15 years agoMerge from Wine:
Hervé Poussineau [Thu, 13 Apr 2006 09:22:58 +0000 (09:22 +0000)]
Merge from Wine:
- Add Esperanto translation by Antonio Codazzi
- Add Turkish translation by Fatih Aþýcý

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21577

15 years agoThis commit is redesign off ddraw primare surface, we need reach primare surface...
Magnus Olsen [Thu, 13 Apr 2006 09:14:32 +0000 (09:14 +0000)]
This commit is redesign off ddraw primare surface, we need reach primare surface from every where. We have now a expriment code that show how to create overlay with this new design but we do not set it up right yet.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21576

15 years agoConform better to Wine standards
Hervé Poussineau [Thu, 13 Apr 2006 08:06:45 +0000 (08:06 +0000)]
Conform better to Wine standards

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21575

15 years agoBugfix : hal lock surface so it does not crash any longer
Magnus Olsen [Thu, 13 Apr 2006 06:38:52 +0000 (06:38 +0000)]
Bugfix : hal lock surface so it does not crash any longer

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21574

15 years agoImplement surface unlock
Magnus Olsen [Thu, 13 Apr 2006 06:29:01 +0000 (06:29 +0000)]
Implement surface unlock

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21573

15 years agomake ddraw not crashing in ros. close my debug marco for windows.
Magnus Olsen [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:10:20 +0000 (20:10 +0000)]
make ddraw not crashing in ros. close my debug marco for windows.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21570

15 years agoImplement DX HAL Lock it works now. we getting back user mode pointer of kernel mode...
Magnus Olsen [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:09:09 +0000 (20:09 +0000)]
Implement DX HAL Lock it works now. we getting back user mode pointer of kernel mode memode pointer. it is mapen now. it did make next test apps working with our ddraw.dll in windows. lest 4 dx draw apps I got is working.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21569

15 years agoOops, forget to add these.
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:18:22 +0000 (19:18 +0000)]
Oops, forget to add these.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21568

15 years agoMove all context handle stuff to ndr_contexth.c
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:17:30 +0000 (19:17 +0000)]
Move all context handle stuff to ndr_contexth.c

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21567

15 years agoSetupDiInstallClassExW;
Hervé Poussineau [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 15:16:07 +0000 (15:16 +0000)]
- Use the provided FileQueue (if any)
- Start to implement device interface installation
- Set FAILEDINSTALL flag in registry if asked to

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21565

15 years agoAdd missing OPTIONAL information in prototypes
Hervé Poussineau [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:41:11 +0000 (13:41 +0000)]
Add missing OPTIONAL information in prototypes
Check for NULL parameters

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21564

15 years agoFix BSOD when executing gdi32_winetest bitmap
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:22:57 +0000 (13:22 +0000)]
Fix BSOD when executing gdi32_winetest bitmap

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21563

15 years agofrom w3seek: make the tree compile with gcc4 again
Magnus Olsen [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:18:30 +0000 (12:18 +0000)]
from w3seek: make the tree compile with gcc4 again

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21562

15 years agocommiting file desktop.x from bug 252 , the patch is from j_anderw it make our win32k...
Magnus Olsen [Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:15:46 +0000 (10:15 +0000)]
commiting file desktop.x from bug 252 , the patch is from j_anderw it make our win32k lile more stable

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21561

15 years agoWhen listing devices by connection, list PCI devices only.
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 22:20:28 +0000 (22:20 +0000)]
When listing devices by connection, list PCI devices only.
It only works on ReactOS (as Windows doesn't use the same instance ID for the PCI bus), but it prevents a crash

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21560

15 years ago[AUDIT] Unlock devmgr
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 22:18:08 +0000 (22:18 +0000)]
[AUDIT] Unlock devmgr
Michael Fritsch and I are the only authors of this code, and no unclean method has been used to create it

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21559

15 years agoDelete useless utils:
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 22:10:41 +0000 (22:10 +0000)]
Delete useless utils:
patchnv4: Tries to patch the nVidia NT4 driver, which doesn't work anymore (we now report Windows 2000)
dumprecbin: Dumps the contents of the recycle bin. Has been replaced by a recycle bin library at revision 21553

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21558

15 years agoadd correct comments for buttons
Ged Murphy [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 22:04:32 +0000 (22:04 +0000)]
add correct comments for buttons

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21557

15 years agoFirst step to automatically generate registry entries for network protocols (TcpIp...)
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 22:01:08 +0000 (22:01 +0000)]
First step to automatically generate registry entries for network protocols (TcpIp...)
Registry settings are moved to media/inf/nettcpip.inf, which is installed for each netcard detected.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21556

15 years ago[AUDIT] Unlock netcfgx
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 21:56:00 +0000 (21:56 +0000)]
[AUDIT] Unlock netcfgx
I'm the only author of the code, and no unclean method has been used to create it

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21555

15 years ago[AUDIT] Unlock packages list
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 21:47:29 +0000 (21:47 +0000)]
[AUDIT] Unlock packages list
No reason to let it locked, it is only a list of files

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21554

15 years agoAdd library to deal with recycle bin.
Hervé Poussineau [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:51:55 +0000 (19:51 +0000)]
Add library to deal with recycle bin.
It is aimed to be compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003 (at least) on FAT or NTFS volumes.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21553

15 years agoAdd buttons to the floating tool window. They don't do anything yet apart from look...
Ged Murphy [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:47:04 +0000 (19:47 +0000)]
Add buttons to the floating tool window. They don't do anything yet apart from look pretty.
Give some order to the resource.h file tool.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21552

15 years agoadd Thomas' rebar fix back. I need this fix for imagesoft.
Ged Murphy [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:09:26 +0000 (19:09 +0000)]
add Thomas' rebar fix back. I need this fix for imagesoft.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21551

15 years agorevert comctl32 Wine sync. There are some issues with it and I don't have time to...
Ged Murphy [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:03:09 +0000 (19:03 +0000)]
revert comctl32 Wine sync. There are some issues with it and I don't have time to fix it at the moment.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21550

15 years agoFirst HEL support that is working for one dx apps I got in windows
Magnus Olsen [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 15:06:54 +0000 (15:06 +0000)]
First HEL support that is working for one dx apps I got in windows

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21549

15 years agoAdded winemine.
Saveliy Tretiakov [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 11:14:06 +0000 (11:14 +0000)]
Added winemine.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21547

15 years agomore redesign of ddraw. move hal and hel detection of cancreatesurface and createsur...
Magnus Olsen [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 07:43:29 +0000 (07:43 +0000)]
more redesign of ddraw. move hal and hel detection of cancreatesurface and  createsurface HEL and HAL and use HAL if it found, if HAL not found use HEL

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21546

15 years agoStart redesgin ddraw. so we can resue code betwin HEL and HAL interface. Todo so...
Magnus Olsen [Tue, 11 Apr 2006 06:24:29 +0000 (06:24 +0000)]
Start redesgin ddraw. so we can resue code betwin HEL and HAL interface. Todo so we create HEL Callbacks
in HEL Callbacks shall the software version of the api be implement.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21545

15 years agosee fireball last commit msg about this file, patch from w3seek : Use RtlComputeCrc32...
Magnus Olsen [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 19:57:47 +0000 (19:57 +0000)]
see fireball last commit msg about this file, patch from w3seek : Use RtlComputeCrc32 instead of yet another inline implementation for calculating
a CRC32 checksum. The attached patch fixes this.
bug : 1342

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21544

15 years agoBug 1376, patch from SuperTrax at gmx dot de
Magnus Olsen [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 19:21:22 +0000 (19:21 +0000)]
Bug 1376, patch from SuperTrax at  gmx dot de
if a Window was showed normaly,
GetWindowPlacement never returned a showCmd.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21543

15 years agoMake windows button open start menu. Fixes buf 1356. Patch by
Saveliy Tretiakov [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 17:58:47 +0000 (17:58 +0000)]
Make windows button open start menu. Fixes buf 1356. Patch by

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21542

15 years agoRtlIntegerToUnicodeString
Magnus Olsen [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 17:21:46 +0000 (17:21 +0000)]
incress the interal buffer size to 33bytes
as wine does

incress the interal buffer size to 65bytes
as wine does

This will take care of some intToChar Bugs
I have been locking of it for sometimes now
thanks to crashfourit network patch and we talk I did found it.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21541

15 years agoAdd gradient tests. Patch by Timo Kreuzer <>
Saveliy Tretiakov [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 17:16:37 +0000 (17:16 +0000)]
Add gradient tests. Patch by Timo Kreuzer <>

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21540

15 years agoBuild rosperf and ps
Saveliy Tretiakov [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:42:55 +0000 (16:42 +0000)]
Build rosperf and ps

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21539

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:13:17 +0000 (16:13 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\utils\rosperf (unlock)
GvG (the author) confirmed it is clean.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21538

15 years agofixing a typcast do it compile on gcc 4.0 thx w3seek
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 18:28:53 +0000 (18:28 +0000)]
fixing a typcast do it compile on gcc 4.0 thx w3seek

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21536

15 years agoFixing a bug fill in a struct it return zero info but we need that info later
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 18:08:18 +0000 (18:08 +0000)]
Fixing a bug fill in a struct it return zero info but we need that info later

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21535

15 years agoChanged DbgPrint to DPRINT.
Peter Ward [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 17:58:43 +0000 (17:58 +0000)]
Changed DbgPrint to DPRINT.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21534

15 years agoImplement GetSurfaceDesc
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 17:05:57 +0000 (17:05 +0000)]
Implement GetSurfaceDesc

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21533

15 years agoThanks billycash to explain for me how ref counter works in ddraw. Now we free the...
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 15:07:43 +0000 (15:07 +0000)]
Thanks billycash to explain for me how ref counter works in ddraw. Now we free the COM when it need it (no more memory leak)

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21532

15 years agodisplay all timezones (buffer was too small)
Christoph von Wittich [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 14:55:58 +0000 (14:55 +0000)]
display all timezones (buffer was too small)

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21531

15 years agofix setup in VGA mode
Christoph von Wittich [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 14:15:21 +0000 (14:15 +0000)]
fix setup in VGA mode

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21530

15 years agoFixing a crash bug But ddraw can leak memmory now. But it is werid that u can not...
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 14:12:42 +0000 (14:12 +0000)]
Fixing a crash bug But ddraw can leak memmory now. But it is werid that u can not total release the whole dx COM for some program will crash then

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21529

15 years agochange display modes from 640x680 to 640x480
Christoph von Wittich [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 12:49:52 +0000 (12:49 +0000)]
change display modes from 640x680 to 640x480

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21528

15 years agoadded proper headers
Christoph von Wittich [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 12:15:43 +0000 (12:15 +0000)]
added proper headers

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21527

15 years agoSorry forget this file
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:54:57 +0000 (11:54 +0000)]
Sorry forget this file

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21526

15 years agoImplement frist HEL Callback
Magnus Olsen [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:53:23 +0000 (11:53 +0000)]
Implement frist HEL Callback

Fix minors bugs
there and there

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21525

15 years ago- Bugzilla Bug 1340: fix of an incorrect RtlCompareMemory call in ntoskrnl (by w3seek)
Aleksey Bragin [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:47:30 +0000 (11:47 +0000)]
- Bugzilla Bug 1340: fix of an incorrect RtlCompareMemory call in ntoskrnl (by w3seek)

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21524

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Aleksey Bragin [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:42:34 +0000 (11:42 +0000)]

- Contains only function prototypes which are clean apriori

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21523

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Aleksey Bragin [Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:39:39 +0000 (11:39 +0000)]

- Unlock the file, since auditing documentation has been commited and only parts of the file might be considered dirty
- Auditing of this file is in progress, however it's changed to per-function mode
- No function 100% confirmed to be dirty in this file!

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21522

15 years agoparly implement surface_Lock it does not work yet but here is the code almost complet...
Magnus Olsen [Sat, 8 Apr 2006 23:01:04 +0000 (23:01 +0000)]
parly implement surface_Lock it does not work yet but here is the code almost complete for HAL

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21520

15 years agoAdding Hel_DDrawSurface and Hal_DDrawSurface stub
Magnus Olsen [Sat, 8 Apr 2006 21:05:49 +0000 (21:05 +0000)]
Adding Hel_DDrawSurface and Hal_DDrawSurface stub
so it being more easy to implement some api

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21519

15 years agoDirectDraw_EnumDisplayModes
Magnus Olsen [Sat, 8 Apr 2006 15:03:35 +0000 (15:03 +0000)]
base on wine implenetins taking wine code and rewrite some part. it is not complete but it does the work.

remove the freq flag we ignore it for now. for EnumDisplayModes report modes that are being support for the graphic card. but the monitor does not support it

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21518

15 years agoReImplement Surface_GetDC
Magnus Olsen [Sat, 8 Apr 2006 09:38:26 +0000 (09:38 +0000)]
ReImplement Surface_GetDC
Implement Surface_ReleaseDC

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21517

15 years agoImplement Surface_GetDC
Magnus Olsen [Sat, 8 Apr 2006 09:04:42 +0000 (09:04 +0000)]
Implement Surface_GetDC

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21516

15 years ago- allow container windows on the docking toolbars
Ged Murphy [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 23:21:12 +0000 (23:21 +0000)]
- allow container windows on the docking toolbars
- hide comboboxes if toolbar is vertical
- patch from Thomas

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21515

15 years ago1. Implement Surface_GetCaps
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 22:18:17 +0000 (22:18 +0000)]
1. Implement Surface_GetCaps
2. Implement AddAttachedSurface not tested

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21514

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Ged Murphy [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 20:26:44 +0000 (20:26 +0000)]
Confirmation from Eric Kohl that this is clean.
depends.exe was used to get the names of the exported functions
Also adding WordPad to the start menu with this commit

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21513

15 years agoadd wordpad to build
Ged Murphy [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 18:17:47 +0000 (18:17 +0000)]
add wordpad to build

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21512

15 years agosorry did commit wrong version for Dx dhal blt here is it. can blt a surface (not...
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 18:08:45 +0000 (18:08 +0000)]
sorry did commit wrong version for Dx dhal blt here is it. can blt a surface (not tested).

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21511

15 years ago1. Implement almost full dx hal DdBlt into ddraw
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 18:03:21 +0000 (18:03 +0000)]
1. Implement almost full dx hal DdBlt into ddraw
   we only need adding clipper or not set it to
   true or false. Then ddraw dx hal blt is complete

2. Split complete each surface getting own memory

3. Remove create for overlay for now the code need be
   more tested

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21510

15 years agofirst part to change the arch of Surface time move surface into it own struct. so...
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 16:16:34 +0000 (16:16 +0000)]
first part to change the arch of Surface time move surface into it own struct. so we can easy create a new one. no surface should be store global in ddraw.dll

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21508

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 15:34:51 +0000 (15:34 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\drivers\bus\serenum (Unlocked)
Herve Poussineau (the author) said parts he wrote are clean.
There were no actual code from other contributors (only warning fixes etc.)

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21507

15 years agocontrol.exe is not a control panel applet. Moved to applications.
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 15:07:50 +0000 (15:07 +0000)]
control.exe is not a control panel applet. Moved to applications.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21506

15 years agoThomas Weidenmueller is not author of this control panel applet. From svn log I found...
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 13:03:59 +0000 (13:03 +0000)]
Thomas Weidenmueller is not author of this control panel applet. From svn log I found that former author was Johannes Anderwald ( Updated headers.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21505

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 12:24:00 +0000 (12:24 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\dll\cpl\access (unlocked)
This code seems clean, it does nothing useful.
Thomas Weidenmueller agreed it's clean too.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21504

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:23:05 +0000 (10:23 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\dll\cpl\liccpa (Unlocked)
Clean. Stewen Edwards quote: "This application does almost nothing and its really good at it."

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21502

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:21:29 +0000 (10:21 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\dll\cpl\intl (Unlocked)
I reviewed the code and it seems clean to me.
This control panel applet is very incomplete.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21501

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:20:39 +0000 (10:20 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\dll\cpl\desk (Unlocked)
I reviewed the code and it seems clean to me.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21500

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:16:12 +0000 (10:16 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\services\dhcpd (Unlocked)
3rd party code. Has nothing to do with reverse engeneering.
Carlos Duclos Vergara, <carlos at embedded dot cl>
Pablo Bleyer Kocik, <pbleyer at embedded dot cl>
Manuel Jander, <mjander at embedded dot cl>

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21499

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:15:34 +0000 (10:15 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\drivers\base\parallel (Unlocked)
Clean. This driver does nothing useful.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21498

15 years agoThis is frist directdraw version than can run reactos ddraw demo in windows with...
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:15:21 +0000 (10:15 +0000)]
This is frist directdraw version than can run reactos ddraw demo in windows with our own ddraw.dll

1. Implement DdBlt in ddraw it is not a complete implement it does not blt from a source surface to destination surface. for we do not create other types that primary surface for now. and it is always primary is the destination. Rember it does not working in fullscreen that is a bug.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21497

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:14:29 +0000 (10:14 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\drivers\base\test (Unlocked)
Obviously clean.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21496

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:13:12 +0000 (10:13 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\subsystems\ntvdm (Unlocked)
I reviewed the code and it seems clean to me. It is _very_ incomplete.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21495

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:12:38 +0000 (10:12 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\utils\stats (Unlocked)
Obviously clean. Has nothing to do with reverse engeneering.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21494

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:11:50 +0000 (10:11 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\testsets\loadlib (unlocked)
Tests are clean.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21493

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:11:18 +0000 (10:11 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\testsets\msvcrt\fileio (unlocked)
Tests are clean.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21492

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:10:34 +0000 (10:10 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\network\roshttpd (unlocked)
Obviously clean. Has nothing to do with reverse engeneering. Written by Casper.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21491

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:09:49 +0000 (10:09 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\network\ftp (Unlocked)
3rd party code.  Copyright (c) 1985 Regents of the University of California.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21490

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:08:52 +0000 (10:08 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\games\winemine (Unlocked)
Wine code.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21489

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:08:14 +0000 (10:08 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\calc (Unlocked)
Wine code.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21488

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:07:27 +0000 (10:07 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\base\applications\games\solitaire (Unlocked)
Obviously clean.  Has nothing to do with reverse engeneering.
3rd party code. Copyright J Brown 2001.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21487

15 years agopatch from w3seek : compile with gcc4.1 again
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 08:56:12 +0000 (08:56 +0000)]
patch from w3seek : compile with gcc4.1 again

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21486

15 years ago1. Clean up Hal_DirectDraw_CreateSurface
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 08:12:13 +0000 (08:12 +0000)]
1. Clean up Hal_DirectDraw_CreateSurface
2. Start implemenr createsurface overlay base on Steffen Schulze code.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21485

15 years agosetup almost all Createsurface for primar right
Magnus Olsen [Fri, 7 Apr 2006 06:45:25 +0000 (06:45 +0000)]
setup almost all Createsurface for primar right
it is very few thin left todo

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21484

15 years agoImplement UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevicesW
Hervé Poussineau [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 19:28:01 +0000 (19:28 +0000)]
Implement UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevicesW

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21483

15 years agofix resource leak
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 17:37:46 +0000 (17:37 +0000)]
fix resource leak

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21482

15 years agostore license on heap and add some error checking
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 16:23:35 +0000 (16:23 +0000)]
store license on heap and add some error checking

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21481

15 years agoget the names the right way round this time.
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 16:07:07 +0000 (16:07 +0000)]
get the names the right way round this time.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21480

15 years agorevert this. It got caught up in the action ;)
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 16:04:03 +0000 (16:04 +0000)]
revert this. It got caught up in the action ;)

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21479

15 years agoSwap these 2 icons around. They are more fitting to the app this way.
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 16:01:28 +0000 (16:01 +0000)]
Swap these 2 icons around. They are more fitting to the app this way.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21478

15 years agoStart a rewrite of an MDI WordPad.
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 15:54:59 +0000 (15:54 +0000)]
Start a rewrite of an MDI WordPad.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21477

15 years agoremove Wine's wordpad.
Ged Murphy [Thu, 6 Apr 2006 15:37:38 +0000 (15:37 +0000)]
remove Wine's wordpad.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21476

15 years agoChanged the ParameterType in NdisReadConfiguration to Hex.
Andrew Munger [Wed, 5 Apr 2006 17:36:28 +0000 (17:36 +0000)]
Changed the ParameterType in NdisReadConfiguration to Hex.
Since 21002, we actually check this in ndis, before we just assumed Hex regardless of what was sent in.  This fixes networking under qemu.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21475

15 years agoDHCP Client fixes and enhancements
Andrew Munger [Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:38:03 +0000 (16:38 +0000)]
DHCP Client fixes and enhancements

Set the correct hardware type flag. Fixes bug 651.
Send option 12 on discovery, allows some DHCP servers to dynamically update DNS.
Send option 61 for good measure. We use the MAC address as some other OSes do.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21474

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:35:30 +0000 (16:35 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\drivers\network\dd\ne2000 (unlocked)
Written by Casper. Fireball and WaxDragon agreed it is clean.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21473

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:31:32 +0000 (16:31 +0000)]
unlock \trunk\reactos\base\services\dhcp
Clean. Mostly OpenBSD and ISC code, with some arty and tinus rosglue.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21472

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 5 Apr 2006 14:17:22 +0000 (14:17 +0000)]
trunk\reactos\dll\win32\serialui (unlocked)
I used clean methods to develop this dll. Function prototypes are from wine. Only drvCommConfigDialog is implemented. MSDN says: "The CommConfigDialog function requires a dynamic-link library (DLL) provided by the communications hardware vendor."

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21471

15 years ago[AUDIT]
Saveliy Tretiakov [Wed, 5 Apr 2006 13:53:43 +0000 (13:53 +0000)]
\trunk\reactos\dll\cpl\hdwwiz (unlocked)
Herve Poussineau says it is clean.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21470