implemented some stubs needed by ClamWin
[reactos.git] / reactos / tools /
2005-11-12 Magnus OlsenCommit the patch for ibm code pages
2005-11-12 Magnus Olsenadding ibmcp861.txt the patch for create it will follow...
2005-11-07 Magnus OlsenFixed bug 954 rbuild devcpp generates mixed slashes...
2005-11-02 Hartmut Birr- The separator (slash or back slash), exepostfix and...
2005-11-02 Gé van GeldorpScoTTie <>/erie-- <seditaniedi@gmail...
2005-11-02 Christoph von Wittich* compile .S files with MSVC2002/2003 too
2005-10-30 Gregor AnichAdd NtGdiAlphaBlend to w32ksvc.db (and fix tabs)
2005-10-30 Gregor AnichSilence warning for non-win32 compilations.
2005-10-29 Thomas Bluemel#include "w32k.h" -> #include <w32k.h>
2005-10-28 Maarten BosmaDick Buitelaar: Fix DevCpp Backend (Bug 802)
2005-10-27 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-0_9:
2005-10-27 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-0_9:
2005-10-27 Gé van GeldorpFix build problems introduced by r18788
2005-10-27 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-0_9:
2005-10-24 Casper HornstrupFix linker script parameter location. Spotted by Hartmu...
2005-10-24 Royce Mitchell IIIadded <linkerscript> and corrected some mistakes to...
2005-10-24 Casper HornstrupImplement linkerscript element
2005-10-23 Casper HornstrupHave pre-compiled header rule depend on widl generated...
2005-10-22 Royce Mitchell IIIadd raddr2line back to build
2005-10-22 Christoph von Wittichadding gccasm.rules to vcproj files
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichfixed creation of *.vcproj files for object libraries
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichfixing OutputFile in *.vcproj files
2005-10-20 Royce Mitchell IIIwe do still need to generate dsw files for msvc6
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichsimplify MSVCBackend::Process code
2005-10-20 Thomas Bluemeluse the ansi entry point by default
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichfix compile problems with msvc6
2005-10-20 Thomas Bluemeladd a 'unicode' property to modules (not yet supported...
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichadd targets for creating MSVC project files to Makefile
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichcreate only the project files specified on cmdline
2005-10-20 Royce Mitchell IIImsvc6+psdk fix
2005-10-20 Royce Mitchell IIImsvc6+PSDK fixes
2005-10-20 Royce Mitchell IIIfix msvc6 template warning
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichcreate more correct solution files for different versio...
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichforgot to commit rbuild.h
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichfix vcprojmaker to add the correct GUIDs
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichfix creation of shlwapi vcproject file
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichfix for creating *.sln file
2005-10-20 Christoph von Wittichadded new cmdline switch to rbuild: -vs{version}
2005-10-19 Christoph von Wittichfix "./" include dir
2005-10-19 Christoph von Wittichadd support for cpl applets
2005-10-19 Christoph von Wittichadd support for control panel applets
2005-10-18 Christoph von Wittichrevert 18576
2005-10-18 Christoph von Wittichchanged windres back to rc
2005-10-17 Thomas Bluemelfix incorrect usage of alloca and a buffer overflow
2005-10-17 Christoph von Wittichreplaced rc with windres
2005-10-16 Eric KohlFix [out, size_is, unique] parameter issues.
2005-10-09 Eric Kohl- Support [out, unique] base type parameters.
2005-10-09 Eric Kohl- Support [out, unique] base type parameters.
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-05 Nathan WoodsRbuild: Enhanced MSVC support
2005-10-02 Aleksey BraginAdd vcprojmaker.cpp to the msvc project
2005-09-26 Alex Ionescu- More sharing between ntdll/ntoskrnl: shared Dbg code.
2005-09-24 Gé van GeldorpThis NtGdiCreateCompatableDC misspelling has annoyed...
2005-09-24 Gunnar Dalsnes-include/ndk/rtltypes.h: add MAX_ATOM_LEN define
2005-09-22 Thomas Bluemelfixed uninitialized variable warning
2005-09-21 Steven EdwardsNathan Woods <npwoods _NOSPAM_at_NOSPAM
2005-09-17 Royce Mitchell IIIFix "numberf" function to correctly handle 'g' format...
2005-09-15 Art YerkesTook some advice from alex re: w32api headers. Use...
2005-09-14 Hervé PoussineauFix indentation of generated code, by letting Output...
2005-09-13 Royce Mitchell IIIrename variable and change parameters in call to find_l...
2005-09-13 Royce Mitchell IIIfix bug in GetBinutilsVersion()
2005-09-13 Royce Mitchell IIIfix crash in 'make msvc'
2005-09-13 Steven Edwardsadded LGPL license header to the code from Wine and...
2005-09-13 Steven Edwardsstarted working on generation of msvc2kX project files...
2005-09-12 Royce Mitchell IIIio.h only exists for win32 - sorry *nix users
2005-09-12 Royce Mitchell IIIfix warning about unlink() being undeclared
2005-09-11 Art YerkesPreviously, the first character written to the buffer...
2005-09-08 Royce Mitchell IIIwin32 api compatibility fix
2005-09-08 Casper HornstrupChristoph_vW <>:
2005-09-07 Alex IonescuImplement NTDLL's CSR routines in a compatible way...
2005-09-06 Gé van GeldorpFix release build
2005-09-05 Gé van GeldorpAlexandre Julliard <>
2005-09-05 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-05 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-05 Alex Ionescu- NDK compatibility fixes for MSDDK. Use NTAPI instead...
2005-09-03 Royce Mitchell IIIsmall efficiency boost
2005-08-28 Royce Mitchell IIIremove single "." entries from paths
2005-08-28 Royce Mitchell IIIremove transient debugging code
2005-08-28 Royce Mitchell IIIdon't crash if path == base_directory.
2005-08-28 Hervé PoussineauFix rbuild compilation, by adding Path::RelativeFromDir...
2005-08-28 Royce Mitchell IIIadd include directories from xml, remove "." hack,...
2005-08-28 Royce Mitchell IIIadd . to list of include directories for all projects
2005-08-25 Steven Edwardsdisable the custom rules for Winebuild for now
2005-08-25 Steven EdwardsGenerate a GUID for each module processed. Later on...
2005-08-25 Royce Mitchell IIIfile paths should be relative to the location of the...
2005-08-25 Royce Mitchell III$default_cfg fix
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIadded some verbosity
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIinvoke _generate_dsp() have it open the output file...
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell III_generate_dsp() compiles now, haven't tested yet
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIReplace() bugfix #2 - forgot to insert replacement...
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIbugfix - Replace() was truncating the string
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIalmost done converting _generate_dsp(), but have to...
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIInew helper function Replace()
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIvc6 build files - just in case somebody else wants...
2005-08-24 Steven Edwardsremove a few of the Wine hacks
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIimport wine's "msvcmaker" perl script and begin convert...
2005-08-24 Royce Mitchell IIIadded some comments to illustrate the output of several...