- RegQueryValueExW returns ERRROR_SUCCESS
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2009-08-21 Johannes Anderwald- RegQueryValueExW returns ERRROR_SUCCESS
2009-08-21 Gregor SchneiderRemove glyph guard (bug #933): there is no way to such...
2009-08-21 Johannes Anderwald- Remove test code
2009-08-21 Aleksey Bragin- Convert a wrong macro to an inlined function.
2009-08-21 Johannes Anderwald- Partly implement KsCreateBusEnumObject
2009-08-21 Gregor Schneider- co_IntLoadSysMenuTemplate: only copy buffer if prior...
2009-08-21 Johannes Anderwald- Don't touch the freed buffer in case of an error
2009-08-21 Johannes Anderwald- Remove hacks for bug 4566
2009-08-21 Johannes Anderwald- Reference strings are not part of the symbolic link...
2009-08-21 Matthias KupferAlexander Yastrebov <menone7 AT gmail DOT com>
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Include windef.h so CDECL gets declared for msvc...
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichrevert 41654
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichadvapi32: fix parameter types of CreateServiceA/W in...
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync wintrust with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Cameron Gutman - Forgot to change debug print
2009-08-20 Cameron Gutman - Fix receiving packets on an interface's broadcast...
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix some C4115 in typeof.h
2009-08-20 Matthias Kupfer- 4th part of German translation of rapps entries.
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Get rid of some more assumptions that the default...
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Get rid of DECLSPEC_EXPORT from DDK
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove usage of dllexport for most dlls and drivers...
2009-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Implement KsCopyObjectBagItems
2009-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Implement DllInitialize
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Release ntddsnd.h, portcls.h. punknown.h and stdunk...
2009-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Define automation tables for Filter & Pin
2009-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Add KsMergeAutomationTables
2009-08-20 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove several assumptions that the default calling...
2009-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Add types for bda driver
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync credui with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Add types for bda driver
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync oledlg with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Stefan GinsbergDon't use dllexport for videoprt; we use a .spec. Also...
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync cryptui with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync cryptnet with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync cryptdlg with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Christoph von Wittichsync crypt32 with wine 1.1.27
2009-08-20 Dmitry GorbachevNo bug is too trivial to report:
2009-08-20 James Tabor- Implement window message is active icon.
2009-08-20 Cameron Gutman - Allow binding to an interface's broadcast address
2009-08-19 Johannes Anderwald- Add bda driver
2009-08-19 Johannes Anderwald- Arch should learn english first before bashing gcc
2009-08-19 Johannes Anderwald- Implement KsProbeStreamIrp
2009-08-19 Johannes Anderwald- fix check
2009-08-19 Johannes Anderwald- Add flags
2009-08-19 Matthias Kupfer- third part of German translation of rapps entries.
2009-08-19 Gregor Schneider- GetGlyphOutline: fail if output or transformation...
2009-08-19 Gregor Schneider- Sync and adapt Wine font metric code for setting...
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Fix release build
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - I guess kdesvn didn't realize that when I check...
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Fix ws2_32_new's build problems
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Print a message to the debug log if ZwClose returns...
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Fix null pointer dereferences
2009-08-18 Gregor Schneider- Improve glyph guard from r42749: allow displaying...
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Fix dereference of freed memory
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Fix a typo
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Make sure HeapAlloc returned a valid pointer
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Handle failure of NdisMInitializeWrapper
2009-08-18 Cameron Gutman - Verify that we got a handle to a file object
2009-08-18 Gregor SchneiderCheck the correct buffer for failed memory allocation...
2009-08-18 Gregor SchneiderSync scanf to current wine sources, correct msvcrt...
2009-08-18 Gregor Schneider- GetConsoleAliasW: Check for invalid target buffer...
2009-08-18 Gregor Schneider- GetConsoleAliasA: Check for invalid target buffer...
2009-08-18 Johannes Anderwald- Implement IPortEvents interface for IPortTopology
2009-08-18 Johannes Anderwald- Increment reference count only if resource list was...
2009-08-17 Sylvain PetreolleMove IF_OPER_STATUS enum to ifdef.h
2009-08-17 Johannes Anderwald[WDMAUD.DRV]
2009-08-17 Gregor Schneider- Remove duplicate WToA conversion routine, update...
2009-08-17 Johannes Anderwald- Implement usermode mixing support
2009-08-17 Johannes Anderwald- Fix a big bug in the samplerate conversion routine
2009-08-17 Johannes Anderwald- Add members required for usermode-mixing support
2009-08-17 James Tabor- Add win32k support functions for GetCharacterPlacement.
2009-08-17 Daniel ReimerSync all apps with wine 1.1.27. (reactos)
2009-08-17 James Tabor- Move GetCharacterPlacement functions into new locatio...
2009-08-17 James Tabor- Add callback for client side thread startup. This...
2009-08-17 Gregor Schneider- Don't allow glyph indices (ETO_GLYPH_INDEX) in ExtTex...
2009-08-17 Gregor SchneiderHandle a missing output buffer in NtGdiGetCharABCWidthsW
2009-08-16 Dmitry GorbachevAdd an assertion. See bug #4785.
2009-08-16 James Tabor- [Win32k] Removed W32THREADINFO.
2009-08-16 Gregor SchneiderHandle failure of EngLockSurface as well
2009-08-16 Stefan Ginsberg- Revert 32309 -- instead of removing FORCEINLINE to...
2009-08-16 Gregor SchneiderHandle failure of EngCreateClip, spotted by Amine Khaldi
2009-08-16 Gregor Schneider- Copy the source rectangle after checking it
2009-08-16 Gregor SchneiderAllocate span memory for every clipping type, not only...
2009-08-16 Gregor SchneiderAdd some useful information to the popen header
2009-08-16 Gregor SchneiderOnly set the pattern function pointer if the pattern...
2009-08-16 KJK::Hyperionmodified include/reactos/libs/pseh/pseh2.h
2009-08-16 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove incorrect #pragma pack/pop
2009-08-16 Timo KreuzerUpdate PDEVOBJ and GRAPHICS_DEVICE fields
2009-08-16 Stefan Ginsberg- Woops, NDIS_PHYSICAL_MEDIUM got lost somehow... and...
2009-08-16 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix ntstrsafe.h's dependency on debug.h
2009-08-16 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove duplicate ntddndis.h in /psdk/ -- we already...
2009-08-16 Matthias Kupferfix German translation of ReactOS Applications Manager
2009-08-16 Matthias Kupferfix some typos
2009-08-16 Matthias Kupfer- second part of German translation of rapps entries.
2009-08-16 James Tabor- Use correct head structure for event hooks.
2009-08-16 James Tabor- Move inline function to local header.
2009-08-16 Dmitry GorbachevRevert r42569.
2009-08-16 Dmitry GorbachevSynchronize with paging I/O.
2009-08-16 Dmitry GorbachevTake inode size from Ext2 superblock.
2009-08-16 Dmitry GorbachevFix FsRtlDissectName(). Pierre Schweitzer.