merge in Winehq changes to reduce noise
[reactos.git] / reactos / tools / widl / server.c
2005-02-27 Steven Edwardsmerge in Winehq changes to reduce noise
2005-02-26 Eric Kohl- Server stubs are void functions.
2005-02-25 Eric Kohl- Support multiple interfaces per idl file.
2005-02-24 Eric KohlSupport remaining basic types (float, double, small...
2005-02-23 Eric KohlWIDL: Support basic type function arguments.
2005-02-22 Eric Kohl- Support implict_handle attribute in IDL files.
2005-02-21 Filip NavaraFix build on Linux.
2005-02-21 Eric KohlAdd basic support for creating client and server stub...