2008-12-09 Stefan Ginsberg- Test commit for the crash which the build server...
2008-12-09 Kamil Hornicek- revert 37958 for now, sorry
2008-12-09 Kamil Hornicek- remove leftovers
2008-12-09 Kamil Hornicek- sync wined3d with wine
2008-12-09 Christoph von... SeUnsolicitedInputPrivilege is obsolete - the LUID...
2008-12-09 Christoph von... sync CreateWellKnownSid with wine
2008-12-09 James Tabor- Fixed build.
2008-12-09 James Tabor- Add CP_UNIXCP for CP_ACP, this will help cross tests.
2008-12-09 James Tabor- New patch by hto: Suspicious code in User32.dll,...
2008-12-08 Johannes Anderwald- implement IServiceGroup interface
2008-12-08 Colin FinckRevert r37916 and add some correct tests for WC_NO_BEST...
2008-12-08 Johannes Anderwald- Partly implement PcRegisterIoTimeout, PcUnregisterIoT...
2008-12-08 Johannes Anderwald- Implement IResourceList_AddEntryFromParent
2008-12-08 Gregor Schneider- IntGetDeviceGammaRamp: remove unneeded code, i *...
2008-12-08 Johannes Anderwald- Experimental IInterrupt object implementation
2008-12-08 Johannes Anderwald- Add IID_IInterruptSync
2008-12-08 Gregor SchneiderFix two duplicate checks - obviously copy/pasted, CIDs...
2008-12-08 Gregor Schneider- Remove unreachable code, CID 53
2008-12-08 Christoph von... fix ConvertStringSidToSidW
2008-12-08 Stefan Ginsberg- 'STATIC' -> 'static'
2008-12-08 Aleksey Bragin- Move KeQueryRuntimeThread declaration to winddk.h...
2008-12-08 Aleksey Bragin- Implement KeQueryRuntimeProcess for querying total...
2008-12-08 James Tabor- Please dont break functionality due to a compiler...
2008-12-08 James Tabor- Patch by hto: Suspicious code in User32.dll, see...
2008-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevPut inline functions into header files.
2008-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevRemove WINVER, committed in r37916.
2008-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevSilence GCC warnings.
2008-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevRemove stray semicolon, change indentation.
2008-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevAdd missing parentheses.
2008-12-07 Dmitry GorbachevUse WC_NO_BEST_FIT_CHARS flag for WideCharToMultiByte...
2008-12-07 Stefan Ginsberg- Change more ASSERT(FALSE) to KeBugCheck(MEMORY_MANAGE...
2008-12-07 Gregor Schneider- Fix drawing the status bar over the play cards, happe...
2008-12-07 Timo KreuzerMerge 34758, 34771, 34786, 34787, 34906, 35826, 36174...
2008-12-06 Eric Kohl- Introduce a common header file.
2008-12-06 Aleksey Bragin- Fix a potential case of non-paged pool memory double...
2008-12-06 Timo Kreuzer- move CONTEXT stuff from wdm.h to winddk.h / armddk.h
2008-12-06 Timo Kreuzerrename section "init" to "INIT", so that pefixup will...
2008-12-06 Aleksey Bragin- Implement IoGetRemainingStackSize.
2008-12-06 Aleksey Bragin- Add missing function declarations.
2008-12-06 Aleksey Bragin- Merge Pierre's changes to ntifs.h from the branch...
2008-12-06 Hervé PoussineauFix a race condition between umpnpmgr service and CMP_W...
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add localui from Wine
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Update headers
2008-12-06 Eric KohlReplace call to ExtractIconExW (shell32.dll) by a call...
2008-12-06 Aleksey Bragin- Add reserved reparse tags definitions.
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev.def -> .spec
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Sync mlang with Wine 1.1.10
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Sync gdiplus wine tests
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Sync headers with Wine head
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add CFSTR_SHELLIDLISTA
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Implement SetupInstallFileA/W
2008-12-05 Timo Kreuzerfix FIELD_OFFSET macro
2008-12-05 Timo Kreuzerfix x64 definition of __readmsr()
2008-12-04 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.4:
2008-12-04 KJK::Hyperionmodified tools/rbuild/backend/mingw/modulehandler.cpp
2008-12-04 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.3:
2008-12-04 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 10 of 10):
2008-12-04 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 9 of 10):
2008-12-04 Timo Kreuzerfix some ULONG/ULONG_PTR issues
2008-12-04 KJK::HyperionUndo r37851 because rsym sucks
2008-12-04 Johannes Anderwald- Implement PcGetDeviceProperty, PcGetTimeInterval
2008-12-04 Gregor SchneiderFree allocated resource on error, CID 1358.
2008-12-04 Johannes Anderwald- Add interfaces for IMasterClock, IMXF, IAllocatorMXF...
2008-12-04 KJK::HyperionDWARF debugging information confuses rsym, and DWARF...
2008-12-04 KJK::Hyperionmodified lib/3rdparty/mingw/main.c
2008-12-04 Stefan Ginsberg- Don't cache a value if we might dereference NULL
2008-12-04 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix some redefinitions
2008-12-04 Aleksey Bragin- WDK defines PNOTIFY_SYNC as a pointer to VOID.
2008-12-04 Aleksey Bragin- Fix FsRtlFastCheckLockForRead and Write function...
2008-12-04 Johannes Anderwald- Add CLSIDs for Miniport drivers
2008-12-04 Dmitry GorbachevFix them second time.
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevFix Ke386Get(Global|Local|Interrupt)DescriptorTable...
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevTrying to fix...
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSlovak patch by Mario Kacmar aka Kario (bug #3934).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevFix Unicode -> Multibyte conversion (bug #3903).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevRemove stray semicolons, GCC gratias.
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevFix GCC complaints about uninitialized variables (bug...
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (11/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (10/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (9/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (8/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (7/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (6/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (5/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (4/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (3/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (2/11).
2008-12-03 Dmitry GorbachevSilence compiler warnings (1/11).
2008-12-03 Stefan Ginsberg- Make imagehlp compile warning free (don't mix Wine...
2008-12-03 Stefan Ginsberg- Patch by hto: Correct definitions of PSN_* constants
2008-12-02 KJK::HyperionMinGW does have vsnprintf. Fixes a warning in libxml2
2008-12-02 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 8 of 10):
2008-12-02 Eric KohlSync to wine-1.1.1 (Patch 7 of 10):
2008-12-02 Colin FinckRevert r37802, which reverted r37801, which was previou...
2008-12-02 Colin FinckRevert my changes in r37808.
2008-12-02 Daniel ReimerRamDRV is not in our tree anymore.
2008-12-02 Colin FinckKDBG needs DBG to be set, I can't imagine any useful...
2008-12-02 Daniel ReimerByeBye 100 MB Log File. Byebye, 200 kB/s
2008-12-02 Andrew MungerNevermind, I'd rather have the debug build. Someone...
2008-12-02 Andrew Munger"Fix" the release build.