Use macros for LPC message limits in current LPC implementation.
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2004-02-01 Emanuele AlibertiUse macros for LPC message limits in current LPC implem...
2004-02-01 Royce Mitchell IIIfunction list macro
2004-02-01 Royce Mitchell IIImore work on openg32
2004-02-01 Eric KohlFix buggy expansion (signed/unsigned) of InitiatorBusID.
2004-02-01 Eric KohlChanged base address of samlib.dll.
2004-02-01 Gé van GeldorpFix wrong GetBitmapDimensionEx() usage
2004-02-01 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-02-01 Gé van GeldorpRename BITMAPOBJ "size" member to "dimension" to make...
2004-02-01 Gé van GeldorpTesting shows that MS-Win does allow a thread to leave...
2004-02-01 Filip NavaraTest for bugs that prevent Mozilla from working.
2004-02-01 Martin Fuchsdisplay pseudo-file attributes "link" and "executable"
2004-02-01 Martin Fuchsupdate TODO list
2004-02-01 Martin Fuchsdisplay registry value contents
2004-02-01 Martin Fuchsnew 'content' column to display symbolic link targets
2004-02-01 Martin FuchsPatch by Filip Navara <>:
2004-02-01 Filip Navara- Resolve two GDI handle leaks
2004-02-01 Filip NavaraFixed .cvsignore.
2004-02-01 Royce Mitchell IIIbeginnings of ros's opengl32 - by blight and Royce3
2004-01-31 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-01-31 Gé van GeldorpImplemented Write(Private)ProfileStringA/W
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsmount drives in NT object namespace
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsdisplay types of files, NT objects and registry key...
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchs- don't sort registry hives
2004-01-31 Thomas Bluemelfixed missing release of window objects
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsincluded Registry as virtual file system
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsempty REGISTRY directory
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsre-activate already open shell/ntobj child windows...
2004-01-31 Eric KohlStart parsing at the root object when an object path...
2004-01-31 Martin Fuchsincluded NT Object namespace as virtual file system
2004-01-31 Emanuele AlibertiDefine macros for LPC limits:
2004-01-31 Richard CampbellSeperated the Caption font and the icon title font...
2004-01-31 Eric KohlFixed querying and enumerating the subkeys of HKEY_LOCA...
2004-01-31 Filip NavaraCall initialization of the msvcrt parts ported from...
2004-01-31 Hartmut Birr- Do only lock a new page on exit from AccessFaultSecti...
2004-01-30 Hartmut Birr- Check for a privat page and change only the page...
2004-01-30 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-01-30 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-01-30 Gé van GeldorpImplement some profile (.ini file) functions
2004-01-30 Martin Fuchsfixed relocation problem to re-activate new error messages
2004-01-30 Andrew GreenwoodPreliminary implementation of mmdrv.dll. This is fixed...
2004-01-30 Richard Campbellreverted martin's patch as it causes ROS to no longer...
2004-01-30 Andrew GreenwoodMIDI / MPU401 output test application.
2004-01-30 Filip NavaraMinor correction to RtlDeleteCriticalSection.
2004-01-30 Andrew GreenwoodTemporarily named the device "MidiOut0" so mmdrv.dll...
2004-01-30 Andrew GreenwoodFixed a few minor problems so the driver compiles with...
2004-01-30 Filip Navarastubs/stubs.c (EngGetLastError, EngSetLastError): Moved...
2004-01-30 Richard CampbellMore font fixes.
2004-01-30 Richard CampbellSwitcharoo with some fonts, this fixes some of the...
2004-01-30 Richard CampbellEnabled the bytecode interpreter with the unpatented...
2004-01-30 Gé van GeldorpPatch by Michael Fritscher
2004-01-30 Gé van GeldorpPatch by Michael Fritscher
2004-01-30 Gé van GeldorpPatch by Michael Fritscher
2004-01-29 Filip NavaraImplementation of InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount...
2004-01-29 Martin Fuchsimported error message texts from MSDN
2004-01-29 Richard CampbellI swear! last commit! (forgot to ZwClose)
2004-01-29 Richard CampbellFixed a small bug in my code and removed DbgPrint.
2004-01-29 Richard CampbellDynamically load fonts on startup. Code probably isn...
2004-01-29 Martin Fuchsuse strcmpiW() instead of _wcsicmp() for Wine-compatibility
2004-01-28 Gunnar DalsnesGetLocaleInfoA impl. (copied from wine)
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpMerge back commits from WineHQ
2004-01-28 Filip NavaraAdded missing .cvsignore files.
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpMerge back commits from WineHQ
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpMerge back commits from WineHQ
2004-01-28 Filip NavaraMinor change to allow linking setupapi.dll.
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpDetermine number of accelerator table entries in resour...
2004-01-28 Eric KohlRemove ntos.h and roskrnl.h from kernel-mode code.
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpInform kernel whether Unicode or Ansi window proc is...
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpDon't wait for GUI processes to finish
2004-01-28 Martin Fuchsmerged back commited WINE patches: \n for TRACE messages
2004-01-28 Martin Fuchsmerged back commited WINE patches
2004-01-28 Filip NavaraFixed base addresses and exports.
2004-01-28 Gé van GeldorpPatch by Michael Fritscher
2004-01-28 Gé van Geldorpstrncpy does add NUL bytes to fill dest buffer completely,
2004-01-27 Gé van GeldorpDon't depend on wine user32 internals
2004-01-27 Gé van GeldorpDon't write more nul bytes than necessary
2004-01-27 Hartmut Birr- Fixed some problems which occurs if a read only segme...
2004-01-27 Gé van GeldorpFix cross-thread WM_SETTEXT messages
2004-01-27 Thomas Bluemelactivate modal dialog when clicking on a disabled window
2004-01-27 Thomas Bluemelrelease window object when destroying window children...
2004-01-27 Thomas Bluemeldon't activate disabled windows
2004-01-27 Thomas BluemelGetAncestor() doesn't set a last-error if the handle...
2004-01-26 Gé van GeldorpRelease mutex on error exit
2004-01-26 Thomas Bluemelimplemented multiline menu bars
2004-01-26 Filip NavaraReadd some resource, because they're actually used!
2004-01-26 Thomas Bluemel1. implemented MenuItemFromPoint()
2004-01-26 Thomas Bluemelset menuitem rects after measuring the size
2004-01-26 Thomas Bluemelfixed close button
2004-01-26 Thomas Bluemelgave NtUserCall*Param decent names
2004-01-25 Gé van GeldorpAdd __REACTOS__ define
2004-01-25 Filip NavaraMore work on software mouse pointer implementation.
2004-01-25 Richard Campbellmore housekeeping
2004-01-25 Richard Campbellhousekeeping
2004-01-25 Martin Fuchsfixed Doxygen Generation
2004-01-25 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2004-01-25 Filip NavaraMinor fix.
2004-01-25 Filip NavaraFixed binary search algroithm in LdrGetExportByOrdinal...
2004-01-25 Filip NavaraWork on ioctlsocket and WSAIoctl.
2004-01-24 Filip NavaraActually the last entry in export table is NumberOfName...
2004-01-24 Martin Fuchsresolve some FIXMEs by translating new text strings...
2004-01-24 Filip NavaraMoved the generic mouse pointer implementation to win32...