[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / win32k / misc / driver.c
2001-04-15 Nedko ArnaudovINSTALL
2001-03-31 Jason FilbyIdentation corrected, many fixes and minor improvements...
2000-08-26 Eric KohlReplaced call to LdrLoadModule() by call to ZwSetSystem...
2000-07-07 Eric KohlAdded checks for loaded drivers
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiBug fixes to win32k
2000-06-29 David WelchMade header file usage more consistent
2000-03-17 Jason FilbyMiniport driver now loaded from win32k
2000-03-10 Jason FilbySmall fix
2000-03-09 Jason FilbyImplemented DRIVER_BuildDDIFunctions
2000-03-08 Jason FilbyMoved display driver and got win32k loading it's entry...
2000-03-01 Eric KohlFixed mp driver initialization bug and some other ones
1999-12-09 Rex Jolliffsome more video code
1999-11-20 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
1999-10-28 Rex Jolliffadded several new functions
1999-10-27 Rex JolliffFix import problems in win32k.sys
1999-07-12 Rex Jolliffmore work on KMGDI subsystem
1999-06-15 Rex Jolliffsome additions to the GDI engine