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[reactos.git] / rosapps / sysutils / dosfsck /
2005-08-10 Steven Edwardsanother shot at fixing writes
2005-08-07 Martin Fuchsupdate SVN properties
2005-08-04 Steven Edwardstook a stab at write support and turned it on. Removed...
2005-07-29 Steven Edwardsdos line endings
2005-07-29 Steven Edwardsturn on command options
2005-07-29 Steven Edwardsimported mkdosfs, added getopt.c for use with dosfsck
2005-07-29 Steven EdwardsMajor fixes for partitions larger than 4GB. Thanks...
2005-07-29 Steven EdwardsFixes by tamlin. It really works now.
2005-07-28 Steven Edwardssome cleanups and I hope closer to making it work
2005-07-28 Steven Edwardsfixed opening of the device
2005-07-28 Steven Edwardsfixed building dosfsck
2005-07-28 Steven Edwardsadded port of dosfsck. Does not work yet as I cannot...