rename tests to dllname_winetest to make it less trouble on exception to change build...
[reactos.git] / reactos / regtests / winetests /
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsrename tests to dllname_winetest to make it less troubl...
2005-08-07 Thomas BluemelSVN maintainance
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsenable the ntdll and kernel32 wine tests and watch...
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsadded kernel32 wine tests
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsntdll pending some winerror.h fixes
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsadded local define for DCX_USESTYLE
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsturn on more the winetests
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsagain dump the .cvsignore
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsadd some of the shlwapi tests
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsadded user32 wine regression test
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardswe don't need a .cvsignore
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsadded gdi32 wine regression tests
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsmoved psapi test
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsadd version tests
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsadded msvcrt regression test
2005-08-06 Thomas Bluemelallow warnings
2005-08-06 Thomas Bluemeladd missing directory.xml
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsand this
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsforgot this
2005-08-06 Steven Edwardsstick the winetests in the sub folder with the other...