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2015-07-20 Colin Finck[SPOOLSS]
2015-07-20 Colin FinckIt's bugfixing time!
2015-07-18 Colin Finck[WINSPOOL]
2015-07-18 Colin FinckMerge r68232 to get Windows' rpcrt4.dll to work under...
2015-07-17 Colin Finck[WINSPOOL]
2015-07-17 Colin Finck[SPOOLSV, WINSPOOL]
2015-07-17 Colin Finck[WINSPOOL]
2015-07-17 Colin Finck[SPOOLSV, WINSPOOL]
2015-07-16 Colin Finck[FORMATTING]
2015-07-16 Colin FinckMerge r67713 and r67936 (Eric's parport driver) from...
2015-07-16 Colin Finck[LOCALSPL, WINSPOOL]
2015-07-16 Colin Finck[SPOOLSV]
2015-07-07 Colin Finck[LOCALSPL]
2015-07-06 Colin Finck[LOCALMON]
2015-06-28 Colin Finck[LOCALSPL]
2015-06-27 Colin Finck[SPOOLSS, SPOOLSV, WINSPOOL]
2015-06-24 Colin Finck[SPOOLSS]
2015-06-24 Colin FinckAddendum to r68248
2015-06-24 Colin Finck[SPOOLSV, WINSPOOL]
2015-06-23 Colin Finck[WINSPOOL]
2015-06-22 Colin Finck[SPOOLSS] [SPOOLSV] [WINSPOOL]
2015-06-09 Colin Finck[LOCALSPL_APITEST]
2015-06-05 Colin Finck[SPOOLSS]
2015-05-22 Colin FinckTime to commit some Work-In-Progress stuff before my...
2015-05-17 Colin Finck[WINSPOOL]
2015-05-13 Colin Finckspec2def requires the DLL filename and not the module...
2015-05-12 Colin Finck- Fix the importlib order for the GNU linker according...
2015-05-12 Colin Finck- Add a dummy winspool.drv SpoolerInit doing an RPC...
2015-05-11 Colin Finck[SPOOLSV]
2015-05-06 Colin FinckFix copying of structure values in OpenPrinterA
2015-05-06 Colin Finck- Add the first bits of the winspool/spoolsv/spoolss...
2015-05-04 Colin Finck- Add my proposed directory tree for the components...