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2002-07-14 Hartmut BirrClose the files after loading.
2002-07-13 Eugene IngermanAdded reference counting and deferred deletion for...
2002-07-13 Casper HornstrupFix typo
2002-07-13 Casper Hornstrup2002-07-13 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-07-13 Casper Hornstrup2002-07-13 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-07-13 Eric KohlFixed a typo
2002-07-10 Robert DickensonCorrected makefiles for all tests and added new applica...
2002-07-10 Eric KohlImplemented the ability to create suspended threads.
2002-07-10 Eric KohlRenamed some thread states.
2002-07-10 Eric KohlConnectNamedPipe(): STATUS_PIPE_CONNECTED reports a...
2002-07-09 Steven EdwardsMore wine dlls/programs
2002-07-08 Steven EdwardsUpdated for wine
2002-07-08 Steven EdwardsFixed typo
2002-07-07 Steven EdwardsFixed more of wine
2002-07-07 Steven EdwardsRemoved by mistake
2002-07-06 Steven EdwardsSyncing of WINE dlls
2002-07-06 Eric KohlRevert last patch.
2002-07-06 Steven EdwardsRemove wine's rpcrt for the list of targets
2002-07-06 Steven Edwardsnew config.h
2002-07-05 Eric KohlAdded the ability to expand embedded environment variab...
2002-07-04 David WelchAdded some missing files.
2002-07-04 David Welch2002-07-04 David Welch <welch@computer2.darkstar...
2002-07-04 Steven EdwardsFix Wine Resource Compiler Path
2002-06-30 Eugene IngermanVideo mode switching when entering pice shell.
2002-06-30 Eugene IngermanIgnore v86 faults (for now).
2002-06-30 Eugene IngermanAdded NFLAGS when calling nasm.
2002-06-27 Eric KohlAdded check for loaded module prior to loading it.
2002-06-27 Eric KohlStop the system if SystemRoot cannot be created or...
2002-06-27 Eric KohlSet missing OBJ_OPENLINK attribute in IoDeleteSymbolicL...
2002-06-27 Eric KohlFixed SystemRoot accessibility check.
2002-06-26 Hartmut BirrFixed a typo.
2002-06-26 Hartmut BirrFixed some calculatations in ObmpGetObjectHandle.
2002-06-26 Hartmut BirrAdded PCM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_LIST.
2002-06-26 Hartmut BirrChanged the sector size from BLOCKSIZE to the size...
2002-06-25 Eric KohlAdded 'Multi UNC Provider' driver stub.
2002-06-25 Eric KohlAdded NTFS driver stub.
2002-06-25 Eric KohlAdded 'Multi UNC Provider' driver stub.
2002-06-25 Eric KohlAdded eventlog service stub.
2002-06-25 Eric KohlAdded rpc server stub.
2002-06-25 Eric KohlAdded eventlog service stub.
2002-06-25 Eric KohlImplemented CallNamedPipeW() and TransactNamedPipe().
2002-06-22 David WelchOne case only please.
2002-06-21 Robert DickensonUpdated with latest changes for including new net modules.
2002-06-21 Robert DickensonAdded required definitions for the packet driver to...
2002-06-21 Eugene IngermanFixed typo/bug in W32kCallWindowProc.
2002-06-20 Eric KohlFixed a long-standing hack to open symbolic link objects.
2002-06-20 Eugene IngermanUpdated PICE to work with recent kernel changes. Change...
2002-06-19 Eric KohlImplemented registry links (REG_LINK).
2002-06-19 Eric KohlAdded registry link tests.
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonAdded new library packet.dll
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonAdded packet.sys to target list.
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonFixed invalid paths. Added packet to target list.
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonAdded new exports
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonAdded new driver 'packet', ported from the Windows...
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonAdded .cvsingore file.
2002-06-19 Robert DickensonCreated new module for wshirda.dll
2002-06-18 KJK::HyperionPSAPI meta-source files moved in the standard location
2002-06-18 KJK::HyperionPSAPI initial commit
2002-06-18 David WelchMoved win32 callback support into a new file.
2002-06-18 David Welch2002-06-18 David Welch <welch@whitehall1-5.seh.ox...
2002-06-18 Eric KohlIoDestroyDriverList(): Free memory of group and service...
2002-06-18 Eric KohlRtlQueryRegistryValues() must treat REG_MULTI_SZ and...
2002-06-17 joegapps/tests/tokentest.c
2002-06-17 joegntoskrnl/ps/process.c
2002-06-17 joegntoskrnl/ke/main.c
2002-06-17 Robert DickensonCreated new empty module for buiding ws2help.dll
2002-06-17 Eric KohlImproved driver loading sequence with respect to the...
2002-06-17 Eric KohlImplemented direct query of REG_EXPAND_SZ values.
2002-06-17 Steven Edwardsadded simple tcp server test
2002-06-16 David Welch2002-06-16 David Welch <welch@whitehall1-5.seh.ox...
2002-06-16 Jason FilbyNtW32Call: replace sizeof(KTRAP_FRAME) with 124 bytes
2002-06-16 Eric KohlFixed wrong interpretation of value cell size in NtSetV...
2002-06-16 Casper HornstrupRevert last change
2002-06-16 Casper HornstrupAvoid importing _pctype when using mingw-runtime 2.0.
2002-06-16 Eric KohlFixed loading of symbol files.
2002-06-16 Steven EdwardsUpdated Makefile to fix building
2002-06-16 Steven EdwardsFixed include path in ramdriver
2002-06-16 Steven EdwardsFixed building of Serial Mouse driver (still broken)
2002-06-15 Eric KohlChanged calling convention of EngXxx funtions to STDCALL.
2002-06-15 Eric KohlChanged the calling convention used by the video minipo...
2002-06-15 Hartmut BirrFixed saving of esp in KePushAndStackSwitchAndSysRet.
2002-06-15 Jason FilbyFixed missing initialization in PsAllocateCallback
2002-06-15 Eric KohlCleanup, add display of token values being passed into...
2002-06-15 Eric KohlEnable %wZ and %Z format specifiers (remove #if 0).
2002-06-15 Eric KohlFix bug in RtlEqualSid() that caused all sids with...
2002-06-15 Eric KohlFix bug in RtlpAddKnownAce() that caused it to place...
2002-06-14 Jason FilbyBugfix: correct memory allocation calculation
2002-06-14 Jason FilbyFixed another typo
2002-06-14 Jason FilbyFixed some typos
2002-06-14 Casper HornstrupDon't install static libraries.
2002-06-14 Jason FilbyGuiCheck for NtUserRegisterClassExWOW
2002-06-14 Eric KohlFixed direct reference to a driver object.
2002-06-14 Eric KohlPass pointer to CSRSS process on first create request.
2002-06-14 Eric KohlAdded vga driver
2002-06-14 Casper HornstrupDelete dependency files on clean
2002-06-14 Casper HornstrupUse standard mingw32 prefix on linux.
2002-06-14 Casper HornstrupMake clean rule depend on tools rule
2002-06-14 Eric KohlFixed automatic loading of required modules.
2002-06-13 David WelchSplit up some stubs into their own files.
2002-06-13 Hartmut BirrReseting the conversion qualifier for each new value...