Add support for explorer to load the desk.cpl when right clicking on background.
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / system / explorer / explorer_intres.rc
2005-02-27 Klemens FriedlAdd support for explorer to load the desk.cpl when...
2005-01-09 Klemens Friedl8 german language files (update)
2004-11-21 Martin Fuchscleanup resource script
2004-11-20 Martin Fuchsnotification area button to toggle hidden icons
2004-11-20 Martin Fuchsdisplay notification icon change times
2004-10-30 Martin Fuchsadjust about dialog to ROS font sizes (Klemens Friedl...
2004-09-22 Martin Fuchsconfiguration dialog to choose between MDI and SDI...
2004-08-30 Martin Fuchsfix tab order
2004-08-16 Martin Fuchsdisplay version information in about dialog and on...
2004-08-03 Martin Fuchsget version number to display from RES_STR_PRODUCT_VERSION
2004-07-14 Steven Edwardsadded Spanish translation by Carlos Garcia Gomez.
2004-06-26 Martin Fuchssimplified chinese explorer resources by Larry Li ...
2004-06-21 Martin Fuchsdisable explorer sidebar in SDI mode
2004-06-20 Martin Fuchsscroll mode for very long start menus
2004-05-31 Martin Fuchsintegrate optional SDI mode into main explorer branch
2004-04-12 Martin Fuchssimplified chinese resources by Larry Li <larry@mimios...
2004-04-09 Martin Fuchsreplace previous favorites start menu folder implementa...
2004-04-04 Martin Fuchsdisplay bookmarks in sidebar
2004-03-28 Martin Fuchsoption "display version on desktop background"
2004-03-28 Martin Fuchsmore configuration options:
2004-03-21 Martin Fuchsconfiguration dialog for notification icons
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchscontext menu for notification area
2004-03-15 Martin Fuchsimplementation of volume control tray icon
2004-03-13 Martin Fuchsfrench translation for some start menu entries from Gge
2004-03-12 Martin Fuchssmall 'Explorer' string adjustment for french
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchs- "up" button (no functionality yet)
2004-02-25 Martin Fuchsfixed bug #224
2004-02-24 Martin Fuchs- launch task manager
2004-02-11 Martin Fuchsfix and enable japanese resources for windres
2004-02-08 Martin FuchsJapanese resource by Masahiro Taguchi (not supported...
2004-02-08 Martin Fuchsdesktop switching
2004-02-06 Martin Fuchssmall dialog size corrections
2004-02-06 Martin Fuchsportugal translation by Paulo Silva
2004-02-04 Martin Fuchsadded special logo bitmap for 4 bpp color resolution
2004-02-02 Martin Fuchsreading of FAT image files (work in progress)
2004-01-20 Martin Fuchseven more funny icon arrangements
2004-01-18 Martin Fuchsdraw button control with original border; focus handlin...
2004-01-18 Martin Fuchsremoved test bitamp statics
2004-01-18 Martin Fuchsdesktop settings dialog sheet (for now only too look...
2004-01-18 Richard Campbelltemp fix for windres compatibility issues.
2004-01-18 Martin Fuchsproperty sheet dialogs
2004-01-17 Martin Fuchsoutput warning message before launching more than one...
2004-01-17 Martin Fuchscontext menu for desktop bar
2004-01-05 Vizzinicross-compile fixes
2004-01-01 Martin Fuchsadded some more icons for start menu subfolders
2004-01-01 Martin Fuchsintegrated some of Everaldo's icons
2003-12-31 Martin Fuchsgerman frame menu
2003-12-31 Martin Fuchsimplemented Explorer About Dialog
2003-12-29 Martin Fuchsmove search start menu entries into 'Search' submenu
2003-12-26 Martin Fuchsfrench resources translated by Gerard Gatineau
2003-12-25 Martin Fuchstemplate for french resources
2003-11-02 Martin Fuchsmake windres work again
2003-11-01 Martin Fuchsadded updatefooter script
2003-10-19 Martin FuchsImplemented floating start menus
2003-10-18 Martin Fuchs* add interactive sort functionality to program search...
2003-10-18 Martin Fuchs* caching of searched start menu entries
2003-10-17 Martin Fuchsactivate find-progra-dialog filter
2003-10-12 Martin FuchsDisplay colorfull startmenu side logo if enough colors...
2003-10-06 Filip NavaraAdded vfw.h header for compiling comctl32.dll with...
2003-10-04 Martin Fuchsdisplay icons in search dialog
2003-10-04 Martin Fuchsadjust for wrc
2003-10-02 Martin Fuchs_avive-Handling
2003-10-01 Martin FuchsBeginnings of "Search Program" dialog
2003-09-28 Martin Fuchsmoved settings entries into submenu
2003-09-27 Martin Fuchs* created a Makefile for compiling as standalone projec...
2003-09-27 Martin Fuchsmoved start menu entries for control panel, etc. into...
2003-09-21 Martin FuchsExplorer FAQ
2003-09-13 Martin FuchsUse a better ReactOS Icon as application icon and for...
2003-09-02 Martin Fuchsprint KERNEL_VERSION_STR
2003-08-30 Martin FuchsWINE build compatibility
2003-08-28 Martin Fuchscontrol panel start entry
2003-08-27 Martin Fuchspartly implemented control panel window
2003-08-26 Martin FuchsImplemented Search and Shut Down in startmenu by callin...
2003-08-24 Martin FuchsAdded romanian translation of Ciobanu Alexander.
2003-08-24 Martin FuchsAdded logo in start menu.
2003-08-24 Martin Fuchsadded comments
2003-08-24 Martin Fuchsbrowse drives in start menu
2003-08-22 Martin FuchsImplemented quick launch bar
2003-08-20 Martin Fuchsautomatically opening startmenu-submenus
2003-08-20 Martin Fuchsdraw startmenu subfolder arrows
2003-08-19 Martin FuchsImplementation of standard startmenu folders
2003-08-18 Martin Fuchsfirst draft of explorer start menu
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchslog off button in start menu
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchspicture button for start menu
2003-08-10 Martin Fuchsslash fir linux compatibiliy
2003-08-09 Martin FuchsImplemented explorer and desktop window using shell...