2001-12-15 Emanuele AlibertiA general Makefile for building the Win32(tm) developme...
2001-12-11 Emanuele Alibertiprocess/session.c in the makefile.
2001-12-11 Phillip SusiMoved $(MK_GCCLIBS) to correct place on gcc command...
2001-12-10 Brian PalmerAdded Task Manager to cvs repository
2001-12-09 Eric KohlAdded preliminary system hive file.
2001-12-07 Casper HornstrupFixed compilation error
2001-12-07 Emanuele AlibertiAdded prototype for ProcessIdToSessionId().
2001-12-07 Emanuele AlibertiA stub file for TS APIs in kernel32.
2001-12-06 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Added keyboard hook and some file functions.
2001-12-06 David WelchRemoved bitops.h
2001-12-05 Eric KohlImplemented file system change notification.
2001-12-05 Eric KohlAdded missing create parameters to IoCreateFile().
2001-12-05 David WelchFixed security define spelling
2001-12-04 Eric KohlReplaced binary constants by corresponding flags.
2001-12-02 David WelchRemove debugging changes.
2001-12-02 David WelchImplemented LPC sections
2001-12-01 Phillip SusiFixed typeo that prevented compilation
2001-11-30 Eugene IngermanFixed small bug in keyboard driver that prevented filte...
2001-11-29 Eric KohlImplemented PsGetProcessExitTime() and PsIsThreadTermin...
2001-11-29 Steven Edwardsfound out shell has kill built it
2001-11-29 Brian PalmerFixed Makefile problem
2001-11-28 Emanuele AlibertiBase files (incomplete) for PSAPI.DLL.
2001-11-28 Emanuele Aliberti*** empty log message ***
2001-11-28 Brian PalmerRe-organized things a slight bit.
2001-11-28 Steven EdwardsInitial revision
2001-11-27 Steven EdwardsInitial revision
2001-11-27 Eric KohlAdded system hive support.
2001-11-26 Eric KohlAdded system hive support.
2001-11-25 Eric KohlAdded 'dword' data type.
2001-11-25 David Welchinclude/csrss/csrss.h: Include a define for the size...
2001-11-24 Jason FilbyMoved W32THREAD to teb.h
2001-11-22 Eric KohlAdded some security/access functions.
2001-11-21 Eric KohlImplemented RtlImpersonateSelf().
2001-11-21 Eric KohlFixed PsRevertToSelf().
2001-11-20 Steven Edwardsadd mkdir C:\bin for wineapps
2001-11-20 Hartmut BirrFixed a bug in FAT12FindAvailableCluster.
2001-11-20 Rex Jolliffadded default rule for .cpp files
2001-11-20 Eric KohlImplemented read/write.
2001-11-20 David WelchSplit kernel and user-mode exception handling
2001-11-20 David WelchFixed zsh crash bug, it still doesn't work however
2001-11-19 Jason FilbyFix for CreateCompatibleDC
2001-11-18 Eric KohlFixed a few compiler warinings.
2001-11-18 David WelchOops, used copy to caller instead of copy from caller
2001-11-18 David WelchFixed bugs with vim
2001-11-17 Eric KohlFixed GetExtendedMemorySize(). My i486-DX4/75 didn...
2001-11-16 Eric KohlUpdated for booting from C:
2001-11-16 Eric KohlAdded loading the HAL.
2001-11-16 Eric KohlFixed warnings.
2001-11-15 Brian PalmerBIOS Int 13h Extensions Support
2001-11-13 Eric KohlImplemented MmMapViewOfSection().
2001-11-11 Steven EdwardsRemove my old port of the winelib notepad
2001-11-11 Steven Edwardsinstall script for wine dlls and programs
2001-11-09 Casper HornstrupFixed typo
2001-11-09 Eric KohlAdded message compiler.
2001-11-09 Eric KohlAdded message compiler.
2001-11-08 Eric KohlImplemented abandoning of mutexes/mutants.
2001-11-08 Eric KohlFixed thread termination bug when a mutex must be aband...
2001-11-07 David WelchFixed thread termination bug
2001-11-07 Eric KohlAdded mutex test application.
2001-11-07 Eric KohlAdded GetInterruptVector() routine to PCI bus handler.
2001-11-07 Phillip SusiRe enabled mounting more than one filesystem
2001-11-07 Eric KohlAttach/detach mutant(mutex) to/from owning thread.
2001-11-05 James TaborFix export wvsnprintfA and W from user32.dll
2001-11-05 David WelchDon't check for critical sections when delivering speci...
2001-11-04 Emanuele Alibertitlist clone (partial).
2001-11-04 Eric KohlImplemented mutant object.
2001-11-03 Casper HornstrupNew target 'implib' to avoid cicular references.
2001-11-03 Eric KohlDisabled secondary channel by default
2001-11-02 Hartmut BirrReworked code for handling of asynchonous i/o requests.
2001-11-02 Hartmut BirrReworked code for handling of asynchonous i/o requests.
2001-11-02 Hartmut BirrFixed a minor bug in vfatMakeRootFCB().
2001-11-02 Hartmut BirrSpeed optimization in FATxxFindAvailableCluster().
2001-11-02 Hartmut BirrAdded some modifications for asyncronous i/o requests...
2001-11-02 Hartmut BirrFixed a bug in GetVolumeInformationA()
2001-11-02 Eric KohlFixed a typo.
2001-11-02 Eric KohlImplemented basic ANSI/OEM <--> Unicode translation...
2001-11-02 Rex JolliffInitial attempt at a handle table for GDI objects....
2001-11-01 Eric KohlRemoved PCI_COMMON_CONFIG
2001-11-01 Eric KohlSet sector size to 512 bytes.
2001-11-01 Eric KohlEnabled secondary IDE channel for PCI and ISA bus
2001-11-01 Hartmut BirrFixed some bugs in VfatGetStandardInformation().
2001-11-01 Hartmut BirrEnabled the check of the correct buffer size in some...
2001-11-01 Hartmut BirrFixed the type of st_dev in stat.
2001-11-01 Hartmut BirrInitialized statbuf->st_mode in _stat() and _fstati64().
2001-11-01 Hartmut BirrFixed some bugs in GetFileInformationByHandle().
2001-11-01 Eric KohlMoved/added some declarations
2001-11-01 Eric KohlMoved/added some declarations
2001-10-31 Jason FilbyKludge: draw within screen until we have clipping working
2001-10-31 David WelchFix for advapi32 failing to load (it had imported symbo...
2001-10-31 David WelchFixed bug causing crash when running mc
2001-10-29 David WelchZero pages before allocated.
2001-10-27 Hartmut BirrClear the allocated page for a bss section (in MmNotPre...
2001-10-25 Steven EdwardsInitial revision
2001-10-23 Eugene IngermanPorting pice.
2001-10-23 Steven EdwardsInitial revision
2001-10-23 Phillip SusiChanged path to vgaddi.dll to use SystemRoot instead...
2001-10-22 Eugene IngermanPorting pice.
2001-10-21 Casper HornstrupCreate named pipe for SCM
2001-10-21 Casper HornstrupPrototype fixes.
2001-10-21 Casper HornstrupOpen named pipe to SCM