[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / shell32 / shelllink.c
2004-03-24 Martin FuchsFIXME -> TRACE
2004-03-22 Martin Fuchs- Merged partial Wine commit:
2004-03-04 Martin Fuchsnew result buffer length parameter for SHELL_FindExecut...
2004-01-21 Martin Fuchsmerged back commit shell32 WINE patches
2004-01-17 Martin Fuchsadded missing PIDL parameter for SHELL_FindExecutable()
2004-01-17 Martin Fuchsfixed called to Unicode SHELL_FindExecutable()
2004-01-17 Martin Fuchsmove fucnion declaration into header file
2004-01-10 Martin Fuchsfixes for many ShellExecute() problems
2004-01-09 Martin Fuchssome refactoring for ShellExecuteEx()
2004-01-07 Martin FuchsSHELL_SHGetPathFromIDList()
2004-01-06 Martin Fuchsadded FIXME comments for IResolveShellLink
2004-01-04 Martin Fuchsread configuration of hidden file extensions from registry
2004-01-02 Gé van GeldorpRefactoring of Wine DLL import