KdDebuggerEnable -> KdDebuggerEnabled
[reactos.git] / reactos / ntoskrnl / ke / catch.c
2002-12-11 Robert DickensonKdDebuggerEnable -> KdDebuggerEnabled
2002-10-26 Casper Hornstrup2002-10-26 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-09-15 guidoSwitch i287 fpu, if present, into protected mode (ignor...
2002-09-08 Casper HornstrupReverted latest changes.
2002-09-07 Casper HornstrupUse free Windows DDK and compile with latest MinGW...
2002-08-08 David Welch2002-08-08 David Welch <welch@computer2.darkstar...
2002-07-18 David WelchSymbol loading working in kdb.
2002-05-08 Casper HornstrupSupport multiple debug targets at the same time.
2002-05-02 David WelchFixed irq problems.
2002-02-09 Casper HornstrupAccept /DEBUGPORT=GDB and /DEBUGPORT=PICE on command...
2002-01-23 Casper HornstrupAdded GNU Debugger stub for remote debugging.
2001-09-24 Casper HornstrupInitial OS level SEH support.
2001-07-04 Casper HornstrupUpdated clean rules.
2001-03-20 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-18 David WelchFixes for APC handling
2001-03-17 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-16 David WelchMoved microkernel to the architecture specific directory
2001-03-16 David WelchRemoved obsolete header files
2001-02-21 Eric KohlImplemented forwarded exports in kernel-mode
2000-12-23 David WelchAll task switching is done in software.
2000-03-03 Eric KohlAdded bitmaps
2000-01-26 David WelchMore improvements to LPC code
1999-10-07 Eric KohlFixed header inclusion order.
1999-06-18 Emanuele AlibertiNTOSKRNL.ZwXXX functions now call NTOSKRNL.NtXXX via...
1999-02-01 David WelchExtensive changes to the objmgr
1998-12-19 David WelchMinor bug fixes
1998-10-05 Rex JolliffThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1998-09-05 Rex JolliffThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1998-08-25 Rex JolliffInitial revision