Fix building some modules.
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2009-12-07 Samuel Serapionsync rostests to r44455
2009-12-07 Samuel Serapionsync rosapps to r44454
2009-12-07 Michael Martin[dll/ntdll]
2009-12-07 Johannes Anderwald- Start implementing a mixer library. The mixer library...
2009-12-07 Michael Martin[dll/ntdll]
2009-12-07 Michael Martin[dll/ntdll]
2009-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevAvoid buffer overflow (bug #4693).
2009-12-06 James Tabor[Win32k]
2009-12-06 Christoph von Wittichsync msxml3 with wine 1.1.34
2009-12-06 James Tabor[User32]
2009-12-06 James Tabor- [Win32k] Missed this one for rev 44423. Return invali...
2009-12-06 James Tabor- [Win32k] If Proc is null, use original one and perfor...
2009-12-06 Sylvain PetreolleSet filesystem characteristics.
2009-12-06 Christoph von Wittichsync shlwapi with wine 1.1.34
2009-12-06 Christoph von Wittichsync msi with wine 1.1.34
2009-12-06 Timo Kreuzercopy widl from trunk
2009-12-06 Johannes AnderwaldReturn correct error code
2009-12-06 Christoph von Wittichsync rsaenh with wine 1.1.34
2009-12-06 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64 branch:
2009-12-06 Timo Kreuzer- merge r44429
2009-12-06 Timo Kreuzer- unhack the rbuild file
2009-12-05 Timo KreuzerFix uninitialized variable
2009-12-05 Timo KreuzerFix a typo
2009-12-05 Timo Kreuzerremove unused variables
2009-12-05 Gregor Schneider[rapps] Radek Liška <radekliska AT gmail DOT com>:...
2009-12-05 Timo Kreuzer[EX]
2009-12-05 James Tabor- [Win32k] Return invalid index.
2009-12-05 Christoph von Wittichsync crypt32 to wine 1.1.34
2009-12-05 Christoph von Wittichsync dde.c to wine 1.1.34
2009-12-05 Christoph von Wittichsync mapi32 with wine 1.1.34
2009-12-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[kernel32]
2009-12-05 Christoph von Wittichsync netapi32 with wine 1.1.34
2009-12-05 Christoph von Wittichsync kernel32/misc/profile.c to wine
2009-12-05 Timo KreuzerMove architecture specific inline functions in into...
2009-12-05 Timo Kreuzer[KE]
2009-12-05 Dmitry GorbachevFix a potential buffer owerflow. Noticed by Martin...
2009-12-05 Timo Kreuzer[DDK]
2009-12-05 Gregor Schneider[rtl]
2009-12-04 Samuel Serapionwined3d.dll - Missing floating point math operations.
2009-12-04 Timo Kreuzer[MM]
2009-12-04 Timo Kreuzerfix a debugprint
2009-12-04 Ged MurphyStart implementing Visual Studio 2010 support.
2009-12-04 Timo KreuzerAdd some msr constants
2009-12-04 Ged MurphyRemove perf test code I accidentally committed
2009-12-04 Ged MurphyRemove the devcpp backend.
2009-12-04 Timo Kreuzer[MM]
2009-12-04 Ged Murphy- Don't listen to me, my 99.9% assurance that the new...
2009-12-04 Michael Martin[ntoskrnl/config]
2009-12-04 Michael Martin[kernel32]
2009-12-04 James Tabor[Win32k]
2009-12-04 Samuel SerapionRemove broken definitions from oskit bsd headers. Fixes...
2009-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevBitmap files for SndRec32. Marco Pagliaricci, bug ...
2009-12-03 Gregor Schneider[kernel32]
2009-12-03 James Tabor[Win32k]
2009-12-03 James Tabor- [Win32k] Create a Gre function for GetGlyphIndicesW.
2009-12-03 Samuel Serapionfix 32bit build
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionUnhack bootcd file list
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionFix build and enable building usermode components,...
2009-12-03 Samuel Serapion- Allow warnings in gdi32
2009-12-03 Dmitry Gorbachev[FORMATTING] SndRec32 patch by Marco Pagliaricci, bug...
2009-12-03 Gregor Schneider[kernel32]
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionFix midimap build.
2009-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSndRec32 patch by Marco Pagliaricci, bug #4978.
2009-12-03 Gregor Schneider[kernel32]
2009-12-03 Samuel Serapionfix copy/paste mistake.
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionDon't use calloc, fixes building even more modules.
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionRe-add old name hack, fixes building some modules
2009-12-03 Sylvain Petreollemsimtf: remove unneeded ntdll dependancy
2009-12-03 Timo KreuzerFix a bug in MiAllocatePagesForMdl that made it loop...
2009-12-03 Ged Murphy- Initial re-architecture of the msvc backend.
2009-12-03 Daniel ReimerAdd DosBlaster 2.5 to rapps. This tool installs a shell...
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionFix msvcrt build
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionAttempt to fix building some modules.
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionSync to trunk (r44371)
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionSync to trunk (r44371)
2009-12-03 Michael MartinSXS Support Part 2 of 2.
2009-12-02 Colin Finck[General]
2009-12-02 Gregor SchneiderMove tsclient to rosapps [2/2]
2009-12-02 Gregor SchneiderMartin Ettl <ettl DOT martin AT gmx DOT de>: Fix variou...
2009-12-02 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate log2lines to version 1.5. Jan Roeloffzen, bug...
2009-12-02 Michael MartinSXS Support Part 1 of 2. All import work done by Samuel...
2009-12-02 Ged MurphyHandle the upcoming name change from mingw32-make.exe...
2009-12-02 Daniel ReimerBug 4970: PATCH: Dutch translation for newdev by Maikel...
2009-12-02 Samuel Serapionfix warning about no newline at end of file
2009-12-01 Aleksey Bragin[ntoskrnl/cc]
2009-12-01 Aleksey Bragin[ntoskrnl/se]
2009-12-01 Gregor Schneider[inf] Fix fdc driver version entry (highlighted by...
2009-12-01 Ged MurphyAdd the msvc10 makefile changes
2009-12-01 Gregor Schneider[kernel]
2009-12-01 Gregor Schneider[ntdll]
2009-12-01 Ged Murphy- Include support for makefile configurations.
2009-12-01 Ged MurphyAdd a root level batch file which allows building react...
2009-12-01 Michael Martin[kernel32]
2009-12-01 James Tabor- [Win32k] Make DispatchMessage call direct to WinProc...
2009-12-01 Samuel SerapionHack fix ndis build.
2009-12-01 Samuel Serapionfix build.
2009-12-01 Timo Kreuzerfix build
2009-11-30 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate log2lines to version 1.4. Jan Roeloffzen, bug...
2009-11-30 James Tabor- [Win32k] Test thread death before posting to queue.