Add support for explorer to load the desk.cpl when right clicking on background.
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / system / explorer / desktop / desktop.cpp
2005-02-27 Klemens FriedlAdd support for explorer to load the desk.cpl when...
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsowner drawn context menus for lean explorer version
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsgeneric support for owner drawn context menus
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchssupport for owner drawn context menus on the desktop
2004-09-15 Martin Fuchsremove direct version output from desktop; instead...
2004-08-16 Martin Fuchsdisplay version information in about dialog and on...
2004-08-03 Martin Fuchsget version number to display from RES_STR_PRODUCT_VERSION
2004-08-02 Filip Navara- Delete ntoskrnl/ps/i386/*.o on "make clean".
2004-06-18 Martin Fuchsre-enable DesktopWindow::OnDefaultCommand to open explo...
2004-05-31 Martin Fuchsintegrate optional SDI mode into main explorer branch
2004-05-17 Martin Fuchsuse precompiled headers for VC++ builds
2004-04-04 Martin Fuchsfix imagelist loading
2004-03-28 Martin Fuchsoption "display version on desktop background"
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchs- Copyright notices for 2004
2004-03-13 Martin Fuchsfrench translation for some start menu entries from Gge
2004-03-08 Martin Fuchsnew bug reports in TODO list
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchspreparations for SDI code merge
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchsdesktop switching: allow applications to be visible...
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchsremember last foreground window when switching desktops
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchsremember last foreground window when switching desktops
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchsimplemented 'minimize all' feature
2004-02-26 Martin Fuchsinclude explorer windows in desktop switching
2004-02-25 Martin Fuchsset background brush for the short moment of displaying...
2004-02-17 Martin Fuchscorrected comment
2004-02-09 Martin Fuchsre-show all hidden windows at explorer termination
2004-02-08 Martin Fuchsdesktop switching
2004-01-23 Martin Fuchsbugfix to correctly display notification icons of some...
2004-01-20 Martin Fuchseven more funny icon arrangements
2004-01-20 Martin Fuchsicon alignment algorithms
2004-01-18 Martin Fuchsmoved setings dialogs in separate file
2004-01-18 Martin Fuchsdesktop settings dialog sheet (for now only too look...
2004-01-03 Martin Fuchsoptimized screen update
2004-01-02 Martin Fuchsbegin of drag drop support on desktop
2004-01-02 Martin Fuchsenable shoutdown by hitting Alt+F4
2003-12-31 Martin Fuchsimplemented Explorer About Dialog
2003-12-21 Martin Fuchsreactivated work around for Z-order problem on Wine
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchscorrected context menu in explorer windows
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchsfixed ShellFolderContextMenu() parameter
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchscontext menu implementation for desktop window
2003-11-02 Martin Fuchsadd doxygen @todo tags to create a TODO list
2003-10-21 Martin Fuchsreplace old makefile by new MinGW makefile to fix resou...
2003-10-13 Martin Fuchsupdate version number to 0.1.4
2003-09-29 Martin FuchsFix for wrong UNICODE definition of CFSTR_FILENAME...
2003-09-29 Martin Fuchs* open MDI cabinet folders instead of new mainframe...
2003-09-28 Martin Fuchsopen subfolders in cabinet windows
2003-09-28 Martin Fuchsopen cabinet windows then clicking on desktop folders
2003-09-13 Martin Fuchsrename local variable from hwnd to hwndDesktop
2003-09-13 Martin Fuchswork around for Windows NT, Win 98, ... to display...
2003-09-02 Martin Fuchsprint KERNEL_VERSION_STR
2003-08-31 Martin FuchsWine workaround for displaying the desktop bar
2003-08-24 Martin FuchsAdded logo in start menu.
2003-08-24 Martin FuchsImplement CTRL+ESC shortcut for poping up start menu
2003-08-23 Martin Fuchsfixed GDI handle leaks
2003-08-22 Martin Fuchscheck for valid task icon owener windows
2003-08-22 Martin Fuchsset work area size
2003-08-22 Martin FuchsImplemented tray notification callback messages
2003-08-21 Martin Fuchsworking start menu; beginning of tray notification...
2003-08-18 Martin Fuchsfirst draft of explorer start menu
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchslog off button in start menu
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchspicture button for start menu
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchsnew helper struct ClientRect
2003-08-16 Martin Fuchsfirst draft of working task bar
2003-08-16 Martin Fuchsadditional comments
2003-08-15 Martin Fuchsmove text
2003-08-13 Martin Fuchsdrawing desktop background by using PaintDesktop()
2003-08-11 Martin Fuchsopen child folders by double click in ShellBrowserChild
2003-08-11 Martin Fuchsdraw blue background
2003-08-10 Martin Fuchsslash fir linux compatibiliy
2003-08-09 Martin Fuchsfix FOLDERSETTINGS usage
2003-08-09 Martin Fuchssmall improvements for DesktopWindow
2003-08-09 Martin FuchsImplemented explorer and desktop window using shell...