16 years agoVMware SVGA Wizard:
Klemens Friedl [Sun, 13 Feb 2005 13:49:55 +0000 (13:49 +0000)]
VMware SVGA Wizard:

* add title and subtitle (wizard window)
* center the wizard window
* update english and german language files

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13525

16 years agofixed returning the reference to the token in SeCopyClientToken() and probe pointer...
Thomas Bluemel [Sun, 13 Feb 2005 13:03:44 +0000 (13:03 +0000)]
fixed returning the reference to the token in SeCopyClientToken() and probe pointer when neccessary

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13524

16 years agoRemove the old control apps from rosapps/control.
Steven Edwards [Sun, 13 Feb 2005 02:11:22 +0000 (02:11 +0000)]
Remove the old control apps from rosapps/control.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13522

16 years agoSome basics of driver wrapper - establish dispatch functions, a very basic AddDevice...
Aleksey Bragin [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:31:15 +0000 (23:31 +0000)]
Some basics of driver wrapper - establish dispatch functions, a very basic AddDevice handler. Still stubs, but they will be filled with something very soon!

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13521

16 years agoAdded cromwell's drivers into build/install process. Now we have two alternatives...
Aleksey Bragin [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:27:27 +0000 (23:27 +0000)]
Added cromwell's drivers into build/install process. Now we have two alternatives: usbport/usbXhci or usbcore/ohci.sys. With time they will be merged into one, or cromwell will be wasted and usbport/usbXhci will be written from scratch.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13520

16 years agoFixed a copy-n-paste typo in usbuhci ("Type"->"Image" reg key), also adding ohci...
Aleksey Bragin [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:11:10 +0000 (23:11 +0000)]
Fixed a copy-n-paste typo in usbuhci ("Type"->"Image" reg key), also adding ohci driver entry (loads in VirtualPC).

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13519

16 years agoSync to Wine-20050211
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 22:59:04 +0000 (22:59 +0000)]
Sync to Wine-20050211
Mike McCormack <>
- add support for Edit boxes in MSI dialogs
- run the message loop when waiting for threads or processes
- fix the dialog font
- allow waiting on a handle while running the message loop
- implement checkboxes in dialogs
- use TextStyle enumeration instead of numbers
- fix MSI_IterateRecords to return the correct count
- Add more dialog controls, do something when they're clicked on.
- Implement MsiPreviewDialog.
- Implement and document MsiLoadString.
- Added stub implementations for MsiPreviewDialog and
- Fix MsiModifyView and MsiViewGetColumnInfo to use MSIRECORD* not MSIHANDLE.
- Implement, test and document MsiDecomposeDescriptor.
- Handle a number as a parameter for custom action 19.
- Move OpenQuery into msiquery.c and make it non-static.
- Fix and test inserting records.
- Fix refcounting, use Interlocked functions.
- MsiEvaluateCondition returns an error when passed NULL as a
- Lock record in MsiViewExecute, move stubs to end.
- Fix MsiRecordSetString for NULL strings and update test case.
- Fix a bug caused by freeing memory too soon in the table code.
- Update headers, add MsiGetUserInfoA stub implementation.
- Fix a memory leak in MsiConfigureProductExW.
- Indentation and style cleanup.
- implement MsiOpenPackageEx, and forward MsiOpenPackage there
- make a MSI_CreatePackage function and use it in MSI_OpenPackage
- move MsiOpenPackageA down with the rest of the API functions
Juan Lang <>
- Partially implement AppSearch action.
- If a full path isn't specified, search across all fixed drives.
- Simplify AppSearch error checking.
- Identifiers evaluate to true if they are non-empty, regardless of
Aric Stewart <>
- action.c is getting too big, so split out all the handling of
  CustomActions into custom.c. Cleaned up a lot of the handling of
  custom actions including scripting actions and processing return
- Mike McCormack pointed out that MsiFormatRecord is basically the
  same as internal function deformat_string. So broke deformat_string
  out and updated it to function as MsiFormatRecord and implemented
- A number of random fixes to action.c including properly calculating
  the length for the LocalPackage name, not forcing a reboot when
  really we should just return ERROR_INSTALL_SUSPEND and handling
  REG_MULTI_SZ now that we can deformat the properly.
- Move the guid squishing functions out of msi.c and make a new
  registry.c file. Also clean up all the various registry keys we need
  to open and create to this module and modify the functions for msi.c
  to call these functions.
- Added a few more stub implementations.
- Implement custom action type 19, Halt install and display error
- Continued work to simplify the ProcessAction call, also split it into
  a ProcessAction and ProcessUIAction for future dialog box work.
  Also fix a bug in deformat_string where i was not freeing the created
- Make a temp file for each dll saved for custom actions. This prevents
  name collisions from causing custom actions to fail.
- Do not track the temp files for custom actions based on the name from
  the table because then we get conflicts and files not tracked or
  cleaned up.
- Add the RegisterUser action.
- Implement RegisterExtensionInfo and RegisterMIMEInfo.
- Add logic to be able to resolve the SourceDir based on
  CurrentPath. Also add logic to get the source locations of a file if
  it is not in a cabinet.
- Finish up the framework by stubbing out all the remaining Standard
- A fix to deformat_string so it only returns a null return if you
  provided a null buffer.
- Eliminate the giant if.. else if block from ACTION_ProcessAction in
  favor of a table of handlers.
- Return code of the install should not depend on the return code of the
  final action.
- Update component installed states as they are installed so that
  conditions based on component states are at least a little more
- Add icon and argument when regestering clsids.
- Add a stub for ResolveSource because we do that work just not in
  ResolveSource like we should.
- When quering a Component state return the correct state.
- Enable the updating of Feature and thus the resulting component
- Run the end of install actions for suspend and user exit states as
- Start putting in place a currently running state for future ui use.
- Use the new registry functions in registry.c.
- Do not force a reboot, just return ERROR_INSTALL_SUSPEND and write
  some keys to the registry.
- Quite a few fixes:
- Allow for the queing of custom actions to trigger on the
  InstallExecute or InstallExecuteAgain actions.
- allow for the queing of custom actions to trigger on
- Properly set the CustomActionData property for said queued actions.
- Implement RegisterProduct.
- Beginning implementation of ForceReboot.
- Don't kill install if an item to be duplicated does not exist.
- Write out SourceList and LastUsedSource for resuming installs.
- Use regsvr32 to register self reg dlls.
- Implementations for SelfRegModules and PublishFeatures.
- Set default ACTION property for Install.
- Deformat more than JUST properties properly. Allows for Files and
  Component paths in deformat.
- Properly deformat a LaunchCondition failure dialog box.
- Resolve and save registry Keypaths.
- Write the Features published keys more correctly. Still some
- First implementation of the WriteIniValues action.
- Custom actions can have null in their target parameters, handle that
  without crashing. Also enable deformating of lines greater than 256
- Added some more suminfo stubs.
- An implementation of MsiSummaryInfoGetPropertyW based off of
- Added stubs for MsiGetShortcutTargetA/W.
- Do a very basic first implementation of MsiConfigureProductExW for
  msiexec /@  when run as a reboot.
- Also add a number of new stubs for the office xp and 2k3 install and
  startup process.
- Fix a copy and paste error, check for a null value and discard
  unneeded errors.
- Do not limit properties to 256 characters when evaluating them.
- Setting a record to an empty string is the same as making it null.
- First pass implement ion of MsiQueryProductState[A/W] as well as a few
  fixes for MsiGetComponentPath.
- Actually start on an implemention for MsiGetComponentPathW that should
  handle all keypaths that are files.
- A reworking of format.c to remove the recursion, clean things up and
  stabilize behavior to match windows.
- Cleanup processing a bit more.
- Allow for nested keys to work properly.
- MsiGetProperty does not return any error on missing properties.
- The new Insert fixes now properly require ?,? instead of just ? for
  the Insert call. This fix modifies the MSI_SetProperty query to be
Michael Stefaniuc <>
- Do not check for non NULL pointer before HeapFree'ing it. It's
Francois Gouget <>
- Assorted spelling fixes.
Ulrich Czekalla <>
- Handle 0 length buffers in MSI_FormatRecordW.
- Remove unused buffer in deformat_string.
Mike Hearn <>
- Correctly ensure properties set from resolved directory paths are
  backslash terminated.
Francois Gouget <>
- Assorted spelling fixes.
Marcus Meissner <>
- Initialize rc in create_component_directory().
Alexandre Julliard <>
- Avoid unnecessary run-time initializations.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13518

16 years agoSync to Wine-20050211
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:46:45 +0000 (21:46 +0000)]
Sync to Wine-20050211
Alexandre Julliard <>
- It makes no sense to export the dll entry point as stub.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13517

16 years agoSync to Wine-20050211
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:26:15 +0000 (21:26 +0000)]
Sync to Wine-20050211
Juan Lang <>
- Make netspi.h private, as some of its declarations conflict with
  npapi.h.  Spotted by Paul Vriens.
Jonathan Ernst <>
- Updated French resources.
Henning Gerhardt <>
- Update German resources.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13516

16 years agoSync to Wine-20050211
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:07:16 +0000 (21:07 +0000)]
Sync to Wine-20050211
Carlos Lozano <>
- Fix regression in Fallout game.
Remi Assailly <>
- char -> const char fixes.
Robert Reif <>
- Copy data structures one at a time using supplied size.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13515

16 years agoHenning Gerhardt <>
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:03:08 +0000 (21:03 +0000)]
Henning Gerhardt <>
- Update German resources.
Robert Shearman <>
- Draw a representation of a document in the page setup dialog.
- Change some FIXME's to TRACE's because everything we need is
  implemented and they fire for ones that we don't need to implement.
Remi Assailly <>
- char -> const char fixes.
Jose Manuel Ferrer Ortiz <>
- Updated Spanish resources.
Dmitry Timoshkov <>
- Correct coordinates of a couple of controls.
- Do not forget to allocate internal OPENFILENAMEW structure for 16-bit
  GetOpenFileName, initialize it by zeros for 16/A cases.
- Make GetOpenFileNameW with an old style open file dialog work with the
  original OPENFILENAMEW structure, making sure that all changes are
  passed back to the caller.
Ulrich Czekalla <>
- GetFileName31W should call unicode version of FD31_AllocPrivate.
Jonathan Ernst <>
- Updated French resources.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13514

16 years agoSync to Wine-20050211
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:51:20 +0000 (20:51 +0000)]
Sync to Wine-20050211
Francois Gouget <>
- Assorted spelling fixes.
Dimitrie O. Paun <>
- Use the LVCFMT_{LEFT,RIGHT,CENTER} enumeration flags properly.
Alexandre Julliard <>
- Store the "managed" flag as a window property instead of the
  Wine-specific WS_EX_MANAGED style bit.
Paul Vriens <>
- Remove needless check for horizontal or vertical pager.
Paul Vriens <>
- Remove the checking/setting of the defaults in TRACKBAR_Create.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13513

16 years agothe callback management doesn't have to be serialized as it's only accessed by the...
Thomas Bluemel [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:37:04 +0000 (20:37 +0000)]
the callback management doesn't have to be serialized as it's only accessed by the thread itself

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13512

16 years agoadded stubs for NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePathA/W()
Thomas Bluemel [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 17:15:04 +0000 (17:15 +0000)]
added stubs for NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePathA/W()

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13511

16 years agoSM - Sorry, I forgot silence dbg messages!
Emanuele Aliberti [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 14:34:39 +0000 (14:34 +0000)]
SM - Sorry, I forgot silence dbg messages!

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13505

16 years agoPSX: posixw32: some work for compatibility with future SM
Emanuele Aliberti [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 14:33:41 +0000 (14:33 +0000)]
PSX: posixw32: some work for compatibility with future SM

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13504

16 years ago- Implement RtlGetLastNtStatus, RtlGetLastWin32Error, RtlRestoreLastWin32Error, RtlSe...
Eric Kohl [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 12:42:10 +0000 (12:42 +0000)]
- Implement RtlGetLastNtStatus, RtlGetLastWin32Error, RtlRestoreLastWin32Error, RtlSetLastWin32Error and RtlSetLastWin32ErrorAndNtStatusFromNtStatus.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13503

16 years agoThe structure layout of self-relative security descriptors may be different from...
Thomas Bluemel [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 11:47:03 +0000 (11:47 +0000)]
The structure layout of self-relative security descriptors may be different from absolute security descriptors depending on the platform. Self-relative security descriptors always use 32 bit offsets while absolute security descriptors use pointers which could be 64 bits.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13502

16 years agoCheck subsystem
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 09:17:51 +0000 (09:17 +0000)]
Check subsystem

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13501

16 years agoSM - clean, simplify, make more readable
Emanuele Aliberti [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 09:08:52 +0000 (09:08 +0000)]
SM - clean, simplify, make more readable
- split initialization in more files to make it more readable
- cleaned up some code
- simplified some code
- documented some todos

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13500

16 years agoAddrWidenAddress: set type
Art Yerkes [Sat, 12 Feb 2005 03:53:19 +0000 (03:53 +0000)]
AddrWidenAddress: set type
NBFlushPackets: We already hold the table lock when calling this.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13499

16 years agoBe compatible with some of the crap apps out there
Gé van Geldorp [Fri, 11 Feb 2005 21:02:35 +0000 (21:02 +0000)]
Be compatible with some of the crap apps out there

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13497

16 years agoOoops! These are the correct exports.
Eric Kohl [Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:01:10 +0000 (16:01 +0000)]
Ooops! These are the correct exports.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13494

16 years agoImplement RtlGetSecurityDescriptorRMControl, RtlSetSecurityDescriptorRMControl, SetSe...
Eric Kohl [Fri, 11 Feb 2005 15:52:38 +0000 (15:52 +0000)]
Implement RtlGetSecurityDescriptorRMControl, RtlSetSecurityDescriptorRMControl, SetSecurityDescriptorControl, GetSecurityDescriptorRMControl and SetSecurityDescriptorRMControl.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13493

16 years ago- Implement RtlSetControlSecurityDescriptor
Eric Kohl [Fri, 11 Feb 2005 12:06:29 +0000 (12:06 +0000)]
- Implement RtlSetControlSecurityDescriptor
- Remove property set functions from ntdll.def because they are not implemented in Win2K and above.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13492

16 years agoMatch packing in DDK
Gé van Geldorp [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 22:54:30 +0000 (22:54 +0000)]
Match packing in DDK

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13491

16 years agoDeleted binaries, added ignore
Aleksey Bragin [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 22:08:39 +0000 (22:08 +0000)]
Deleted binaries, added ignore

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13490

16 years agoDeleted binaries, added ignore
Aleksey Bragin [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 22:05:40 +0000 (22:05 +0000)]
Deleted binaries, added ignore

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13489

16 years agoremoved obsolete typecast in AllocConsole()
Thomas Bluemel [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 19:38:47 +0000 (19:38 +0000)]
removed obsolete typecast in AllocConsole()

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13487

16 years agofixed ObpCaptureObjectAttributes()
Thomas Bluemel [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:32:06 +0000 (11:32 +0000)]
fixed ObpCaptureObjectAttributes()

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13486

16 years agorevert the changes to NtCreateEvent and do the real fix
Thomas Bluemel [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 09:22:27 +0000 (09:22 +0000)]
revert the changes to NtCreateEvent and do the real fix

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13485

16 years agoFix APC problems. Thanks to Arty for finding this. This makes vncviewer work
Alex Ionescu [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 05:13:43 +0000 (05:13 +0000)]
Fix APC problems. Thanks to Arty for finding this. This makes vncviewer work

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13484

16 years agoPatch to fix NtCreateSempahore, in the case where the initial lookup
Art Yerkes [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 03:58:03 +0000 (03:58 +0000)]
Patch to fix NtCreateSempahore, in the case where the initial lookup
succeeds.  We previously left the function without initializing
hSemaphore.  Patch suggested by me and executed by hpoussin.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13483

16 years agoAdded note about freeldr 2.0 changes
Steven Edwards [Thu, 10 Feb 2005 01:42:58 +0000 (01:42 +0000)]
Added note about freeldr 2.0 changes

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13482

16 years agoBig change warrants major version number bump
Gé van Geldorp [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 23:57:07 +0000 (23:57 +0000)]
Big change warrants major version number bump

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13481

16 years agoPass PageDirectoryStart and End so the memory manager
Gé van Geldorp [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 23:52:27 +0000 (23:52 +0000)]
Pass PageDirectoryStart and End so the memory manager
knows not to clobber it

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13480

Gé van Geldorp [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 20:53:18 +0000 (20:53 +0000)]

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13479

16 years agoSend the correct handle_s_. tinus found this one.
Mike Nordell [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 20:11:48 +0000 (20:11 +0000)]
Send the correct handle_s_. tinus found this one.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13478

16 years agoDon't include NEVER_LOAD sections in image size.
Gé van Geldorp [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 18:34:13 +0000 (18:34 +0000)]
Don't include NEVER_LOAD sections in image size.
Rename SizeOfImage to ResidentSize to avoid confusion

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13477

16 years agoFix EOL setting
Gé van Geldorp [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 18:18:20 +0000 (18:18 +0000)]
Fix EOL setting

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13476

16 years ago- Fix quoting of .cpl filename.
Gé van Geldorp [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 17:33:36 +0000 (17:33 +0000)]
- Fix quoting of .cpl filename.
- Use "cplopen" verb to execute .cpl files.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13475

16 years agoMade a nice function CantReadMore which tells if we can't possibly fill
Art Yerkes [Wed, 9 Feb 2005 08:38:46 +0000 (08:38 +0000)]
Made a nice function CantReadMore which tells if we can't possibly fill
the buffer any longer, and don't have waiting data.
Return an EOF in every case where a read could hit EOF from tcpip,
Return a hard error thereafter.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13474

16 years ago- Add entry for .cpl files
Gé van Geldorp [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 22:52:16 +0000 (22:52 +0000)]
- Add entry for .cpl files
- Disable recycle bin for now

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13473

16 years agoPrefer SEE_MASK_IDLIST, since that one is actually implemented in shell32...
Gé van Geldorp [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 22:23:05 +0000 (22:23 +0000)]
Prefer SEE_MASK_IDLIST, since that one is actually implemented in shell32...

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13471

16 years agoYou can't execute a DLL
Gé van Geldorp [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 22:11:27 +0000 (22:11 +0000)]
You can't execute a DLL

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13469

16 years agoHervé Poussineau <>
Gé van Geldorp [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 21:27:49 +0000 (21:27 +0000)]
Hervé Poussineau <>
Initialize default partition size to maximum size.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13468

16 years agoSet eol-style
Gé van Geldorp [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 18:58:59 +0000 (18:58 +0000)]
Set eol-style

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13467

16 years agoThere's no need to link ntdll here.
Art Yerkes [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 17:10:19 +0000 (17:10 +0000)]
There's no need to link ntdll here.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13466

16 years ago- Convert U32 to ULONG.
Eric Kohl [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 14:46:44 +0000 (14:46 +0000)]
- Convert U32 to ULONG.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13465

16 years agoRedraw shell background when wallpaper is changed
Gé van Geldorp [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 12:35:44 +0000 (12:35 +0000)]
Redraw shell background when wallpaper is changed

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13464

16 years agoForgot this file
Alex Ionescu [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 01:55:04 +0000 (01:55 +0000)]
Forgot this file

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13463

16 years agoFreeLdr Patch. Now fully loads ntoskrnl using a PE Loader, supports /3gb dynamically...
Alex Ionescu [Tue, 8 Feb 2005 01:46:01 +0000 (01:46 +0000)]
FreeLdr Patch. Now fully loads ntoskrnl using a PE Loader, supports /3gb dynamically but this is NOT enabled yet, so please continue using the 3GB entry in config until r2 is ready which will support relocation and remove the config entry. You must also supply /3GB to the commandline if you're using 3GB, just like since the previous patch. Also freeldr now uses w32api headers. Janitors will clean the dupes up. Thank you: Mike, Royce, Hartmut, Blight, Filip and everyone who reviewed. Hartmut, if anything is missing from the patch you sent me, feel free to add it. More info at

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13462

16 years agoTypographic errors fixed and a function name changed.
Emanuele Aliberti [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 23:11:30 +0000 (23:11 +0000)]
Typographic errors fixed and a function name changed.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13461

16 years agorevert moving smdll to rosrtl.
Thomas Bluemel [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 12:58:08 +0000 (12:58 +0000)]
revert moving smdll to rosrtl.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13460

16 years agomoved smdll to rosrtl. We just _can't_ have separate dlls for everything internal...
Thomas Bluemel [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:35:29 +0000 (11:35 +0000)]
moved smdll to rosrtl. We just _can't_ have separate dlls for everything internal, that's what static libraries are for. Unless we want a dll hell even worse than necessary...

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13459

16 years agomoved smdll to rosrtl. We just _can't_ have separate dlls for everything internal...
Thomas Bluemel [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:35:10 +0000 (11:35 +0000)]
moved smdll to rosrtl. We just _can't_ have separate dlls for everything internal, that's what static libraries are for. Unless we want a dll hell even worse than necessary...

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13458

16 years agomoved smdll to rosrtl. We just _can't_ have separate dlls for everything internal...
Thomas Bluemel [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:34:52 +0000 (11:34 +0000)]
moved smdll to rosrtl. We just _can't_ have separate dlls for everything internal, that's what static libraries are for. Unless we want a dll hell even worse than necessary...

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13457

16 years ago- Nt->Zw
Eric Kohl [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 10:33:44 +0000 (10:33 +0000)]
- Nt->Zw
- Assign an instance path to the root device node and reports its arrival.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13456

16 years agoRemove no longer needed hack
Gé van Geldorp [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 10:30:14 +0000 (10:30 +0000)]
Remove no longer needed hack

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13455

16 years agoFix definition of LUID constants
Gé van Geldorp [Mon, 7 Feb 2005 10:29:44 +0000 (10:29 +0000)]
Fix definition of LUID constants

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13454

16 years agoHervé Poussineau <>
Gé van Geldorp [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 22:16:05 +0000 (22:16 +0000)]
Hervé Poussineau <>
(Partial) implementation of CheckTokenMembership()

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13453

16 years agoAdd SMDLL to the boot CD.
Emanuele Aliberti [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 22:06:44 +0000 (22:06 +0000)]
Add SMDLL to the boot CD.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13452

16 years agoSMDLL: add it to the build process.
Emanuele Aliberti [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 22:03:32 +0000 (22:03 +0000)]
SMDLL: add it to the build process.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13451

16 years ago- Add RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExA/W
Gé van Geldorp [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 21:57:44 +0000 (21:57 +0000)]
- Add RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExA/W
- Add stubs for CheckTokenMembership and LsaGetUserName

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13450

16 years agoSome preliminary work on the SM to make it manage environment servers.
Emanuele Aliberti [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 21:55:07 +0000 (21:55 +0000)]
Some preliminary work on the SM to make it manage environment servers.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13449

16 years agoExport some Lsa stubs
Gé van Geldorp [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 21:21:22 +0000 (21:21 +0000)]
Export some Lsa stubs

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13448

16 years ago- Prevent image loading and symbol loading getting each others way
Gé van Geldorp [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 19:52:26 +0000 (19:52 +0000)]
- Prevent image loading and symbol loading getting each others way
- DPRINT1 is preferred over DbgPrint

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13447

16 years ago-add macros for msvc/gcc portable int64 suffix/LARGE_INTEGER handling
Gunnar Dalsnes [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 19:04:00 +0000 (19:04 +0000)]
-add macros for msvc/gcc portable int64 suffix/LARGE_INTEGER handling
-add C_ASSERT (compile-time asserts)

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13446

16 years agoPass ROP4 instead of ROP3 to drivers
Gé van Geldorp [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 18:27:06 +0000 (18:27 +0000)]
Pass ROP4 instead of ROP3 to drivers

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13445

16 years agoProperly synchronize with GPU
Gé van Geldorp [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 18:24:31 +0000 (18:24 +0000)]
Properly synchronize with GPU

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13444

16 years agoSMDLL: helper to use the SM
Emanuele Aliberti [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 17:00:53 +0000 (17:00 +0000)]
SMDLL: helper to use the SM

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13443

16 years agoSM & SMDLL definitions
Emanuele Aliberti [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 16:59:55 +0000 (16:59 +0000)]
SM & SMDLL definitions

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13442

16 years agoRemove COM1 as default debug messages output channel for LiveCD.
Mike Nordell [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 14:13:32 +0000 (14:13 +0000)]
Remove COM1 as default debug messages output channel for LiveCD.
If users are skilled enough to make use of it, it can be turned on manually during boot.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13441

16 years agoowner drawn context menus for lean explorer version
Martin Fuchs [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 14:03:25 +0000 (14:03 +0000)]
owner drawn context menus for lean explorer version

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13440

16 years agoowner drawn context menus for FileChild
Martin Fuchs [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 13:28:34 +0000 (13:28 +0000)]
owner drawn context menus for FileChild

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13439

16 years agofix warning message
Martin Fuchs [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 13:12:07 +0000 (13:12 +0000)]
fix warning message

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13438

16 years agogeneric support for owner drawn context menus
Martin Fuchs [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 13:02:48 +0000 (13:02 +0000)]
generic support for owner drawn context menus

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13437

16 years agoFix a typo.
Filip Navara [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 12:39:41 +0000 (12:39 +0000)]
Fix a typo.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13436

16 years agoprevent crash related to unsupported context menu types
Martin Fuchs [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 10:50:50 +0000 (10:50 +0000)]
prevent crash related to unsupported context menu types

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13434

16 years agosupport for owner drawn context menus on the desktop
Martin Fuchs [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 10:38:51 +0000 (10:38 +0000)]
support for owner drawn context menus on the desktop

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13433

16 years agoUse only 80 character wide lines in the comments.
Filip Navara [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 10:01:07 +0000 (10:01 +0000)]
Use only 80 character wide lines in the comments.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13431

16 years agoKill only selects involving a named file descriptor when clearing exclusive
Art Yerkes [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 07:56:45 +0000 (07:56 +0000)]
Kill only selects involving a named file descriptor when clearing exclusive
selects.  This makes ASECHO32 work perfectly.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13430

16 years agoJust cleaned up the code and changed the name of a few things. Patch by Trevor McCort.
Thomas Bluemel [Sun, 6 Feb 2005 00:01:21 +0000 (00:01 +0000)]
Just cleaned up the code and changed the name of a few things. Patch by Trevor McCort.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13429

16 years ago Prevent buffer overflow on SMP systems. The buffer may be filled with 'Unknown CPU...
Alex Ionescu [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 21:04:17 +0000 (21:04 +0000)]
 Prevent buffer overflow on SMP systems. The buffer may be filled with 'Unknown CPU with family ID %ld and model ID %ld. Patch by Herve Poussineau.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13427

16 years agoRaise exception when MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache fails to map into UserMode.
Gregor Anich [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 18:59:14 +0000 (18:59 +0000)]
Raise exception when MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache fails to map into UserMode.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13425

16 years agoRe-use (better) stack backtrace function
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 18:49:43 +0000 (18:49 +0000)]
Re-use (better) stack backtrace function

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13423

16 years agoUse the allocated buffer size in the call to NtGetPlugPlayEvent.
Eric Kohl [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:54:00 +0000 (10:54 +0000)]
Use the allocated buffer size in the call to NtGetPlugPlayEvent.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13422

16 years agoonly attach to the process to be queried when necessary
Thomas Bluemel [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:31:37 +0000 (10:31 +0000)]
only attach to the process to be queried when necessary

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13421

16 years agoConvert ROP2 to MIX when calling driver
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:19:49 +0000 (10:19 +0000)]
Convert ROP2 to MIX when calling driver

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13420

16 years agoSilence debug messages
Gé van Geldorp [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:17:33 +0000 (10:17 +0000)]
Silence debug messages

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13419

16 years agoDynamically reallocate the buffer for PnP event if it's too small.
Filip Navara [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 08:44:49 +0000 (08:44 +0000)]
Dynamically reallocate the buffer for PnP event if it's too small.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13418

16 years agoUse CONTAINING_RECORD macro instead of type cast, fix the copyright header.
Filip Navara [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 08:43:52 +0000 (08:43 +0000)]
Use CONTAINING_RECORD macro instead of type cast, fix the copyright header.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13417

16 years agoRead: Change AFD_EVENT_CLOSE to AFD_EVENT_DISCONNECT when the other end
Art Yerkes [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 05:40:35 +0000 (05:40 +0000)]
Read: Change AFD_EVENT_CLOSE to AFD_EVENT_DISCONNECT when the other end
hangs up.  The socket isn't closed yet.
Listen: Turn off fired flag for AFD_EVENT_ACCEPT.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13416

16 years agoFixed some signalling problems.
Art Yerkes [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 04:56:04 +0000 (04:56 +0000)]
Fixed some signalling problems.
1) Always OR the current state bits into the socket for the handler to see
2) Remove special case for SEL_CONNECT | SEL_FIN in the signalled handler.
   Now it's much cleaner.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13415

16 years agoimplemented GetConsoleProcessList()
Thomas Bluemel [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 01:44:05 +0000 (01:44 +0000)]
implemented GetConsoleProcessList()

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13414

16 years agosvn path=/trunk/; revision=13413
Eric Kohl [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 00:20:14 +0000 (00:20 +0000)]
svn path=/trunk/; revision=13413

16 years agoChange WNDOBJ implementation a bit to make the NVIDIA driver happy.
Gregor Anich [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 00:17:49 +0000 (00:17 +0000)]
Change WNDOBJ implementation a bit to make the NVIDIA driver happy.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13412

16 years agoFix VideoPortMapMemory.
Gregor Anich [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 00:09:56 +0000 (00:09 +0000)]
Fix VideoPortMapMemory.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13411

16 years agoSmall update of opengl32.
Gregor Anich [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 00:07:57 +0000 (00:07 +0000)]
Small update of opengl32.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13410

16 years ago- Link ntoskrnl against libwdmguid.a.
Eric Kohl [Sat, 5 Feb 2005 00:04:52 +0000 (00:04 +0000)]
- Link ntoskrnl against libwdmguid.a.
- Report device arrival events to the user-mode pnp manager.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13409