- Sorry, forgot this file
[reactos.git] / reactos /
2009-01-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Sorry, forgot this file
2009-01-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Correct the ulAssemblyRosterIndex member of ACTCTX_SE...
2009-01-18 Johannes Anderwald- Fix debug prints
2009-01-18 Johannes Anderwald- Fix IPortWavePci interface
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichadd ctxtcall.h to uuid
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichadd ctxtcall.idl from wine
2009-01-18 Michael Martin- Fix calculation of WriteQuotaAvailable and WritePtr...
2009-01-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix WINEVENTPROC -- it is stdcall, not cdecl!
2009-01-18 Thomas BluemelStrings are always NULL-terminated...
2009-01-18 Ged Murphyyou'd never guess I was English
2009-01-18 Ged MurphyReapply ros specific hack to stop the treeview scrollba...
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichfix a bug in RtlDetermineDosPathNameType_U
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichfix kernel32 comm crash
2009-01-18 Dmitry Chapyshev- Partly sync with Wine head
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichsync msi to wine 1.1.13
2009-01-18 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement pSetupGuidFromString
2009-01-18 Art YerkesPrevent a null access when the first show-desktop is...
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichremove allowwarnings=true
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichwarning fixes
2009-01-18 Dmitry Chapyshev- Fix bug with addition of keyboard layouts
2009-01-18 Aleksey Bragin- SVN maintenance.
2009-01-18 Aleksey Bragin- SVN maintenance.
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichfix kernel32 console winetest crash
2009-01-18 KJK::HyperionWarning killing commit
2009-01-18 James Tabor- Add more thread info types and remove a set mask...
2009-01-18 Timo KreuzerForgot this file
2009-01-18 Timo Kreuzeruser32: sync listbox.c to wine 1.1.13
2009-01-18 Timo Kreuzeruser32: sync DIALOG_DlgDirSelect to wine 1.1.13:
2009-01-18 Johannes Anderwald- Implement IPortEvents interface to IPortWavePci
2009-01-18 Johannes Anderwald- Add interface IPortEvents
2009-01-17 Dmitry GorbachevCzech (QWERTZ) keyboard layout by Radek Liska. Bug...
2009-01-17 Johannes Anderwald- Store DeviceObject before calling IMiniportTopology...
2009-01-17 Johannes Anderwald- Handle IRP_MN_QUERY_INTERFACE
2009-01-17 Johannes Anderwald- Store DeviceObject before calling IMiniportWaveCyclic...
2009-01-17 Timo Kreuzeruser32: sync icontitle.c with Wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Sylvain Petreolleadd drmk to bootcd
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichfix SystemFunction013
2009-01-17 James Tabor- It is understandable now why certain applications...
2009-01-17 Colin FinckUse DECLSPEC_NORETURN and place it at the top of the...
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichfix a kernel32 console winetest crash
2009-01-17 Matthias KupferFix wrong strings for default mouse cursor settings
2009-01-17 Daniel ReimerSync Apps to Wine HEAD (2 of 2)
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync mapi32 with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync fusion with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync wrc to wine 1.1.3 (except lang2cp struct as too...
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittich-Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at codeweavers.com>
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichforgot to commit this file
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync cabinet headers with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync wordpad with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync cryptui with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync credui with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync cabinet with wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 KJK::Hyperionmodified dll/win32/kernel32/debug/output.c
2009-01-17 Ged Murphyadd new chinese resource file
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichsync riched20 to wine 1.1.13
2009-01-17 Ged Murphyupdate spying messages
2009-01-17 Ged Murphyadd new file
2009-01-17 Ged Murphyupdate comctl32 to Wine 1.1.13.
2009-01-17 Ged MurphyAdd some previously undocumented messages
2009-01-17 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement GUIDFromStringW. Based on winehq.org/piperm...
2009-01-17 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement AllocateUserPhysicalPages, FreeUserPhysical...
2009-01-17 Michael Martin- rw.c: Better implementation of read/write for pipes.
2009-01-17 Dmitry Chapyshev- Launch hardware wizard on hardware page
2009-01-17 Dmitry GorbachevFix a bug.
2009-01-17 Christoph von Wittichuse spaces instead of tabs (for real now)
2009-01-17 Andrew GreenwoodUse spaces instead of tabs.
2009-01-17 Andrew GreenwoodTreat "LiveCD" system path as a prefix rather than...
2009-01-17 Jeffrey MorlanDon't treat a slash as the beginning of a new argument...
2009-01-17 Johannes Anderwald- Check for valid DeviceExtensionSize
2009-01-17 Aleksey Bragin- RtlOemStringToCountedUnicodeString improvements:
2009-01-17 Aleksey Bragin- RtlUnicodeStringToCountedOemString improvements:
2009-01-17 James Tabor- It is shameful, hacks like this.
2009-01-17 James Tabor- Update DispathMessage and fix time stamp for system...
2009-01-16 Thomas BluemelFix background color used for DrawCaptionTemp with...
2009-01-16 Art YerkesPrevent accessing NULL as a PE header when we have...
2009-01-16 Cameron Gutman - Merge aicom-network-fixes up to r38799
2009-01-16 Art YerkesThis actually used to work due to the work csrss does...
2009-01-16 Michael Martin- Reply 38790, with fix for npfsPeekPipe which was...
2009-01-16 Stefan Ginsberg- Add function tags
2009-01-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Fix bug with addition of duplicates to the devices...
2009-01-16 Stefan Ginsberg- DbgkpPostFakeThreadMessage: Implement missing
2009-01-16 Michael Martin- Revert 38790 as i broke autotests.
2009-01-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Partly implement hardware types page
2009-01-16 Christoph von Wittichreapply 36982
2009-01-16 Michael Martin- create.c: All instances of a pipe must be the same...
2009-01-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- More dialogs implementation
2009-01-16 KJK::HyperionEcho [HOST-CC] and [HOST-LD] instead of [HOSTCC] and...
2009-01-16 KJK::Hyperion... and echo "[HOSTLD]" for the link phase of host...
2009-01-16 KJK::HyperionEcho "[HOSTCC]" instead of "[CC]" in short-hand build...
2009-01-16 KJK::Hyperionmodified tools/rbuild/backend/mingw/modulehandler.cpp
2009-01-16 Aleksey Bragin- Set version override in pnp_* IDL modules too, since...
2009-01-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement RequestDeviceWakeup
2009-01-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement SetSystemPowerState
2009-01-16 Thomas BluemelCreate band site's rebar control with styles CCS_NORESI...
2009-01-15 James Tabor- Rewrite Timers, nothing is using it except a bogus...
2009-01-15 Aleksey Bragin- Delete npfs_new skeleton. One rewrite less.
2009-01-15 KJK::HyperionSync widl, comcat, ole32, oleaut32 and rpcrt4 to wine...
2009-01-15 Aleksey Bragin- Move batclass.h to PSDK, since it's a PSDK header.
2009-01-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Move SetThreadExecutionState to power.c
2009-01-15 Aleksey Bragin- Revert 38770's modifications to NDK.