Full memory management support (memory.c & memory.h & mem.S)
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib /
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded _wasctime() and _wctime().
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded missing _wmktemp().
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded more missing functions
2001-07-06 Rex Jolliffsome corrections to the stubs
2001-07-06 Rex JolliffAdded a stubbed shell32.dll
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded missing math and stdio functions
2001-07-06 Eric KohlAdded missing math functions
2001-07-06 Rex Jolliffadded object handling routines for user objects in...
2001-07-04 Casper HornstrupUpdated clean rules.
2001-07-04 Eric KohlAdded conio functions
2001-07-03 Eric KohlAdded missing io functions from crtdll and implemented...
2001-07-03 Eric KohlUntangled crtdll/msvcrt header mess.
2001-07-02 Eric KohlAdded some float and stdlib functions
2001-07-02 Phillip SusiFixed LdrShutdownProcess() to only detach static dlls...
2001-07-01 Eric KohlAdded some code to map more predefined keys (like HKCU).
2001-06-29 Eric KohlStarted moving common gdi32/w32k types into common...
2001-06-25 Eric KohlFixed a lot of warnings.
2001-06-25 Eric KohlFixed a lot of warnings.
2001-06-25 Eric KohlFixed a lot of warnings.
2001-06-22 Eric KohlMinor fixes.
2001-06-22 Eric KohlReplaced call to KeBugCheck().
2001-06-22 Phillip SusiImplemented support for console titles
2001-06-19 Eric KohlImplemented some more registry functions.
2001-06-18 Eric KohlImplemented RtlOpenCurrentUser().
2001-06-18 Phillip SusiPut LoadString code back that was removed by someone...
2001-06-18 Phillip SusiFixed CreateProcess() to use the command line parameter...
2001-06-17 Eric KohlImplemented some registry functions.
2001-06-17 Emanuele AlibertiFixed a typo.
2001-06-17 Eric KohlImplemented AllocateLocallyUniqueId().
2001-06-17 Emanuele AlibertiNTDLL/csr: some more stubs; code split;
2001-06-17 Eric KohlSome csr additions
2001-06-15 Casper HornstrupMore work on winsock stack (ping is now working)
2001-06-15 Eric KohlFixes for gcc-2.95.3-4
2001-06-12 Casper HornstrupWindow stations and desktops
2001-06-12 Casper HornstrupRemoved old wine code
2001-06-12 Casper HornstrupRemoved old wine code
2001-06-12 Eric KohlFixed some NT compatibility issues in Nt[Query/Set...
2001-06-11 Emanuele Aliberti*** empty log message ***
2001-06-11 Eric KohlImplemented SetVolumeLabelW().
2001-06-07 Eric KohlImplemented the most simple functions.
2001-06-04 Casper HornstrupRaw IP and ICMP fixes
2001-05-30 Eric KohlImplemented RtlFindMessage().
2001-05-30 Eric KohlFixed potential crash when empty ANSI_STRING or UNICODE...
2001-05-27 Casper HornstrupDouble makefile in cvs
2001-05-27 Eric KohlRewrote atom functions in kernel32
2001-05-27 Eric KohlImplemented atoms in ntoskrnl and fixed a few bugs
2001-05-26 Eric KohlImplemented handle table and atom table
2001-05-24 Eric KohlImplemented resource (multiple-reader-single-writer...
2001-05-19 Jurgen van GaelAdded the definition files for ole32.dll
2001-05-15 Jurgen van GaelSourc code for the first ole32.dll COM implementation
2001-05-10 Eric KohlSome named pipe improvements (not usable yet!).
2001-05-07 Casper HornstrupPreparations for 32-bit/64-bit architectures
2001-05-06 Eric KohlCleanup
2001-05-06 Carl NettelbladMoving support for current dir on several drives from...
2001-05-05 Phillip SusiRemoved a bunch of junk from wine and fixed crash on...
2001-05-05 Eric KohlAdded mailslot fs driver
2001-05-03 Eric KohlMoved some heap stubs
2001-05-03 Eric KohlImplemented missing mailslot functions
2001-05-02 Eric KohlImplemented mailslot functions
2001-05-02 Eric KohlImplemented CsrNewThread()
2001-05-02 Jason FilbyGDI32 support for new win32k functions
2001-05-01 Casper HornstrupWork on winsock stack and indentation corrections.
2001-04-29 Carl NettelbladThis change shouldn't mess things up, if used together...
2001-04-10 Eric KohlAdded functions to run MS VC++ 5/6 apps
2001-04-10 Eric KohlFixed crash if exported function does not exist
2001-04-10 David WelchTrace facility
2001-04-05 Eric KohlFixed global and local memory functions
2001-04-04 David WelchFix longstanding bug in keyboard driver
2001-03-31 David WelchFix for not valid PE module bug
2001-03-31 David WelchCheck for failed allocation
2001-03-30 David WelchEnable atom functions
2001-03-30 David WelchDon't map NOLOAD sections
2001-03-26 David WelchFixes for page list initialization
2001-03-26 David WelchFixed bug with calling RtlFreeUnicodeString too early...
2001-03-18 David WelchFixes for APC handling
2001-03-17 Emanuele AlibertiStubs for LookupPrivilege* added.
2001-03-17 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-16 David WelchRemoved obsolete header files
2001-03-13 David WelchRepresent page-in operations by descriptors
2001-03-09 David WelchClose section handle after NtCreateProces in KERNEL32...
2001-03-08 David WelchReverted broken code
2001-03-07 Carl NettelbladCurrent directory now always with correct casing.
2001-03-06 Carl NettelbladAdditional fixes.
2001-03-03 Carl NettelbladReflecting changes in crtdll.
2001-03-02 Carl NettelbladFixes for cmd copy command.
2001-03-01 Eric KohlFix for RtlUnicodeStringToInteger
2001-02-19 David WelchCorrected va_arg bugs
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiMissing .cvsignore
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiFixes to waitable timer implementation
2001-02-17 Eric KohlRemoved obsolete code
2001-02-17 Eric KohlFixed timer access right
2001-02-17 Eric KohlEstablished forwarded exports and removed superfluous...
2001-02-11 Eric KohlRtlInitializeCriticalSection() returns NTSTATUS
2001-02-10 David WelchSection and general memory manager enhancements includi...
2001-02-10 Eric KohlPreliminary command line fix
2001-02-10 Eric KohlGetModuleFileName[A/W] must cope with NULL module handles
2001-02-10 Eric KohlPreparations for use of forwarded exports
2001-02-10 Eric KohlFixed typos
2001-02-10 Emanuele AlibertiKERNEL32.GetProcessVersion partial implementation.
2001-02-10 Eric KohlImplemented handling of forwarded exports