2009-03-21 Colin FinckBig testing system commit
2009-03-21 Timo KreuzerFix build.
2009-03-20 Timo KreuzerRename IntGdiInitBrushInstance to EBRUSHOBJ_vInit and...
2009-03-20 Jeffrey MorlanReplace hard-coded English string constants with transl...
2009-03-20 Timo KreuzerStart to cleanup the mess that claims to be our brush...
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Reorganize NDIS code
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisFreeSharedMemory
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisAllocateSharedMemory
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisMCreateLog, NdisMCloseLog, and NdisMFl...
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisDeregisterAdapterShutdownHandler,...
2009-03-20 Timo KreuzerRename GDIDEVICE to PDEVOBJ. Is seems ms uses both...
2009-03-20 Christoph von... add some new (incomplete) network headers
2009-03-20 Timo Kreuzerrename DC.Dc_attr to dcattr, DC.DcLevel to dclevel...
2009-03-20 Christoph von... use ncalrpc instead of a named pipe
2009-03-20 Christoph von... -allow to stop the service
2009-03-20 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement NdisMapFile
2009-03-20 Timo Kreuzerrename DCs pDc_Attr to pdcattr, like in gdikdx.
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisCompleteUnbindAdapter
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisGetDriverHandle
2009-03-20 Timo KreuzerChange most DC struct members to the names they have...
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - DmaSize is NDIS_DMA_SIZE not BOOLEAN
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisMRegisterDmaChannel and NdisMInitializ...
2009-03-20 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisMQueryAdapterInstanceName
2009-03-19 Cameron Gutman - Implement NdisMDeregisterDmaChannel
2009-03-19 Aleksey Bragin- Don't try to be smarter than Windows and don't copy...
2009-03-19 Johannes Anderwald- Experimental implementation of _RpcEnumInterfaces
2009-03-19 Aleksey BraginEvgeniy Boltik <>
2009-03-19 Timo Kreuzerwin32k RECT/RECTL issues:
2009-03-19 Timo KreuzerMerge 39375 from amd64 branch:
2009-03-18 Timo Kreuzerremove UNW flags from winnt.h, they don't belong there
2009-03-18 Timo Kreuzermerge r40095 from amd64 branch
2009-03-18 Jeffrey Morlan- Make MEMORY command use GlobalMemoryStatusEx if avail...
2009-03-18 Timo KreuzerAdd DDI_DRIVER_VERSION_NT5_01_SP1
2009-03-18 Timo Kreuzeradd missing definition of MultiplyHigh and UnsignedMult...
2009-03-18 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64 branch:
2009-03-18 Dmitry Chapyshev- Change icon for Network Connections folder
2009-03-18 Dmitry Chapyshev- Update toolbars bitmaps
2009-03-18 Jeffrey Morlan- Implement SHIFT /n.
2009-03-17 Jeffrey MorlanFix a typo
2009-03-17 Jeffrey Morlan- Implement MKLINK command.
2009-03-17 James Tabor- Rename gdi entry flag.
2009-03-17 Timo Kreuzer"same thing in BmfdUnloadFontFile btw :p"
2009-03-17 Timo KreuzerDon't access the font structure after it was freed...
2009-03-17 Timo KreuzerC++ comment style -> C comment style
2009-03-17 Colin FinckSync CRT initialization code with mingw-w64 r690
2009-03-17 Timo KreuzerDon't use C++ comment style in C headers.
2009-03-17 James Tabor- Added one more gdi entry flag with notes.
2009-03-17 Aleksey BraginEvgeniy Boltik <>
2009-03-17 Timo Kreuzer[FORMATTING]
2009-03-17 Timo KreuzerRemove unused DriverFunction and GDIBdyToHdr
2009-03-17 Timo Kreuzer- Move contents of eng/misc.h into include/misc.h,...
2009-03-17 Timo Kreuzer[FORMATTING]
2009-03-17 Timo Kreuzer- Inline GDIOBJ_UnlockObjByPtr, ASSERT that we don...
2009-03-17 Timo KreuzerRewrite DRIVEROBJ api, giving the object a handle,...
2009-03-16 Art YerkesFix some issues with peer names being reported. There...
2009-03-16 Aleksey Bragin- Implement boot drivers loading.
2009-03-16 Cameron Gutman - Don't access an index outside the array bounds
2009-03-16 Daniel ReimerUpdate German Translation
2009-03-16 Aleksey Bragin- Support loading drivers which have no subdirectory...
2009-03-16 Jeffrey MorlanImplement ASSOC command (Bug 4275). Patch by Lee C...
2009-03-16 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate Slovak translation, fix formatting. Mario Kacmar...
2009-03-16 Christoph von... -add wlan service to registry
2009-03-16 Christoph von... more precise error descriptions
2009-03-16 Johannes Anderwald- Fix memory leak
2009-03-16 Christoph von... add some wlanapi tests
2009-03-16 Christoph von... add missing types
2009-03-16 Christoph von... -implement WlanScan and WlanEnumInterfaces
2009-03-16 Christoph von... implement WlanCloseHandle
2009-03-16 Christoph von... stub wlan rpcserver
2009-03-16 Christoph von... move some structs to the idl
2009-03-16 James Tabor- Patch by Evgeniy Boltik: Fix Rectangle, Ellipse,...
2009-03-16 Jeffrey MorlanFixed output of various date/time stuff ($D and $T...
2009-03-15 Sylvain Petreolleunbreak wlananpi build by #ifdef'ing struct_C, struct_D...
2009-03-15 Aleksey BraginEvgeniy Boltik <>
2009-03-15 Christoph von... -add some more WLAN types
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add some defines
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Sync quartz with Wine head
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Change font to Tahoma
2009-03-15 Christoph von... add wlantypes.h and move some definitions to the correc...
2009-03-15 Christoph von... add ntddndis.h and windot11.h
2009-03-15 Aleksey BraginEvgeniy Boltik <>
2009-03-15 Aleksey BraginEvgeniy Boltik <>
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mp3 codec from Wine
2009-03-15 Jeffrey Morlan- Allow running a batch file from inside a FOR
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Fix build
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add httpapi, initpki, itircl, msisys.ocx, msnet32...
2009-03-15 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate Spanish translations. Javier Remacha, bug #4278...
2009-03-15 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate Spanish translations. Javier Remacha, bug #4278...
2009-03-15 Christoph von... add a dummy wlansvc
2009-03-15 Aleksey Bragin- Give winldr's PE loader its own debug mask.
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mssign32, msisip, query, updspapi, wintab32 from...
2009-03-15 Aleksey Bragin- Implement NLS data loading.
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add shortcut for dxdiag
2009-03-15 Aleksey Bragin- Implement first part of setupldr:
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Create Entertainment folder
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Fix typo
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Remove win16 stuff
2009-03-15 Jeffrey MorlanReplace a couple hacks supporting specific cases of...
2009-03-15 James Tabor- Add Font attribute support for NtGdiHfontCreate.
2009-03-15 Dmitry GorbachevAdd multimedia player to syssetup. Mario Kacmar, bug...