[reactos.git] / reactos / subsys / win32k / ntuser / scrollbar.c
2005-09-07 Gunnar Dalsnesscrollbar:
2005-09-06 Gunnar Dalsnesnaming changes:
2005-09-05 Gunnar Dalsnes-surround user part (most of it) with a single lock...
2005-07-20 Filip NavaraGet rid of windows.h include in win32k. Fixes bug ...
2005-07-15 James TaborFix up WM_ENABLE ScrollBarWndProc. Looks like we can...
2005-07-15 James TaborFixing WM_ENABLE ScrollBarWndProc. Tested it with 7...
2005-05-14 Casper HornstrupMerge 14981:15268 from trunk
2005-05-13 Casper HornstrupCopy w32api from trunk
2005-05-08 Steven Edwardsremove whitespace from end of lines
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupMerge 14551:14980 from trunk
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupCopy wininet to branch
2005-05-02 Alex IonescuFix many of the scrollbar issues. However, MDI Scrollba...
2005-05-01 Martin Fuchsmerge ROS Shell without integrated explorer part into...
2005-02-12 Casper HornstrupBranch setupapi
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2004-07-18 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-07-15 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-07-03 Filip Navara- Fix errors during optimized build.
2004-05-12 Gé van GeldorpFix scrollbar controls
2004-05-10 Thomas Bluemeluse a common header for most files in win32k to make...
2004-05-05 Thomas Bluemelsupport the WS_EX_LEFTSCROLLBAR
2004-04-17 Thomas Bluemelfixed some scrollbar issues
2004-04-09 Filip Navara- Compile Win32k, GDI, USER32 and CSRSS using W32API.
2004-03-27 Gé van GeldorpImplement scrollbar controls
2004-02-19 Thomas Bluemeladded pool tags for better debugging
2004-02-16 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-01-14 Gé van GeldorpReturn nTrackPos if requested
2004-01-13 Filip NavaraScrollbar redrawing fix.
2003-12-28 Filip NavaraUse EngMulDiv instead of IntMulDiv.
2003-12-26 Gé van GeldorpMarshall messages across process boundaries (not comple...
2003-12-23 Filip NavaraBug fixes.
2003-12-22 Thomas Bluemeladded ros-internal NtUserSetScrollBarInfo()
2003-12-22 Filip NavaraMinor work on scrollbars.
2003-12-08 Filip NavaraImplementation of ScrollWindow, ScrollWindowEx, ScrollD...
2003-10-25 Filip Navara- Better implementation of window non-client area funct...
2003-10-06 Thomas Bluemelfixed bug in calculation of scrollbars
2003-10-02 Thomas BluemelSetScrollInfo() now repaints the scrollbars if needed
2003-09-24 Thomas Bluemelsome work on scrollbars
2003-09-12 Thomas Bluemelimplemented a couple of scrollbar functions and fixed...
2003-09-08 Thomas Bluemelfixed drawing the window frame so there's a line betwee...
2003-09-08 Thomas Bluemelimplemented calculating of tracking thumb in scrollbars
2003-09-08 Thomas Bluemeladded hittesting for scrollbars and fixed passing the...
2003-09-07 Thomas Bluemeladded syscall NtUserGetScrollInfo() and fixed nonclient...
2003-09-07 Thomas Bluemelrenamed and fixed a few functions regarding scrollbars
2003-08-19 Thomas BluemelPatch by Jonathon Wilson:
2003-05-26 Richard CampbellSyncing my changes with tree
2003-05-18 Gé van GeldorpRecompute scrollbar positions in case window changed...
2003-05-18 Emanuele AlibertiWIN32K code cleanup.
2003-01-24 Jason FilbyScrollbar improvements
2002-12-22 Jason FilbyOops! Commented out offending line
2002-12-21 Jason FilbyScrollbar improvements
2002-11-24 Jason FilbyInitial scrollbar code