handling doesn...
2007-11-10 Aleksey Bragin- Fix a bug (wrong push ... pop order).
2007-11-10 Magnus OlsenMerge from branch ReactX to Trunk,
2007-11-10 Aleksey Bragin- Fix a bug.
2007-11-09 Aleksey Bragin- This one is not needed anymore (_LIBCNT_ is defined...
2007-11-09 Aleksey Bragin- Build crt and libcntpr from one source tree (using...
2007-11-09 Aleksey Bragin- Copy except and memccpy.c from libcntpr.
2007-11-08 Aleksey Bragin- Sync some changes in strings from libcntpr.
2007-11-08 Magnus Olsenfix wdmguid.a (it is now compatible with ddk version...
2007-11-08 Aleksey Bragin- Move ctype into strings.
2007-11-08 Aleksey Bragin- Rearrange source files location, so that string/math...
2007-11-08 Magnus Olsenstart fixing wdmguid.a 50% is done
2007-11-08 Magnus Olsenadd last guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-08 Magnus Olsenadd 20 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-07 Magnus Olsensmaller cleanup/sort in the guids define list bit
2007-11-07 Magnus Olsenadd some more guids id to ksguid
2007-11-07 Aleksey Bragin- Don't include <windows.h> if it's not needed.
2007-11-07 Magnus Olsenadd 40 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-07 Magnus Olsenadd around 100 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-06 Magnus Olsenadd 5 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-06 Magnus Olsenadd 18 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-06 Magnus Olsenadd 14 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-06 Magnus Olsenadd 37 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsenadd 14 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsenadd 30 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsenadd 10 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsenadd 27 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsenadd 6 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsenadd 20 more guids for ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus Olsen21 more guid to ksguid.a
2007-11-05 Magnus OlsenAdd follow guids to ksguid.a/ksguid.lib KSCATEGORY_REND...
2007-11-04 Magnus OlsenFix varus issue.
2007-11-04 Magnus Olsenstart building up ksguid.a/ksguid.lib it is need it...
2007-10-23 Hervé PoussineauNo need to define __USE_W32API
2007-10-19 Daniel ReimerDelete all Trailing spaces in code.
2007-10-12 Aleksey BraginJohannes Anderwald
2007-10-06 Hervé PoussineauDo not define __REACTOS__ twice
2007-10-06 Art YerkesAll remaining changes from the PPC branch. Not well...
2007-09-24 Hervé PoussineauDo not use host headers anymore when building target...
2007-09-17 Art YerkesMicrosoft and the open group both specify towupper...
2007-09-15 Colin FinckMore XML compliance fixes for the .rbuild files by...
2007-09-14 Hervé PoussineauClean up .rbuild files and make them xml compliant
2007-09-03 Art YerkesFix building of libcntpr on ppc.
2007-09-02 Hervé PoussineauMake some i386 code conditional
2007-08-06 Hervé PoussineauAdd more uuids in uuid lib
2007-07-27 Thomas BluemelDisable debug output by default
2007-07-26 Hervé PoussineauDon't abuse debug system
2007-07-26 Thomas BluemelRemoved hacks from findfirst/findnext APIs
2007-07-08 Magnus Olsenuse // as comment instead for ;
2007-07-08 Magnus Olsencorrect fix for log10.
2007-07-08 Eric KohlFix bug in log10 function. Patch by Carlo Bramix.
2007-07-03 Aleksey Bragin- Revert changes to CRT which were not supposed to...
2007-06-30 Magnus Olsenforget adding this file sprry I broken the build
2007-06-30 Magnus Olsenaccpect pacth in bug 2314, with one smaller change
2007-06-28 Andrew MungerFix realloc behavior when size == 0 and ptr != NULL.
2007-06-16 Aleksey Bragin- Fix a typo.
2007-06-16 Aleksey Bragin- Finally, removing frame pointer was a bad idea (think...
2007-06-16 Aleksey Bragin- Uhh.. Doing it properly now.
2007-06-16 Magnus Olsenrewrite atan, cos, fabs, sin, sqrt, tan, it will give...
2007-06-10 Thomas BluemelAdd GUIDs for IID_IBandSite, CLSID_RebarBandSite and...
2007-05-17 Magnus Olsenoptimizing atan and log10, do not use frame pointer...
2007-05-04 Eric KohlRemoved my name because these files no longer contain...
2007-04-21 Christoph von Wittichremoved unneeded dependencies
2007-04-20 Christoph von Wittichupdate riched20,ole32,oleaut32 to latest wine versions
2007-03-26 Hervé Poussineau- Move NCI generated files to arch-specific directories
2007-03-15 Hervé PoussineauAdd some missing files. Trunk is still not buildable
2007-03-15 Hervé PoussineauFix crt compilation
2007-03-14 Alex Ionescu- Move libcntpr to /sdk. Couldn't do rename+move atomic...
2007-03-14 Alex Ionescu- Add missing file.
2007-03-14 Alex Ionescu- Cleanup the /lib directory, by putting more 3rd-party...