Fix paste error.
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2005-03-13 James TaborFix paste error.
2005-03-13 James TaborFixup for *nix port
2005-03-13 Royce Mitchell III-Wall -Werror and fix warnings
2005-03-13 Eric KohlFix gcc warnings in generated client stub.
2005-03-13 Eric KohlImplement [string] attribute for pointers to char and...
2005-03-12 Eric KohlImplement [in], [out] and [in, out] support for pointer...
2005-03-10 Eric KohlImplement '-o' option. This is equivalent to MIDLs...
2005-03-06 Eric KohlSupport pointers to simple types as input arguments.
2005-02-27 Steven Edwardsmerge in Winehq changes to reduce noise
2005-02-26 Eric Kohl- Server stubs are void functions.
2005-02-25 Eric Kohl- Support multiple interfaces per idl file.
2005-02-24 Eric KohlSupport remaining basic types (float, double, small...