[SDK] Update baseaddresses
[reactos.git] / sdk / cmake / baseaddress_msvc.cmake
2018-10-25 Mark Jansen[SDK] Update baseaddresses
2018-09-05 Mark Jansen[SDK] Generate msvc baseaddresses from an RTC build
2018-08-30 David Quintana[CMAKE] Update baseaddress files to match latest changes.
2018-07-12 Mark Jansen[CMAKE] Update all base addresses, taking into account... 661/head
2018-07-01 Mark Jansen[SDK] Add gen_baseaddress.py
2018-07-01 Mark Jansen[CMAKE] Change winspool.drv to winspool again.
2018-07-01 Mark Jansen[CMAKE] Update baseaddress for msvc & gcc with rossym.
2018-07-01 Timo Kreuzer[CMAKE] winspool.drv -> winspool in baseaddress_msvc...
2017-10-03 Colin FinckGit conversion: Make reactos the root directory, move...