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2001-07-28 Emanuele Aliberticmd, more, tee, y, notevil, sysutils linked to msvcrt...
2001-07-14 Nedko Arnaudov"Because of changes in winnt.h, some of security defini...
2001-07-12 Eric KohlFixed a warning.
2001-07-12 Eric KohlFixed warnings and errors.
2001-07-11 Eric KohlFixed compiling bug for gcc-2.95.3.
2001-06-18 Phillip SusiCorrected CreateProcess() command line parameter to...
2001-06-17 Phillip SusiAdded .cvsignore to ignore cmd.coff
2001-05-16 Nedko Arnaudovadded #ifdefs for clipboard feature
2001-05-06 Carl NettelbladLast change stop CD from working. That's fixed now.
2001-05-06 Carl NettelbladRemoved support for current directories on several...
2001-05-03 Nedko ArnaudovAdded detection of redirection. GetStdHandle() used...
2001-05-01 Nedko Arnaudov^ is used for escape sequences
2001-04-26 Eric KohlSome minor cleanup
2001-04-24 Nedko Arnaudovescape char when setting string value changed to ^
2001-04-24 Nedko Arnaudovminor changes
2001-04-24 Nedko Arnaudovquotation handling bug fixed
2001-04-16 Nedko ArnaudovAdded base support for user settings.
2001-04-16 Nedko ArnaudovAdded support for escape sequences when setting string...
2001-04-16 Nedko Arnaudovunexpected declaration removed :}
2001-04-16 Nedko ArnaudovImplemented: default settings, loading settings from...
2001-04-16 Nedko ArnaudovArgument parser now ignores escape sequences.
2001-04-16 Nedko ArnaudovPrompt now supports customization. Implementation is...
2001-04-15 Nedko Arnaudovgdb2\Makefile
2001-04-15 Nedko ArnaudovRegistryExplorer.cpp
2001-02-28 Eric KohlVarious improvements by Carl Nettelblad.
2001-02-22 Eric KohlFixed a horrible typo :-)
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiSwitched to using waitable timers instead of Sleep...
2001-02-18 Emanuele AlibertiCMD: implemented IF [NOT] DEFINED variable command
2001-02-03 Eric KohlFixed command line size
2001-02-03 Eric KohlReduced command line size in ReactOS mode
2001-02-03 Eric KohlFixed command line size
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiMinor fix
2001-01-16 Phillip SusiFixed bug with screen buffers larger than console windo...
2001-01-14 Emanuele Alibertitz command fixed (info class 44).
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiFLG decoding added.
2001-01-13 Nedko Arnaudovno message
2001-01-13 Emanuele AlibertiPE image file dumper, by Sang Cho, adapted to ROS ...
2001-01-13 Emanuele AlibertiObsolete regnav removed.
2001-01-10 Nedko Arnaudovno message
2000-12-19 Emanuele AlibertiVersion resource added to the command line utilities...
2000-10-24 Nedko ArnaudovGPL sync + delete value implemented
2000-10-08 Nedko ArnaudovIn GNU make, Variables and functions in all parts of...
2000-10-04 Emanuele AlibertiRegistry Explorer (console tool) by Nedko Arnaoudov...
2000-09-12 Emanuele AlibertiAdded Casper to the coders parade.
2000-09-12 Emanuele AlibertiUpdated years in version info.
2000-09-11 Emanuele AlibertiVersion resource added to the system utilities.
2000-08-04 Emanuele AlibertiSimple utility to list the so called "DOS Devices"...
2000-07-19 Eric KohlFixed 'echo.' and 'echoerr.'
2000-05-28 Emanuele AlibertiAdded handle type to object name translation in qsi.
2000-05-26 Phillip Susifixed color info
2000-04-27 Emanuele AlibertiA fix in the SYSTEM_HANDLE_INFORMATION structure.
2000-04-25 Emanuele AlibertiPartially implemented (handlers only)
2000-04-08 Eric KohlFixed bug in COPY command
2000-03-08 Emanuele AlibertiVersion info added to Eric's edit port.
2000-03-08 Eric KohlImproved keyboard handling code
2000-03-05 Eric KohlAdded D-Flat/32 library
2000-02-29 Emanuele AlibertiAdded help command to shell.exe.
2000-02-18 Eric KohlFixed minor bugs and removed fixed start directory
2000-02-01 Paolo Pantaleohistory command added and some minor changes to history...
2000-01-23 Emanuele AlibertiCoders directory updated.
2000-01-17 Phillip Susifixed tab completion with long file names
1999-12-28 Eric KohlLast update for millenium release
1999-12-24 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
1999-12-15 Eric KohlFixed current directory handling
1999-12-09 Paolo Pantaleo4nt's CTRL-D and CRTL-K support
1999-12-08 Paolo Pantaleofixed a stupid bug in history
1999-12-07 Paolo Pantaleohistory cleanup added
1999-12-07 Paolo PantaleoTAS searches in internal commands too
1999-12-06 Paolo Pantaleonew history implementation, not complete yet...
1999-12-04 Eric Kohlfixed compiler warnings
1999-12-03 Paolo Pantaleonow c:\ do not crash cmd
1999-11-29 Paolo Pantaleojust fixed a stupid bug
1999-11-27 Paolo Pantaleotype accepts more than one file specification
1999-11-06 Eric KohlKeep DEL quiet when called from a batch file.
1999-11-05 Eric KohlNew Y command and some fixes.
1999-11-04 Eric KohlImplemented 4nt compatible color command.
1999-10-28 Eric KohlFixed batch mode bugs.
1999-10-27 Eric KohlDisabled prompting when in batch mode.
1999-10-23 Eric KohlFixed bugs and added DIRS command.
1999-10-22 Eric KohlAdded Ctrl-C/Ctrl-Break handler.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlMinor fixes.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlAdded activate command.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlAdded echos, echoerr and echoserr commands.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlNo longer needed.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlMinor fixes.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlAdded floppy and dist targets.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlMade notevil screen size aware.
1999-09-27 Eric KohlMinor updates and fixes.
1999-09-27 Eric KohlAdded MORE command.
1999-09-24 Eric KohlMinor fixes.
1999-09-24 Eric KohlAdded window command.
1999-09-12 Eric KohlAdded some more commands. Thanks to Dr. Faustus.
1999-09-12 Eric KohlExternal TEE command.
1999-09-12 Eric KohlAdded master makefile with clean/dist/floppy targets.
1999-09-04 Emanuele Alibertiadded resource script with version information
1999-08-29 Eric KohlAdded MSGBOX and TIMER commands.
1999-08-28 Eric KohlAdded missing definition.
1999-08-21 Eric KohlAdded CHOICE command and fixed a cursor bug.
1999-08-21 Eric KohlAdded CHOICE command and fixed a cursor bug.
1999-07-24 Eric KohlAdded simple START command.