Added Casper to the coders parade.
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2000-09-12 jeanremove ctrl-M
2000-09-12 jeandeclaration of NtLoadKey2 corrected.
2000-09-12 jeanchanges in IRP for compatibility
2000-09-10 Emanuele AlibertiLittle change to make version resource linked in ne2000...
2000-09-10 Eric KohlImplemented driver shutdown registration
2000-09-10 Emanuele AlibertiRC script updated.
2000-09-08 Eric KohlImplemented basic registry functions
2000-09-08 Eric KohlFixed [Nt/Zw]LoadKey2 prototype
2000-09-08 Eric KohlOoops! I forgot that little thingy...
2000-09-06 Eric KohlFixed some bugs in the registry
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiMade PsGetCurrentThread STDCALL
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiInitialize new Win32ThreadData member in ETHREAD
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiMade ObAddEntryDirectory STDCALL
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiMade PsGetCurrentThread STDCALL
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiAdded pointer to win32k data in ETHREAD
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiMade ObAddEntryDirectory STDCALL
2000-09-06 Phillip SusiAdded ObAdEntryDirectory and PsGetCurrentThread to...
2000-09-05 Eric KohlRegistry fixes (not usable yet)
2000-09-05 Eric KohlAdded registry test app
2000-09-05 Eric KohlImplemented dll detach on thread termination
2000-09-05 Eric KohlImplemented dll detach on process termination
2000-09-04 Eric KohlFixed some minor loader bugs
2000-09-03 Eric KohlSome minor fixes
2000-09-03 Eric KohlFixed mysterious registry bug
2000-09-01 Eric KohlImproved internal dll handling
2000-08-31 David WelchReverted back to revision 1.59 because my last commit...
2000-08-30 David WelchAdded calibration of KeStallExecutionProcessor delay
2000-08-29 Emanuele AlibertiVersion resource was off the final binary image.
2000-08-28 Eric KohlAdded/fixed resource 'loader'.
2000-08-28 Casper HornstrupFixed user32.dll so it will compile
2000-08-27 David WelchAdded platform independant mkdir program
2000-08-27 Eric KohlUser-mode loader improvements
2000-08-27 Casper HornstrupFixed user32.dll so it will compile
2000-08-27 Casper HornstrupAdded Novell Eagle 2000 Driver
2000-08-27 Casper HornstrupBasic NDIS 3.0 support
2000-08-27 Casper HornstrupFixed bugs in TCP/IP driver
2000-08-26 Eric KohlReplaced call to LdrLoadModule() by call to ZwSetSystem...
2000-08-25 Eric KohlFinished drive letter assignment
2000-08-24 Eric KohlMinor ide driver cleanup
2000-08-22 Eric KohlFixed partition read bug
2000-08-22 Eric KohlFixed disk size and partition limits
2000-08-22 Eric KohlxHalIoReadPartitionTable() can now handle partially...
2000-08-21 Eric KohlImplemented IoReadPartitionTable().
2000-08-20 David WelchFixed memory manager bugs
2000-08-19 Eric KohlFixed the real bug
2000-08-19 Eric KohlFixed an ugly bug
2000-08-18 David WelchAdded .o -> .sys rule to simplify driver makefiles
2000-08-18 Eric KohlFixed port i/o functions
2000-08-18 Eric KohlFixed partition id bug
2000-08-17 Eric KohlAdded preliminary pci bus scanner
2000-08-15 Eric KohlFixed some warnings
2000-08-15 Eric KohlImproved shared user page
2000-08-14 Emanuele AlibertiWin32 fiber stubs.
2000-08-14 Emanuele AlibertiWin32 fiber stubs
2000-08-12 David WelchAdded shared data test application
2000-08-12 David WelchUpdated CREDITS
2000-08-11 Emanuele AlibertiFixed a pair of exported symbols' stack size.
2000-08-11 Emanuele AlibertiAdded symbolic link expansion.
2000-08-11 Eric KohlRemoved M$ driver
2000-08-11 Eric KohlRemoved unused file
2000-08-11 Eric KohlRenamed pseudo target 'floppy' to 'install'
2000-08-11 jeanlittle work on registry
2000-08-10 Eric KohlFixed typo
2000-08-08 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
2000-08-08 Eric KohlFixed FLOPPY and DIST targets for net drivers
2000-08-05 David WelchIntegrated fixes from prep0016
2000-08-02 Casper HornstrupFixed compile issues with network code
2000-08-02 David WelchAdded networking code from Casper Hornstrup
2000-08-02 David WelchAdded networking code from Casper Hornstrup
2000-08-01 David WelchAdded networking code from Casper Hornstrup
2000-08-01 Casper HornstrupInitial revision
2000-07-30 David WelchFixes from Casper Hornstrup
2000-07-24 Eric KohlImplemented hal system interrupt functions
2000-07-19 David WelchAdded floppy makefile and version resource file
2000-07-19 David WelchAdded timer constant fix from Genadi V. Zawidowski
2000-07-19 David WelchRemoved broken dma code
2000-07-11 Phillip SusiUpdated shell.exe to be console mode aware
2000-07-11 Phillip SusiImplemented console modes
2000-07-11 Phillip SusiMinor bug fix
2000-07-11 Phillip SusiRemoved calls to ExAllocatePool so code can be used...
2000-07-10 Eric KohlMoved interrupt code from hal into kernel
2000-07-09 Rex Jolliffadded files to be ignored
2000-07-09 Rex Jolliffadded cvsignore file so that dir gets created
2000-07-09 Rex Jolliffadded some files to be ignored by cvs
2000-07-08 Eric KohlFixed typos
2000-07-08 David Welch*** empty log message ***
2000-07-08 Eric KohlAdded check for valid DC
2000-07-07 Eric KohlAdded checks for loaded drivers
2000-07-07 Eric KohlFixed a typo
2000-07-07 Eric KohlAdded dist target
2000-07-07 David WelchCorrected bug where user32.a wasn't being cleaned
2000-07-07 Eric KohlSeparated close request
2000-07-07 Eric KohlImplemented vpb spinlock
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiMore DbgPrint to DPRINT changes, Implimented support...
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiConverted more DbgPrints to DPRINT and allocate bitmaps...
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiBug fixes to win32k
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiImplimented switch back to text mode after gditest
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiOne should not say the device does not exist causing...
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiImplimented reset to text mode
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiConverted a bunch of DbgPrint() calls to DPRINT()