German language file (minor update)
[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / system /
2005-02-23 Klemens FriedlGerman language file (minor update)
2005-02-23 Klemens FriedlGerman language support added
2005-02-23 Klemens FriedlChange icons: speaker
2005-02-22 Thomas BluemelGerman translation of winecalc by Rouven Wessling
2005-02-21 Martin Fuchsmove public expat headers into common include folder
2005-02-21 Martin Fuchsupdate Expat and XMLStorage files
2005-02-20 Hervé PoussineauAllow HAL choice during first stage setup
2005-02-20 Steven EdwardsAdded a Open dialog. Right now it still opens new windows
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpWine-20050211 vendor import
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpPrepare for vendor import
2005-02-20 Martin Fuchshandle new expat 1.95.8 error codes
2005-02-20 Martin Fuchsfix XBEL write routine
2005-02-20 Martin Fuchsupdate Expat and XMLStorage files
2005-02-20 Martin Fuchsrm expat.h
2005-02-17 Thomas Bluemelfixed includes
2005-02-17 Gunnar Dalsnesadd missing include
2005-02-17 Eric Kohl- Make lsass.exe a win32 application.
2005-02-16 James TaborUpdate and sync Msiexec with Wine Cvs.
2005-02-13 Klemens FriedlVMware SVGA Wizard:
2005-02-08 Gé van GeldorpPrefer SEE_MASK_IDLIST, since that one is actually...
2005-02-08 Gé van GeldorpHervé Poussineau <>
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsowner drawn context menus for lean explorer version
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsowner drawn context menus for FileChild
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsfix warning message
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsgeneric support for owner drawn context menus
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchsprevent crash related to unsupported context menu types
2005-02-06 Martin Fuchssupport for owner drawn context menus on the desktop
2005-01-29 Martin Fuchsborder for address bar
2005-01-28 Eric KohlUse the service contol pipe to send a start command...
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchsmove address bar into top rebar
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchsfix UNICODE command line handling for MinGW builds
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchsfix UNICODE command line handling for MinGW builds
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchsfix typos
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchsstore startup path statically
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchsstore start URL statically
2005-01-27 Martin Fuchs- rename some Explorer strings to IBrowser
2005-01-26 Steven Edwardsfix resouce compiling on cross-compile
2005-01-26 Martin Fuchsfirst draft of SDI browser application derived from...
2005-01-24 Martin Fuchsadjust properties (CRLF line endlings, ignores)
2005-01-24 Martin Fuchsfix typo and update CVS->Subversion
2005-01-22 Alex IonescuReactOS now boots. More bug fixes needed
2005-01-21 Alex IonescuFirst patch to fix seriously broken ROS (thank Thomas...
2005-01-21 Thomas Bluemelproperly query the device map
2005-01-21 Mike NordellFix crashing browsing namespace with non-zero-terminate...
2005-01-18 Alex IonescuFix SYSENTER support in VMware. New benchmar: 200ms...
2005-01-17 Alex IonescuSYSENTER support, INT2E Optimization, new Syscall Table...
2005-01-10 Martin Fuchscomment for _NO_ALPHABLEND in the makefile
2005-01-10 Martin Fuchs_NO_ALPHABLEND compiler switch
2005-01-09 Klemens Friedl8 german language files (update)
2005-01-09 Gé van GeldorpSignal the ReactOSInitDone event like smss.exe does,
2005-01-08 Eric KohlStart services again and call a services main routine.
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2005-01-03 Martin Fuchsupdate Explorer Jamfile
2005-01-02 Alex IonescuFix my previous patch and fix ACCESS_TOKEN being declar...
2005-01-02 KJK::HyperionPatch to make the End Process Button working, by Michae...
2005-01-01 Gé van GeldorpFix copy command
2005-01-01 Eric KohlDon't start services until the control pipe issues...
2005-01-01 Casper HornstrupAdd error reporting assistant.
2004-12-31 Casper HornstrupRemove .cvsignore files.
2004-12-29 Thomas Bluemelvery beginning of a reactos volume control application...
2004-12-28 Eric KohlMove 'Command Prompt' link creation from setup.exe...
2004-12-27 Martin Fuchsfix GPF for clicks in the favorites folder
2004-12-25 Filip Navara- Fix compilation with GCC 4.0-20041219.
2004-12-24 Eric Kohl- Move english resource to a separate file.
2004-12-24 Eric KohlAdd simple first stage GUI setup application.
2004-12-22 Filip Navara- Run UserInit program instead of running shell directly.
2004-12-22 Filip Navara- Wait for the shell process to finish execution.
2004-12-21 Mike NordellCommand line completion fix (uninitialized memory)
2004-12-18 Gé van GeldorpSet version info to NT 4.0 Build 1381 Service Pack...
2004-12-16 Alex IonescuSet default Freeldr Timeout to 5 seconds (requested).
2004-12-15 Steven EdwardsAdded Wine notepad to main tree.
2004-12-13 Thomas Bluemelcvs maintainance
2004-12-13 Thomas Bluemelcvs maintainance
2004-12-11 Martin Fuchsupdate Doxyfile format
2004-12-11 Martin Fuchsenable new Doxygen option SHOW_DIRECTORIES
2004-12-06 Filip Navara- Basic implementation of (NtUser)UpdatePerUserSystemPa...
2004-12-04 Gregor AnichRemove "lib" suffix from "libwine" because it's added...
2004-12-03 Gregor AnichPrefix libs in dk/w32 and dk/nkm with "lib" to make...
2004-11-30 James TaborSync msiexec with winehq cvs
2004-11-21 Casper Hornstrup2004-11-21 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2004-11-21 Martin Fuchsfix UTF8 conversion for the bookmarks list
2004-11-21 Casper Hornstrup2004-11-21 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2004-11-21 Martin Fuchscleanup resource script
2004-11-21 Martin Fuchsdecode HTML-encoded bookmark names
2004-11-21 Martin Fuchswork around GCC's wide string constant bug when compili...
2004-11-21 Thomas Bluemelcheck the status code NtQueryInformationProcess returned
2004-11-21 Martin Fuchsalpha-blend hidden notification icons
2004-11-21 Thomas Bluemelfixed building problems
2004-11-20 Martin Fuchsupdate doxygen script
2004-11-20 Martin Fuchsnotification area button to toggle hidden icons
2004-11-20 Martin Fuchsdisplay notification icon change times
2004-11-20 Thomas Bluemel1. removed window station/desktop hacks from ntoskrnl
2004-11-20 Martin Fuchsupdate change list
2004-11-20 Eric KohlAdd UpdatePerUserSystemParameters stub and call it...
2004-11-16 Martin Fuchsmake read_directory_unix() static
2004-11-16 Martin Fuchsfix german menu text
2004-11-15 Eric KohlDon't set the default locale id.
2004-11-08 Thomas Bluemelmake better use of precompiled headers
2004-11-02 Thomas Bluemeluse ReadConsoleInputW() for unicode builds
2004-10-30 Martin Fuchsadjust about dialog to ROS font sizes (Klemens Friedl...