Added new registry entries in support of the network components.
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2002-09-24 Robert DickensonAdded new registry entries in support of the network...
2002-09-17 David WelchMisc. user fixes.
2002-06-19 Eric KohlImplemented registry links (REG_LINK).
2002-06-16 Eric KohlFixed loading of symbol files.
2002-06-14 Eric KohlAdded vga driver
2002-06-12 Eric KohlUpdated the system hive and the boot driver list.
2002-06-07 Eric KohlLet services.exe load the auto-start drivers.
2002-05-24 Eric KohlFixed a severe bug in RtlQueryRegistryValues() and...
2002-05-22 Eric KohlRead settings from the registry.
2002-05-15 Eric KohlAdded file system recognizer driver.
2002-03-20 Eric KohlBoot new disk and cdrom drivers instead of ide.sys.
2002-01-31 Eric KohlAdded cdrom class driver skeleton.
2002-01-14 Eric KohlAdded atapi disk driver stack (disabled).
2001-12-28 Eric KohlAdd NLS information.
2001-12-09 Eric KohlAdded preliminary system hive file.