SySync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 5 of 10):
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2008-11-20 Eric KohlSySync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 5 of 10):
2008-11-20 Aleksey Bragin- Merge misaligned reads support (35998, 36834 by Art...
2008-11-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix "missing newling" warning
2008-11-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove more instances of system_header
2008-11-20 James Tabor- Add Section support for CreateDIBSection. Section...
2008-11-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Correct a header guard
2008-11-20 Matthias Kupfer- start with German translation (not finished yet)
2008-11-19 Eric KohlRevert 37476 because it breaks the build bot.
2008-11-19 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 4 of 10):
2008-11-19 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 3 of 10):
2008-11-19 Colin Finck- Rearrange "host/typedefs.h" to make it look more...
2008-11-19 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 2 of 10):
2008-11-19 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 1 of 10):
2008-11-19 Colin FinckDmitry Gorbachev
2008-11-19 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove system_header from basetsd/typs.h, and add...
2008-11-19 Matthias Kupfer- revert winioctl.h to previous version (for compatibility)
2008-11-19 Matthias Kupfer- add some linux partition types
2008-11-19 Matthias Kupferrevert to revision 37390
2008-11-18 James Tabor- Fixed a bug from revision 3514. Now we pass one more...
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove system_header from winsock headers
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix a redefinition and remove system_header
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove system_header from most of PSDK
2008-11-18 Eric KohlRevert 37416 because it does not build on all machines.
2008-11-18 Colin FinckOlaf Siejka
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Add more header guards
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Declare SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR_CONTROL conditionally
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove system_header from gdiplus*.h
2008-11-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove system_header from winbase.h, wingdi.h and...
2008-11-18 James Tabor- Make our version of SetDIBits safe as SetDIBitsToDevice.
2008-11-18 James Tabor- Fix bpp count in CreateDIBitmap.
2008-11-18 James Tabor- Fixes bug 3864. While I was at it I fixed most of...
2008-11-17 Stefan Ginsberg- "byte" is defined by the Win32 headers, so define...
2008-11-17 Stefan Ginsberg- MSTSC: Don't redefine BOOL
2008-11-17 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1:
2008-11-17 Matthias Kupfer- fix a brace mistake
2008-11-17 Matthias Kupfer- add summary page to check settings before start insta...
2008-11-17 Aleksey Bragin- Target device to mount may not have VPB, the driver...
2008-11-17 James Tabor- Move StretchDIBits out of stubs. Add more notes.
2008-11-17 James Tabor- Add note for NtGdiCreateDIBitmapInternal, Should...
2008-11-17 Stefan Ginsberg- Start deprecating the overabused system_header gcc...
2008-11-17 Matthias Kupfer- disable non-working device selection code
2008-11-17 Aleksey Bragin- Remove hack around VFATFS (and CDFS) bugs which were...
2008-11-17 Aleksey Bragin- Cleanup 37394, 37396 and 37397:
2008-11-17 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove deprecated header cruft
2008-11-17 Dmitry Chapyshev- Fix build
2008-11-17 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement BindIoCompletionCallback, ReadFileScatter...
2008-11-17 Ged Murphy- reference the correct data
2008-11-17 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add stubs for RtlSetIoCompletionCallback
2008-11-17 Aleksey Bragin- FASTFAT: when querying file name information, fill...
2008-11-16 Aleksey BraginDaniel Zimmerman
2008-11-16 Stefan Ginsberg- STDCALL -> NTAPI
2008-11-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement GetCPInfo. Now this function passes all...
2008-11-16 James Tabor- Fix AlphaBlend checks that pass wine bitmap gdi32...
2008-11-16 James Tabor- Sorry for the misunderstanding,,, fix typo, see bug...
2008-11-15 Gregor Schneider- DIB_1BPP_BitBlt: Increment source coordinates properl...
2008-11-15 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.0:
2008-11-15 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.0-rc11:
2008-11-15 Aleksey Bragin- Remove duplicate, often conflicting, type definitions...
2008-11-15 Aleksey BraginRob Shearman <> Mon, 23 Jun...
2008-11-15 James Tabor- Fix newest Wine bitmap gdi32 crosstest.
2008-11-15 Aleksey Bragin- Remove duplicate type definitions.
2008-11-15 Kamil Hornicekuse the dmSize we got from caller and fall back to...
2008-11-15 James Tabor- Fix dirty bit support for select brush and pen, see...
2008-11-14 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix another duplicate
2008-11-14 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove more duplicate definitions
2008-11-14 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove duplicate definition
2008-11-14 Johannes Anderwald- Improve function stubs
2008-11-14 Johannes Anderwald- Make trash properties settings be unvolatile ;)
2008-11-14 Johannes Anderwald- Display Provider and Version in driver details dialog
2008-11-14 Johannes Anderwald- Create IDataObject from the selected pidl
2008-11-14 Stefan Ginsberg- Optimize DebugService -- patch from Alex
2008-11-14 Johannes Anderwald- Pass the parent to PropertySheetW
2008-11-14 Johannes Anderwald- Implement IShellExecuteHookW
2008-11-14 Stefan Ginsberg- PAGE_SIZE fix 2.0
2008-11-14 Stefan Ginsberg- Don't define PAGE_SIZE in typedefs.h as -- "this...
2008-11-14 Aleksey Bragin2008-10-18 Reece Dunn include: Fixed the tom constant...
2008-11-14 Aleksey BraginJuan Sánchez Jurado <>
2008-11-13 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove duplicate define
2008-11-13 James Tabor- Start the implementation and support for dc attribute...
2008-11-13 James Tabor- Add path support for ExtTextOut.
2008-11-13 Stefan Ginsberg- stub out NdisReEnumerateProtocolBindings
2008-11-13 James Tabor- Set the right flags for Background and Text color.
2008-11-13 Daniel ReimerUpdate 3rd party txt file
2008-11-13 Cameron Gutman - Merge aicom-network-fixes up to r37326
2008-11-13 KJK::Hyperionmodified include/reactos/libs/pseh/pseh2.h
2008-11-12 KJK::Hyperionmodified include/reactos/libs/pseh/pseh2.h
2008-11-12 KJK::Hyperionmodified include/reactos/libs/pseh/pseh2.h
2008-11-12 Matthias Kupfer- add and enable partition creation and file system...
2008-11-12 KJK::Hyperionadded include/reactos/libs/pseh/pseh2.h
2008-11-12 Eric KohlSync to wine-0.9.61: Oooops, forgot to add these files!!
2008-11-12 Eric KohlSync to wine-0.9.61:
2008-11-12 Dmitry Chapyshev- Update Russian translation
2008-11-12 Matthias Kupfer- basic install drive listing code (due to lack of...
2008-11-12 Johannes Anderwald- Fix length check
2008-11-12 Dmitry Chapyshev- Sync uxtheme with wine head
2008-11-11 James Tabor- Works with qemu, but, not with real hardware.
2008-11-11 James Tabor- Pass thread pointers during callback.
2008-11-11 Johannes Anderwald- Fix directory parameter for files lying in the root...
2008-11-11 Johannes Anderwald- Fix execution in ShellExecute for files which have...
2008-11-11 Johannes Anderwald- Pass the full path of msiexec executable