Don't return characters is key is up
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / csrss / win32csr / conio.c
2005-01-06 Gé van GeldorpDon't return characters is key is up
2005-01-03 Alex IonescuRewrite ROS Critical Section implementation, which...
2004-12-25 Filip Navara- Fix compilation with GCC 4.0-20041219.
2004-12-18 Gé van GeldorpHandle failures better (i.e. without crashing)
2004-11-14 Hartmut Birr- Implemented waitable console handles.
2004-11-02 Thomas Bluemel1. Implemented WriteConsoleW(), ReadConsoleW(), FillCon...
2004-09-10 Gé van GeldorpSend CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT to processes attached to a consol...
2004-08-25 Hartmut Birr- Fixed the back-space-handling in ConioWriteConsole.
2004-08-24 Filip Navara- Always use non-antialiased font for consoles.
2004-08-22 Filip Navara- Implement ReadConsoleInputW, PeekConsoleInputW, ReadC...
2004-07-04 Filip Navara- Fixed NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock handling in...
2004-04-09 Filip Navara- Compile Win32k, GDI, USER32 and CSRSS using W32API.
2004-03-14 Thomas Bluemelimplemented SetConsoleIcon()
2004-03-07 Hartmut Birr- Fixed the handling for ctrl and alt keys.
2004-02-27 Hartmut Birr- Initialize/delete the lock of a console.
2004-02-25 Hartmut Birr- Initialize/delete the lock of a screen buffer.
2004-02-25 Hartmut Birr- Made again usable the cursor and F1-12 keys.
2004-02-19 Art YerkesCommits for bug 193, merged from release branch.
2004-01-11 Gé van GeldorpAuto-detect whether to create a GUI or a TUI console
2003-12-18 Gé van GeldorpAllow launching of console apps from GUI apps
2003-12-02 Gé van GeldorpCSRSS code reshuffle