2009-10-05 Cameron Gutman - Cancel pending user IRPs when we get a IRP_MJ_CLEANU...
2009-10-04 Dmitry GorbachevAdd "#pragma code_page(...)" again to fix compilation.
2009-10-04 Daniel ReimerUpdate German NLS Files in Kernel32
2009-10-04 Dmitry GorbachevAdd Spanish translation of Kernel32, fix translation...
2009-10-04 Matthias Kupfertemporarily workaround for swap mouse buttons feature
2009-10-04 Stefan Ginsberg- Add STATUS_ASSERTION_FAILURE status code required...
2009-10-04 Johannes Anderwald- Return correct status code
2009-10-04 Johannes Anderwald- Implement Un-Muting of audio lines
2009-10-04 Matthias Kupfer- remove double entry in inf
2009-10-04 Cameron Gutman - Don't add the media-specific header until right...
2009-10-04 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate Spanish translations. Javier Remacha, bug #4872.
2009-10-04 Johannes Anderwald- Don't call ExFreePool for null pointers
2009-10-04 Benedikt Freisencorrected magnifying glass cursor
2009-10-04 Stefan GinsbergMega KD64 revival patch:
2009-10-04 Stefan Ginsberg- Convert remaining KEBUGCHECK to KeBugCheck.
2009-10-04 Matthias Kupfer- DragFullWindow property changable via desktop setting...
2009-10-04 Michael Martinedit.c: Remove TPM_RETURNCMD flag from TrackPopupMenu...
2009-10-04 Cameron Gutman - Put some code back which was removed in r43270
2009-10-04 Timo Kreuzeruse __debugbreak() insetad of EngDebugBreak()
2009-10-03 James Tabor- Dont need this then.
2009-10-03 James Tabor- Use TIF in cleanup flag.
2009-10-03 Cameron Gutman - Add cancellation support for IOCTL_AFD_SELECT
2009-10-03 Cameron Gutman - Implement IRP cancellation for AFD
2009-10-03 Hervé PoussineauWINLDR: Finally, set Windows boot style as default
2009-10-03 Hervé Poussineau[usetup] Simplify creation of entries in freeldr.ini
2009-10-03 Hervé Poussineau[freeldr] Remove MachDiskGetPartitionEntry, and directl...
2009-10-03 Cameron Gutman - Fix the crash in ws2_32_winetest during the ioctlsoc...
2009-10-03 Matthias Kupfer- consider DragFullWindows-value from Registry
2009-10-03 Hervé Poussineau[freeldr] Remove (Mach)DiskGetBootDevice, DiskGetBootVo...
2009-10-03 Hervé PoussineauRework FAT filesystem to not be tied to boot filesystem
2009-10-03 Benedikt Freisen* only show message box on exit if the image has not...
2009-10-03 Stefan Ginsberg- Replace some x86 assembly in drivers with portable...
2009-10-03 Hervé Poussineau[freeldr] Fix warning on recent GCC versions
2009-10-03 Hervé Poussineau[freeldr] Code code specific to ARC emulation to its...
2009-10-03 Hervé Poussineau[freeldr] It's easy to check if we booted from a floppy...
2009-10-03 Hervé PoussineauWINLDR: Move i386 specific code to its own file
2009-10-03 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement delete of the program information from...
2009-10-03 James Tabor- Prevent kernel bug check in win32k when calling a...
2009-10-02 Johannes Anderwald- Add KSPROPSETID_Audio guid
2009-10-02 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-10-02 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-10-02 Aleksey Bragin[fullfat]
2009-10-02 Johannes Anderwald- Rewrite Wave API to enumerate wave out / in devices...
2009-10-02 Johannes Anderwald- Check if NodeId is out of bounds
2009-10-02 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-10-01 Cameron Gutman - Get the length from each packet header instead of...
2009-10-01 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-10-01 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix MSVC YieldProcessor macro
2009-10-01 Stefan Ginsberg- Kill leftover __USE_W32API
2009-10-01 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-30 Johannes Anderwald- Add usbdlib.h
2009-09-30 Dmitry GorbachevPatch by Viliam Lejcik (lejcik =at= gmail com). Fixes...
2009-09-30 Stefan GinsbergReactOS SMP Bringup Lite:
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- ASSERT on NULL-frees
2009-09-30 Johannes Anderwald- Several bugfixes for mixer source / destination line...
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- KeBugCheckEx expects BugCheckParameter2 to point...
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix recursive spinlock acquisition in Mm caused by...
2009-09-30 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- ...and this one.
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- Missed this one
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- Goodbye __USE_W32API
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- Good bye __USE_W32API, _DISABLE_TIDENTS
2009-09-30 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove the remaining __USE_W32API, deprecated for...
2009-09-30 Kamil Hornicek- simplify the code a bit
2009-09-30 Kamil Hornicek- add wglUseFontOutlines, wglUseFontBitmaps
2009-09-30 Johannes Anderwald- Store destination line in LineList
2009-09-30 Cameron Gutman - Uncomment some SYN handling code
2009-09-30 Cameron Gutman - Fix a nasty bug that caused us to exit the loop...
2009-09-29 Cameron Gutman - Sync the ACK hack with the last oskit release
2009-09-29 Hervé PoussineauReapply r43141: Remove now unneeded ARC cdrom hack...
2009-09-29 Johannes Anderwald- Italian & english translation of ks.inf
2009-09-29 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-29 Johannes Anderwald- Implement enumerating mixer source and destination...
2009-09-29 Johannes Anderwald- Implement PcHandlePropertyWithTable
2009-09-29 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-29 Aleksey Bragin[fullfat]
2009-09-29 James Tabor- Add GraphApp, Ext2 and X to the list of acknowledged...
2009-09-29 Johannes Anderwald- Retrieve the correct pin name
2009-09-28 Dmitry GorbachevAdd 1152x864, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200 modes.
2009-09-28 Dmitry GorbachevFix some bugs.
2009-09-28 Dmitry GorbachevDo not copy those structures twice.
2009-09-28 Stefan GinsbergErm, thanks Timo...
2009-09-28 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix Winetests build after sddkver.h update (and why...
2009-09-28 Aleksey Bragin- Thanks Stefan.
2009-09-28 Aleksey Bragin- Import FullFAT and add it to build.
2009-09-28 Stefan GinsbergCorrection to 36917: EPROFILE/KPROFILE.Segment is point...
2009-09-28 Johannes Anderwald- Add ks.inf
2009-09-28 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-28 Stefan Ginsberg- Comment fixes
2009-09-28 Stefan GinsbergHey Arch, how do you expect kernel32 to build with...
2009-09-28 Johannes Anderwald- Implement KSPROPERTY_PIN_NAME properly
2009-09-28 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-28 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-28 Johannes Anderwald- Fix 2 bugs:
2009-09-28 Johannes Anderwald- Handle variable sized PCPIN_DESCRIPTORs
2009-09-28 Aleksey Bragin[fastfat_new]
2009-09-28 Hervé Poussineaubootvid.dll is in system32, not system32\drivers
2009-09-28 Hervé PoussineauFix debug message
2009-09-27 Stefan Ginsberg- Remove superfluous VOID casts from 42314.
2009-09-27 Stefan Ginsberg- "Worked for me!"