2016-11-11 Pierre Schweitzer[KMTESTS:MM]
2016-11-10 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-11-10 Pierre Schweitzer[KMTESTS:MM]
2016-11-10 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Implement SO_CONNECT_TIME. CORE-12104
2016-11-10 Thomas Faber[HOST-TOOLS]
2016-11-10 Peter Hater[WS2_32_APITESTS] Add nonblocking tests
2016-11-10 Peter Hater[WS2_32_APITESTS] Add more WSAAsync tests
2016-11-10 Peter Hater[WS2_32_APITEST] Use insteadof reactos...
2016-11-10 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Fix for WSPStringToAddressA/W wine tests. CORE...
2016-11-10 Thomas Faber[FASTFAT]
2016-11-10 Thomas Faber[NTDLL_APITEST]
2016-11-10 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32] - CStartMenu: Add missing checks for failure...
2016-11-10 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32] - CMenuBand: Don't accept a NULL shell folder...
2016-11-10 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-09 Mark Jansenand of course also rename the test itself...
2016-11-09 Mark JansenRename shlexec.cpp to ShellExecuteEx.cpp as suggested...
2016-11-09 Thomas Faber[PROPSYS_WINETEST]
2016-11-09 Mark Jansenaddendum to r73180 (aka, fix the build)
2016-11-09 Mark Jansen[SHELL32] Automatically add the .exe extension for...
2016-11-09 Hermès Bélusca... [EVENTVWR]: Adjust some menu keyboard shortcuts.
2016-11-09 Mark Jansen[SHELL32_APITEST] Add some tests for ShellExecuteEx...
2016-11-09 Christoph von... [PSDK] fix DNS_RECORDW definition
2016-11-09 Hermès Bélusca... [EXPLORER]: Add missing keyboard shortcuts for some...
2016-11-09 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Fix possible memory corruption in WSPIoctl...
2016-11-09 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Minor changes. Code style fixes. tabs->spaces...
2016-11-08 Giannis Adamopoulos[BROWSEUI]
2016-11-08 Christoph von... [PSDK] add some missing DNS structures, add incomplete...
2016-11-08 Christoph von... [PSDK] disable SAL for WIDL as well
2016-11-08 Thomas Faber[USETUP]
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS]: Fix MmPt and DOPE tags.
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:IO]: IopCreateDriver(): Set the returned DriverOb...
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [TCPIP]
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:IO]: An improvement for the total log size check...
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:IO][INCLUDES][EVENTLOG]: Fix support for event...
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:LPC]
2016-11-07 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Implement SOL_SOCKET/SO_ERROR. CORE-12104
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:LPC]
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:LPC]: Fix the function prototypes (reference...
2016-11-07 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:LPC]: Improve the lisibility of some functions:
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[COM_APITEST]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[COM_APITEST]
2016-11-06 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHLGUID_UNDOC.H] -Add several undocumented interfaces...
2016-11-06 Thomas Faber[KMTESTS]
2016-11-06 Hermès Bélusca... [EVTLIB]: Don't spam the log with "add new record"...
2016-11-06 Thomas Faber[MKISOFS]
2016-11-06 Johannes Anderwald[USBAUDIO]
2016-11-06 Thomas Faber[PSEH]
2016-11-06 Thomas Faber[KMTESTS:RTL]
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-05 Thomas Faber[ASM]
2016-11-05 Thomas Faber[PSEH]
2016-11-05 Thomas Faber[CRT]
2016-11-05 Mark Jansen[ADVAPI32] Set REG_NONE type in RegQueryValueExW with...
2016-11-05 Mark Jansen[ADVAPI32_APITEST] Add tests for RegQueryValueExW....
2016-11-05 Mark Jansen[MKISOFS] Silence progress spam.
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-05 Johannes Anderwald[USBAUDIO]
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-05 Mark Jansen[SHELL32] Improve the choose icon dialog. Patch by...
2016-11-05 Thomas Faber[CRT]
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-05 Amine Khaldi[BASE] Spelling fixes by Josh Soref. CORE-12286
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[BROWSEUI]
2016-11-05 Giannis Adamopoulos[BROWSEUI]
2016-11-04 Giannis Adamopoulos[BROWSEUI]
2016-11-04 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2016-11-04 Johannes Anderwald[SDK]
2016-11-04 Johannes Anderwald[SDK]
2016-11-04 Johannes Anderwald[SDK]
2016-11-04 Johannes Anderwald[USBAUDIO]
2016-11-04 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Check params on WSAAceept. CORE-12104
2016-11-04 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS]
2016-11-04 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32_APITEST]
2016-11-04 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Disable setting blocking mode if there are...
2016-11-04 Amine Khaldi[NETCFGX] Compensate for the proper widths until we...
2016-11-03 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-11-03 Pierre Schweitzer[DISK]
2016-11-03 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-11-03 Hermès Bélusca... [WHOAMI]: Use the conutils (stream) library for console...
2016-11-03 Hermès Bélusca... [CONUTILS]: Remove that overengineered splitted library...
2016-11-03 Peter Hater[TCPIP] Always copy back bind IP in connection. Spotted...
2016-11-03 Thomas Faber[USETUP]
2016-11-03 Johannes Anderwald[USBAUDIO]
2016-11-03 Johannes Anderwald[USBAUDIO]
2016-11-02 Hermès Bélusca... [BOOTDATA]: Fix the indentation of the file(..) command...
2016-11-02 Hermès Bélusca... [BOOTDATA]: Diverse improvements for mkisofs support...
2016-11-02 Pierre Schweitzer[NDK]
2016-11-02 Pierre Schweitzer[BTRFS]
2016-11-02 Pierre Schweitzer[DOC]
2016-11-02 Pierre Schweitzer[BTRFS]
2016-11-02 Amine Khaldi[CHARMAP_NEW] Fix a copy pasta.
2016-11-02 Amine Khaldi[SERVMAN] Sort out header inclusions.
2016-11-02 Mark Jansen[SETUPAPI] Forward pSetup[Malloc|Realloc|Free] to My...
2016-11-02 Peter Hater[MSAFD] Add more checks for lpErrno. Rearrange start...