Compilation bug fixed (due to having used an "unknown" field in the
[reactos.git] / reactos / ntoskrnl / ldr / loader.c
2001-04-23 Emanuele AlibertiCompilation bug fixed (due to having used an "unknown...
2001-04-16 David WelchSMP detection work
2001-04-11 Casper HornstrupAdded loading of symbols when modules are loaded.
2001-03-30 David WelchEnable atom functions
2001-03-27 David WelchPrint addresses in stack frames even early in the boot
2001-03-16 David WelchRemoved obsolete header files
2001-03-07 David WelchAdded tagging of most allocates
2001-02-21 Eric KohlImplemented forwarded exports in kernel-mode
2001-01-18 Eric KohlImplemented system module Information
2000-10-22 Eric KohlRemoved obsolete linux header files
2000-10-08 David WelchAdditional bug fixes
2000-10-07 David WelchAdded multiboot support to ntoskrnl
2000-08-26 Eric KohlReplaced call to LdrLoadModule() by call to ZwSetSystem...
2000-08-24 Eric KohlMinor ide driver cleanup
2000-08-12 David WelchUpdated CREDITS
2000-07-19 David WelchRemoved broken dma code
2000-07-04 David WelchAdded working set functions
2000-06-29 David WelchMade header file usage more consistent
2000-06-19 Eric KohlRemoved invalid includes
2000-06-15 Eric KohlImproved symbolic links (reparsing).
2000-05-09 Eric KohlFixed or added exported object type variables
2000-04-05 Eric KohlAdded hal functions
2000-04-02 Jason FilbyAll video related files now loaded by win32k
2000-03-22 David WelchUpdated the minix driver
2000-03-19 Emanuele AlibertiSome clean-up in ntoskrnl/mm. MmAllocateSection prototy...
2000-03-17 Jason FilbyMiniport driver now loaded from win32k
2000-02-27 Eric KohlFixed some unicode initialization bugs
2000-02-25 Eric KohlRemoved useless debug messages and header files
2000-02-13 David WelchMoved user-process loading into ZwCreateProcess
2000-02-03 Phillip SusiFixed loader bugs, still needs reworked to create multi...
2000-01-31 Eric KohlFixed an invalid printf() format type
2000-01-26 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2000-01-12 Eric KohlAdded missing printf() functions
1999-12-22 David WelchCorrected additional object manager issues pointed...
1999-12-13 David WelchReworked APC and waiting code, seems more stable now
1999-12-04 Brian PalmerFixed bug in LdrPEProcessModule() so that it correctly...
1999-11-24 David WelchBegan converting minix fsd to work with new caching...
1999-11-02 David WelchImproved scheduling code
1999-10-28 Rex JolliffFixed problems with vidport and vga loading
1999-10-24 Rex JolliffChanges to get video drivers and win32k to load
1999-10-23 Rex JolliffAdded vidport.sys to auto loaded drivers
1999-10-20 Rex JolliffChanged name to conform with kernel naming convention
1999-10-07 Eric KohlFixed header inclusion order.
1999-09-05 Eric KohlRemoved unused stuff.
1999-07-17 Emanuele Alibertifixes
1999-06-14 Rex Jolliffuntested implementation of the registry
1999-06-09 David WelchImplemented ZwOpenProcess corrected
1999-06-04 Rex JolliffAdded PE loader to LOADROS. Updated symbol search in...
1999-05-29 David WelchLots of changes to the kernel
1999-05-28 Rex JolliffFirst hack at KMDLLs
1999-05-11 Eric KohlFixed LARGE_INTEGER hack.
1999-04-27 Eric KohlFixed LARGE_INTEGER handling
1999-04-10 David WelchPartially implemented PEB
1999-04-05 David WelchImproved GDT managment
1999-03-26 David WelchMade process execution work again
1999-03-25 David WelchCleaned up code a bit
1999-03-19 Rex JolliffMerged mingw32 branch into main trunk
1999-02-12 Rex JolliffAdded check for ROSKRNL.EXE kernel import references
1999-02-01 David WelchExtensive changes to the objmgr
1999-01-28 David WelchRemoved memory leaks
1999-01-25 Rex Jolliffchanged program loader to map image into section
1999-01-16 Rex JolliffBoudewjin's massive work on kernel32 and crtdll and...
1999-01-13 Rex JolliffPE driver loader is complete.
1999-01-12 Rex Jolliffmore work on loader
1999-01-01 Rex JolliffChanges to support the COFF driver loader
1998-12-30 Rex JolliffChanges to support new VFAT functions and the loader
1998-12-30 Rex Jolliffmore loader changes and new fixes to the VFAT driver...
1998-12-23 Rex Jolliffmore changes to support the loader
1998-12-20 Rex JolliffVarious changes to support the executable/driver loader
1998-12-12 Rex Jolliffmore hacking on the loader
1998-12-12 Rex JolliffImplemented loader functions for COFF Drivers and BIN...
1998-12-08 Rex JolliffAdded ZwQueryFileInformation
1998-10-05 Rex Jolliffgeneral bug fix changes
1998-09-05 Rex JolliffThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1998-08-28 Rex JolliffInitial revision