Some warning suppression. Read the <rant/>.
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2005-03-04 Art YerkesSome warning suppression. Read the <rant/>.
2005-03-03 Royce Mitchell IIIfix spelling mistakes
2005-03-02 Filip NavaraFix W->A conversions in EnumDisplaySettingsExA. This...
2005-03-02 Emanuele AlibertiMispelled word and wrong past tense in a comment.
2005-03-02 Emanuele AlibertiKmode subsystem no more hardwired.
2005-03-02 Hartmut BirrFixed smp boot.
2005-03-02 James TaborClean up.
2005-03-01 Emanuele AlibertiFix SM\Subsystems\Required and SM\Subsystems\Optional.
2005-03-01 Gunnar Dalsnestcharize a couple of routines
2005-03-01 Gunnar Dalsnesinit. work on a notify-directory impl.
2005-03-01 Gunnar Dalsnesremove local EOF define
2005-03-01 James TaborDereference process object.
2005-03-01 James TaborPartial implementation of SystemHandleInformation and...
2005-02-28 Emanuele AlibertiFix FsRtlNotifyInitializeSync signature.
2005-02-28 Gregor AnichPatch by tinus: clean up long lines of = outputted...
2005-02-28 Klemens Friedlfix spelling mistake
2005-02-28 Gunnar Dalsnesinit. work on a notify-directory impl.
2005-02-28 Hartmut BirrFixed german resource script for desk.cpl.
2005-02-28 Steven Edwardsand remove regedt32 from the install CD
2005-02-28 Steven Edwardsdisable buggy German resource script for desk.cpl....
2005-02-28 Alex IonescuReverting to 13775. Sorry for the mess. This is dedicat...
2005-02-28 Alex IonescuTest commit. Not official branch release -- it will...
2005-02-28 Thomas BluemelGerman translation fixes by Rouven Wessling
2005-02-28 Art YerkesFirst shot at some primitives for powerpc. Untested...
2005-02-27 Steven Edwardsmerge in Winehq changes to reduce noise
2005-02-27 Klemens FriedlAdd support for explorer to load the desk.cpl when...
2005-02-27 Klemens Friedlupdate files (rundll32 moved)
2005-02-27 Klemens Friedlmove rundll32
2005-02-27 James TaborCheck for removable media and Partition length is 0...
2005-02-27 Hartmut BirrDo only signal the other side of the pipe if the pipe...
2005-02-27 Royce Mitchell IIIsmall efficiency fix
2005-02-27 Eric KohlConnectNamedPipe must return TRUE if lpOverlapped is...
2005-02-27 Filip NavaraUse unadjusted rect (the one calculated before sending...
2005-02-27 Eric Kohl- Data is now written to the readers data buffer and...
2005-02-26 Emanuele AlibertiSM some simple work (wip)
2005-02-26 Emanuele AlibertiCSR: Wrong event and wrong place for mu.
2005-02-26 Emanuele Alibertism namespace macros
2005-02-26 Emanuele AlibertiDbgPrint calls DbgPrintEx
2005-02-26 Eric Kohl- Server stubs are void functions.
2005-02-26 Emanuele AlibertiMultiuser Win32: empty server dll
2005-02-26 Emanuele AlibertiCSR pre-init cleanup
2005-02-25 Casper HornstrupMove to media directory
2005-02-25 Aleksey BraginUpdated linux wrapper to contain more funcs (to allow...
2005-02-25 Eric Kohl- Support multiple interfaces per idl file.
2005-02-25 Art YerkesReads are allowed on connecting sockets. They act...
2005-02-25 Art YerkesSet nonblocking on all sockets initially.
2005-02-25 Art YerkesNoticed that I had not used the right status for EOF...
2005-02-24 Emanuele AlibertiAdded some init code for the embedded DBGSS.
2005-02-24 Hervé PoussineauSilent debug messages
2005-02-24 Hervé PoussineauFix various warnings
2005-02-24 Eric KohlSupport remaining basic types (float, double, small...
2005-02-24 Art YerkesFixed more socket close problems. You could get throug...
2005-02-23 Emanuele AlibertiMinor changes and documentation.
2005-02-23 Klemens FriedlGerman language file (minor update)
2005-02-23 Hartmut BirrUsed HasTerminated as bitmap for flags to make differen...
2005-02-23 Klemens FriedlGerman language support added
2005-02-23 Klemens FriedlChange icons: speaker
2005-02-23 Eric KohlWIDL: Support basic type function arguments.
2005-02-23 Thomas Bluemeladded msacm32.dll to the bootcd
2005-02-23 Thomas Bluemeladded more irql checks
2005-02-23 Gé van Geldorptinus <>
2005-02-23 Gé van Geldorptinus <>
2005-02-22 Thomas Bluemeladded more irql checks
2005-02-22 Eric KohlRemove accidentially committed changes.
2005-02-22 Thomas Bluemeladded more irql checks and secured access to buffers...
2005-02-22 Thomas BluemelGerman translation of winecalc by Rouven Wessling
2005-02-22 Gé van GeldorpRemove bison/flex dependency
2005-02-22 Magnus OlsenFix a small bug I did found in no gdi hook code
2005-02-22 Thomas Bluemeladded more irql checks
2005-02-22 Thomas BluemelGerman translation by Rouven Wessling
2005-02-22 Thomas Bluemel1. added irql checks to various rtl and security functions
2005-02-22 Eric Kohl- Support implict_handle attribute in IDL files.
2005-02-22 Thomas Bluemelremove obsolete check in InterlockedPopEntrySList()
2005-02-22 Thomas BluemelInterlockedPushEntrySList() and InterlockedPopEntrySLis...
2005-02-21 Martin Fuchsmove public expat headers into common include folder
2005-02-21 Martin Fuchsupdate Expat and XMLStorage files
2005-02-21 Filip NavaraFix build on Linux.
2005-02-21 Gé van GeldorpFix csrss shutdown/cleanup
2005-02-21 Eric KohlAdd basic support for creating client and server stub...
2005-02-21 Thomas Bluemelsynchronized with wine to get tools build again (missin...
2005-02-21 Eric KohlBuild unmodified widl.
2005-02-21 Thomas Bluemelimplemented CmUnRegisterCallback() and CmUnRegisterCall...
2005-02-21 Thomas Bluemelhandle the case when ExRundownCompleted() was called...
2005-02-20 Thomas Bluemelfixed some bugs in ExWaitForRundownProtectionRelease...
2005-02-20 Hervé PoussineauAllow HAL choice during first stage setup
2005-02-20 Filip NavaraI shouldn't commit at night...never!
2005-02-20 Filip NavaraFix a stupid cut & paste error.
2005-02-20 Filip NavaraAdd KeMemoryBarrier.
2005-02-20 Steven EdwardsAdded a Open dialog. Right now it still opens new windows
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpForgotten file
2005-02-20 Hervé PoussineauHandle NULL values in IntGdiPolygon and IntRectangle
2005-02-20 Hervé PoussineauHandle NULL values in IntRoundRect and NtGdiEllipse
2005-02-20 Emanuele AlibertiSM_ missing updated headers
2005-02-20 Emanuele AlibertiFreeType: version information
2005-02-20 Filip NavaraFix the compilation of expat.
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpImport from Wine
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpBuild unicode and wpp as host_library
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpAdd host_library TARGET_TYPE
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpUpdate status
2005-02-20 Gé van GeldorpWine-20050211 vendor import