- Initialize the used page count for the non paged pool in MmInitializeBalancer.
[reactos.git] / reactos / ntoskrnl / mm / freelist.c
2003-10-23 Hartmut Birr- Initialize the used page count for the non paged...
2003-10-23 Hartmut Birr- Fixed a crash which occurs if the maxmem option
2003-10-12 Hartmut Birr- Fixed the freeing of memory from boot load drivers.
2003-07-17 Andrew GreenwoodWin 32 API header compatibility update
2003-07-13 David Welch- Fixed deadlock in pager thread.
2003-07-12 David Welch- Implemented Harmutt Birr's suggestion of a seperate...
2003-07-10 Royce Mitchell III@implemented and @unimplemented comments for ntoskrnl...
2003-07-06 Hartmut Birr- Store the consumer type for each page.
2003-06-21 Gé van GeldorpBounds checking in MmMarkPage(Un)Mapped, call MmMarkPag...
2003-05-17 Hartmut Birr- Marked the initial kernel space as mapped.
2002-11-10 Casper Hornstrup2002-11-10 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-10-01 Casper Hornstrup2002-10-01 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-09-08 Casper HornstrupReverted latest changes.
2002-09-07 Casper HornstrupUse free Windows DDK and compile with latest MinGW...
2002-08-17 Hartmut BirrZero out the page in MmTransferOwnershipPage.
2002-06-04 David Welch2002-06-04 David Welch <welch@whitehall1-5.seh.ox...
2002-05-14 David WelchReverted the MPW changes (keep these in a seperate...
2002-05-13 Casper HornstrupUse ULONG_PTR instead of ULONG when doing pointer arith...
2002-01-08 David WelchMore swapping fixes
2002-01-05 Hartmut BirrFixed the mapping of MmPageArray.
2002-01-04 David WelchZero page list
2002-01-01 David WelchFixed some swapping bugs and deadlocks
2001-12-31 David WelchVirtual memory support
2001-12-29 David WelchTrim cache
2001-12-27 David WelchMore fixes
2001-12-26 David WelchMisc fixes.
2001-12-20 David WelchFixed fast mutex implementation (they are NOT recursive)
2001-10-29 David WelchZero pages before allocated.
2001-08-13 Eric KohlFixed interpretation of BIOS memory map.
2001-05-01 Casper HornstrupPreparations for checked/free like builds (CPRINT ...
2001-04-13 Casper HornstrupAdded Intel MultiProcessor Specification support
2001-03-28 David WelchFixed page list initialization
2001-03-26 David WelchFixes for page list initialization
2001-03-25 David WelchV86 mode fixes
2001-03-20 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-18 David WelchOne more bug in MmAllocateContiguousPages
2001-03-18 David WelchTypo
2001-03-18 David WelchAllocate pages beginning from the top of memory
2001-03-18 David WelchFixes for APC handling
2001-03-16 David WelchRemoved obsolete header files
2001-03-13 David WelchRepresent page-in operations by descriptors
2001-03-08 David WelchProper cleanup after processes
2001-02-28 David WelchAllow allocating aligned, contiguous memory
2001-02-10 David WelchSection and general memory manager enhancements includi...
2001-02-06 David WelchFixed timer code
2001-01-16 David WelchFix bug in MmAllocateContinuousPages spotted by Philip...
2001-01-08 David WelchSome memory manager cleanups
2000-12-29 David WelchImplemented MmAllocateContinuousMemory
2000-10-22 Eric KohlRemoved obsolete linux header files
2000-08-20 David WelchFixed memory manager bugs
2000-07-19 David WelchRemoved broken dma code
2000-07-08 David Welch*** empty log message ***
2000-07-07 David WelchCorrected bug where user32.a wasn't being cleaned
2000-07-06 David WelchAdded experimental paging out code (wouldn't activate...
2000-07-04 David WelchAdded working set functions
2000-07-01 David WelchRemoved unused header file
2000-06-27 David WelchCorrected bug when booting with loadros
2000-06-26 David WelchDocumented parts of the page fault path and flagged...
2000-06-25 David WelchFixed bug.
2000-06-25 David WelchRemoved from redundant files from the mm directory
1999-12-20 David WelchFixed problem with handles not being released
1999-12-18 David WelchWorked around compiler bug in NtDelayExecution
1999-11-12 David Welch1) Corrected bugs in ERESOURCE code
1999-04-14 David WelchFixed silly compilation bug
1999-04-14 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-03-31 David WelchImproved physical page managment
1998-10-05 Rex JolliffThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1998-09-05 Rex JolliffThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1998-08-25 Rex JolliffInitial revision