- Return correct error. Spotted by Thomas.
[reactos.git] / reactos / ntoskrnl / ps / cid.c
2005-08-07 Alex Ionescu- Return correct error. Spotted by Thomas.
2005-05-27 Casper HornstrupMerge 15329:15546 from trunk
2005-05-27 Casper HornstrupCopy rpoolmgr.h from trunk
2005-05-20 Steven Edwardsmove the rest of the alread defined tags to the private...
2005-05-16 Casper HornstrupMerge 15268:15329 from trunk
2005-05-15 Alex IonescuMake Object Type creation compatible with OB 2.0 from...
2005-05-14 Casper HornstrupMerge 14981:15268 from trunk
2005-05-13 Casper HornstrupCopy w32api from trunk
2005-05-09 Steven Edwardsstrip whitespace from end of lines
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupMerge 14551:14980 from trunk
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupCopy wininet to branch
2005-05-01 Martin Fuchsmerge ROS Shell without integrated explorer part into...
2005-04-27 Hartmut BirrGuarded some calls to handle functions with KeEnterCrit...
2005-04-10 Casper HornstrupMerge 13831:14550 from trunk
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy riched20
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy makefile
2005-03-31 Thomas Bluemeldon't bugcheck on object type mismatch in PsLookupCidHandle
2005-03-18 Alex IonescuThread/Process Termination/Repeaing Rewrite + Fixes
2005-03-13 Thomas Bluemel- fixed handle table structures
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupMerge 13159:13510 from trunk
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupCopy msimg32
2005-02-12 Casper HornstrupBranch setupapi
2005-01-26 Alex IonescuStandardize comment headers. Patch by Trevor McCort
2005-01-26 Thomas Bluemel1. fixed NtCreateProcess to do some buffer checks and...
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2004-11-27 Hartmut Birr- Used a fast mutex for the client id structure.
2004-10-12 Filip Navara- Fix logic error in PsDeleteCidHandle.
2004-09-28 Thomas Bluemel1. get rid of the global thread list and group threads...