make GedMurphy happy
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / system / servman / query.c
2006-01-08 Christoph von Wittichmake GedMurphy happy
2006-01-08 Ged Murphyimplement list refreshing and program exit
2006-01-08 Ged Murphy- list items alphabetically
2006-01-07 Christoph von Wittichincreased buffer size to max needed size
2006-01-07 Ged MurphyFix a buffer overflow. Thanks to Christoph for spotting...
2006-01-07 Ged Murphy- fix startup type
2006-01-07 Ged Murphypull service info out of the registry to populate the...
2006-01-06 Ged Murphy- Added the properties dialog