Minor fix in CSR.GetTitle().
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / csrss / api / conio.c
2001-08-14 Emanuele AlibertiMinor fix in CSR.GetTitle().
2001-08-14 Emanuele AlibertiCSR.GetTitle implemented.
2001-07-31 Emanuele Aliberti\t processing in SCREEN_BUFFER bugged.
2001-07-31 Emanuele AlibertiRemoved the bugged conio.c:ComputeOffsetBuffer()
2001-07-30 Emanuele AlibertiLittle CsrpWriteConsole() cleanup.
2001-06-22 Phillip SusiImplemented support for console titles
2001-06-18 Phillip SusiFixed console mode behavior with processed input but...
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiBug fixes and speedup
2001-01-24 Phillip SusiFixed backspace handling
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiReworked console code to use frame buffers and input...
2000-12-09 Phillip SusiOpps... can't just return from a native thread proc...
2000-12-01 jean*** empty log message ***
2000-10-09 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
2000-08-05 David WelchIntegrated fixes from prep0016
2000-07-11 Phillip SusiImplemented console modes
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiImplimented switch back to text mode after gditest
2000-07-06 David WelchAdded experimental paging out code (wouldn't activate...
2000-05-26 Phillip Susibig work on the console front
2000-05-08 Eric KohlImplemented IOCTL to draw screen buffer
2000-04-23 Phillip SusiWhole new win32 console support, with multiple virtual...
2000-04-03 David WelchCorrect LPC implementation
2000-03-22 David WelchUpdated the minix driver
1999-12-30 David WelchAdded some additional csrss work
1999-12-22 David WelchCorrected additional object manager issues pointed...