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2001-04-15 Nedko ArnaudovINSTALL
2001-04-13 Casper HornstrupAdded Intel MultiProcessor Specification support
2001-04-12 David WelchReduced the size of the kernel disk image by moving...
2001-04-11 David Welchbuildno doesn't rewrite the include/reactos/buildno.h
2001-04-11 Casper HornstrupAdded loading of symbols when modules are loaded.
2001-04-10 David WelchMore sensible dependencies scheme for configuration
2001-04-10 Eric KohlAdded functions to run MS VC++ 5/6 apps
2001-04-10 Eric KohlFixed crash if exported function does not exist
2001-04-10 David WelchTrace facility
2001-04-10 David Welch.cvsignore file
2001-04-10 David WelchCorrect problem with keyboard input not being accepted
2001-04-09 David WelchReorganised cache segment data structure
2001-04-07 jeanundo replacement of FILETIME by LARGE_INTEGER.
2001-04-06 Phillip SusiFixed IoCompleteRequest() to directly call completion...
2001-04-05 Eric KohlFixed global and local memory functions
2001-04-04 David WelchFix longstanding bug in keyboard driver
2001-04-03 Eric KohlFixed a severe typo
2001-04-03 David WelchKeep DPC queue size correct
2001-04-02 Phillip SusiOops... forgot to use physical address when programming...
2001-04-02 Phillip SusiFixed DPC bug: when the DPC is run, it has been removed...
2001-04-01 Jason Filbyfixed a stupid bug
2001-04-01 David WelchUse unix style path seperators
2001-03-31 David WelchReverted previous change, unnecessary
2001-03-31 Jason Filbyreference moved hal.h
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiMoved header
2001-03-31 Jason Filbylast typo, really!
2001-03-31 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2001-03-31 Jason Filbytypo
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiAdded declaration for MmAllocateContiguousAlignedMemory
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiAdded FILE_XXX_ALIGNMENT defines
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiDMA support added
2001-03-31 Jason Filbyoops
2001-03-31 Jason Filbydisable freetype for now
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiMassive floppy work
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiGo back to stripping only debug syms, not everything...
2001-03-31 Jason FilbyIndentation corrected, new tests
2001-03-31 Jason FilbyIndentation corrected, minor fixes
2001-03-31 Jason FilbyIdentation corrected, many fixes and minor improvements...
2001-03-31 David WelchFix for not valid PE module bug
2001-03-31 David WelchCheck for failed allocation
2001-03-30 Phillip Susiapps/uitest does not seem to exist, don't try to make it
2001-03-30 David WelchEnable atom functions
2001-03-30 David WelchDon't map NOLOAD sections
2001-03-29 Jason FilbyInitialize the VGA to work with display driver's vgavideo.c
2001-03-29 David WelchStrip everything from ntoskrnl
2001-03-29 David WelchRemove debugging code
2001-03-29 David WelchFixed int 10 problems
2001-03-28 David WelchCatch stack over/underflows
2001-03-28 David WelchFixed page list initialization
2001-03-28 Phillip SusiAlso removed call to ExAllocatePool from DPRINT1
2001-03-28 Phillip SusiRemoved call to ExAllocatePool from CHECKPOINT1
2001-03-27 David WelchPrint addresses in stack frames even early in the boot
2001-03-26 David WelchSet the io bitmap pointer beyond the TSS limit
2001-03-26 Emanuele AlibertiThis is really a bare bones counter. It works with...
2001-03-26 David WelchFixes for page list initialization
2001-03-26 David WelchFixed bug with calling RtlFreeUnicodeString too early...
2001-03-26 Phillip SusiFixed incorrect assertion in IoAllocateController:...
2001-03-26 Phillip Susifixed bug in MmAllocateContiguousAlignedMemory due...
2001-03-26 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-25 David WelchDisable debug prints
2001-03-25 David WelchFurther fixes
2001-03-25 David WelchOops, forget this file
2001-03-25 David WelchV86 mode fixes
2001-03-22 David WelchMake the trap handlers work early in the boot process
2001-03-21 Casper HornstrupPass RemainingPath for device type FILE_DEVICE_NETWORK
2001-03-21 Casper HornstrupSet FileObject in stack location in NtDeviceIoControlFile
2001-03-21 Casper HornstrupFix for MmBuildMdlForNonPagedPool
2001-03-21 Casper HornstrupAdded script for creating binary distribution
2001-03-21 Casper HornstrupAdded classes for cabinet handling
2001-03-20 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-20 Eric KohlUse vidport-functions instead of ntdll-functions
2001-03-20 Eric KohlEstablished forwarded exports in vidport.sys
2001-03-20 Eric KohlEstablished forwarded exports in win32k.sys
2001-03-20 Phillip Susiapps/exp does not seem to exist, prevents full make...
2001-03-20 David WelchUser exception handling doesn't work yet
2001-03-18 David WelchOne more bug in MmAllocateContiguousPages
2001-03-18 David WelchTypo
2001-03-18 Emanuele AlibertiReally simple application that displays how much time...
2001-03-18 Emanuele AlibertiKERNEL32.GetSystemTimeAsFileTime prototype added.
2001-03-18 David WelchBeginnings of user-mode debugging support.
2001-03-18 David WelchAllocate pages beginning from the top of memory
2001-03-18 David WelchFixes for APC handling
2001-03-17 Emanuele AlibertiStubs for LookupPrivilege* added.
2001-03-17 David WelchMore missing files
2001-03-17 David WelchBug fixes
2001-03-17 David WelchOops, missing files
2001-03-16 David WelchMoved microkernel to the architecture specific directory
2001-03-16 David WelchRemoved obsolete header files
2001-03-16 David WelchRemoved obsolete file
2001-03-16 David Welch* include/ddk/zw.h: Corrected declarations of NtCreateP...
2001-03-16 David Welch* ntoskrnl/include/internal/safe.h: Corrected typo.
2001-03-16 David Welch* ntoskrnl/include/internal/safe.h: Add definitions...
2001-03-16 David Welch* ntoskrnl/include/internal/mm.h: Removed MmSafeCopyToU...
2001-03-16 David WelchFurther fixes
2001-03-15 David WelchFurther dependency fixes
2001-03-15 David WelchHopefully final dependencies fixes
2001-03-15 David WelchMissing file
2001-03-15 David WelchOops, missing files
2001-03-15 David WelchOops, cope if the dependency list is empty
2001-03-15 David WelchFurther dependency tracking fixes