reinitialize image list in ShellBrowser::invalidate_cache()
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / system / explorer / shell / shellbrowser.cpp
2005-12-28 Martin Fuchsreinitialize image list in ShellBrowser::invalidate_cache()
2005-12-28 Martin Fuchs- refactor icon cache
2005-11-29 Martin Fuchscorrect _com_ptr usage
2005-11-04 Martin Fuchstest version of startmenu root with big icons
2005-10-05 Martin Fuchsimplemented command line parser for Explorer
2005-10-02 Martin Fuchswork around GCC's wide string constant bug to fix tree...
2005-10-02 Martin Fuchsfix directory traversing in explorer SDI windows
2005-09-25 Martin Fuchstry to use IShellFolderViewCB::MessageSFVCB() in order...
2005-09-12 Royce Mitchell IIIsecurity audit of explorer code...
2005-08-03 Thomas Bluemel#include "precomp.h" -> #include <precomp.h>
2005-07-28 Thomas Bluemeldiscard explicitly returned value
2005-06-03 Martin Fuchssplit the big explorer resource file into smaller langu...
2005-05-01 Martin Fuchsmerge ROS Shell without integrated explorer part into...
2005-04-10 Casper HornstrupMerge 13831:14550 from trunk
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy riched20
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy makefile
2005-04-03 Martin Fuchsactivate printer folder menu
2005-04-03 Martin Fuchsprotect system image list
2005-04-03 Martin Fuchsprotect system image list
2005-04-03 Martin Fuchsshow logoff dialog in lean explorer
2005-04-03 Martin Fuchsfix SDI shell browser
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupMerge 13159:13510 from trunk
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupCopy msimg32
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsowner drawn context menus for lean explorer version
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsgeneric support for owner drawn context menus
2004-08-03 Martin Fuchsget version number to display from RES_STR_PRODUCT_VERSION
2004-08-02 Martin Fuchscontext menus for qick launch bar
2004-07-26 Martin Fuchsprecompiled header support for the lean version of...
2004-07-18 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-07-15 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-06-20 Martin Fuchsremove useless comment
2004-06-20 Martin Fuchsfix opening explorer sub folders in MDI mode - problem...
2004-06-18 Martin Fuchsre-enable DesktopWindow::OnDefaultCommand to open explo...
2004-05-31 Martin Fuchsintegrate optional SDI mode into main explorer branch
2004-05-17 Martin Fuchsuse precompiled headers for VC++ builds
2004-04-25 Martin Fuchshandle GetDateFormat) failures
2004-04-12 Martin FuchsShellBrowserChild: jump to addressbar target
2004-04-12 Martin Fuchs- fix Entry::read_tree() and get_next_path_component()
2004-04-12 Martin Fuchsoptimize favorites sidebar
2004-04-10 Martin Fuchsawake address bar to life
2004-04-10 Martin Fuchsactivate web bookmarks in cabinet windows
2004-04-04 Martin Fuchsicons and tooltips for bookmarks
2004-03-21 Martin Fuchsconfiguration dialog for notification icons
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchslean version comments
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchs- Copyright notices for 2004
2004-03-03 Martin Fuchsadd opened files to the "recent documents" list
2004-03-03 Martin Fuchsadd opened files to the "recent documents" list
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchspreparations for SDI code merge
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchsup/down navigation for shell views in SDI mode
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchs- "up" button (no functionality yet)
2004-02-28 Martin Fuchs"up" button
2004-02-18 Martin FuchsSDI interface for lean explorer
2004-02-10 Martin Fuchsstore statustexts in MDI children
2004-02-09 Martin Fuchsdisplay status texts
2004-02-08 Martin Fuchsdesktop switching
2004-02-02 Martin Fuchsreading of FAT image files (work in progress)
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsre-activate already open shell/ntobj child windows...
2004-01-07 Martin Fuchscreate quicklaunch dir it it does not already exist
2004-01-03 Martin Fuchsdirect file system access for start menu
2004-01-03 Martin Fuchsoptimized screen update
2004-01-02 Martin Fuchsbegin of drag drop support on desktop
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchscorrected context menu in explorer windows
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchscontext menu implementation for desktop window
2003-11-23 Martin FuchsContext Trace Outputs for Exceptions
2003-11-02 Martin Fuchsadd doxygen @todo tags to create a TODO list
2003-09-30 Martin FuchsChanged shell namespacew sort order to file name instea...
2003-09-29 Martin Fuchs* open MDI cabinet folders instead of new mainframe...
2003-09-28 Martin Fuchsopen subfolders in cabinet windows
2003-09-28 Martin Fuchsopen cabinet windows then clicking on desktop folders
2003-09-19 Martin Fuchsimproved exception handling in start menu, especially...
2003-08-28 Martin FuchsImplemented control panel window in cabinet view mode.
2003-08-27 Martin Fuchspartly implemented control panel window
2003-08-20 Martin Fuchsautomatically opening startmenu-submenus
2003-08-19 Martin FuchsImplemented navigation and launching in start menu
2003-08-19 Martin Fuchsadded code comments and a bit of cleanup
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchslog off button in start menu
2003-08-17 Martin Fuchsnew helper struct ClientRect
2003-08-16 Martin Fuchsfirst draft of working task bar
2003-08-16 Martin Fuchsadditional comments
2003-08-15 Martin Fuchsremove warnings
2003-08-11 Martin Fuchsopen child folders by double click in ShellBrowserChild
2003-08-11 Martin Fuchsdraw blue background
2003-08-09 Martin Fuchsfix FOLDERSETTINGS usage
2003-08-09 Martin Fuchssmall improvements for DesktopWindow
2003-08-09 Martin FuchsImplemented explorer and desktop window using shell...