2001-02-10 Emanuele AlibertiGetProcessVersion prototype missing.
2001-02-10 Eric KohlImplemented handling of forwarded exports
2001-02-06 David WelchMore FAT32 fixes
2001-02-06 David WelchUse import hint if present
2001-02-06 Phillip SusiIf APC routines are supposed to be STDCALL, then they...
2001-02-06 Phillip SusiFixed makefile to use default rule for building resourc...
2001-02-06 David WelchImplemented binary search of the export tables
2001-02-06 David WelchReads of the FAT on FAT32 filesystems go through the...
2001-02-06 David WelchFixed timer code
2001-02-05 Phillip SusiFixed clock increment for 10ms clock, and bug in comput...
2001-02-04 Eric KohlImplemented KeRemoveQueueApc() (not exported).
2001-02-03 Eric KohlImplemented ObOpenObjectByPointer().
2001-02-03 Eric KohlFixed command line size
2001-02-03 Eric KohlReduced command line size in ReactOS mode
2001-02-03 Eric KohlFixed command line size
2001-02-03 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2001-02-03 jeanoops! leave make a pop, and caller of alloca make esp...
2001-02-03 Jason FilbyCorrected line feeds so that DOS can run the .bat
2001-02-02 Eric KohlAdded access right mapping
2001-02-01 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-02-01 jeancorrect some bugs in spawn... functions
2001-02-01 jeanchanges in alloca because gcc push only ebp at begin...
2001-02-01 jeanfourth argument of WriteConsoleA is mandatory
2001-02-01 Phillip SusiForgot to commit bug fix for LoadString()
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiMinor fix
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiHad to rearange some structure members
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiBug fixes and redesign of a few ioctls
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiA few bug fixes
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiBug fixes and speedup
2001-01-29 Eric KohlCorrected unknown parameter
2001-01-29 Emanuele AlibertiStubs for some new LPC functions (w2k).
2001-01-28 Eric KohlAdded mapping of access rights
2001-01-28 Eric KohlAdded mapping of access rights
2001-01-28 Eric KohlAdded mapping of access rights
2001-01-28 Eric KohlAdded mapping of access rights
2001-01-28 Eric KohlFixed a compiler warning
2001-01-27 Emanuele AlibertiSimple W32 telnet client.
2001-01-27 Eric KohlFixed _iob bug
2001-01-27 Eric KohlFixed timer issues
2001-01-26 Phillip SusiOOps... that was already defined elsewhere...
2001-01-25 jeanchanges in _iob
2001-01-25 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-01-25 jeancorrect some arguments for CreateFile
2001-01-25 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-01-25 Phillip SusiAdded LoadString() stringtable resource support
2001-01-25 Phillip SusiA few more console fixes
2001-01-25 Phillip SusiAdded declarations for waitable timer functions
2001-01-25 Phillip SusiFixed backwards parameters in FindResource()
2001-01-24 Phillip SusiFixed backspace handling
2001-01-24 Phillip SusiFixed broken console code
2001-01-24 Phillip SusiFixed kernel loader code also to handle uninitialized...
2001-01-24 Phillip SusiBoth GetModuleHandleA and GetModuleHandleW need to...
2001-01-23 Eric KohlRemoved fixed stack base address
2001-01-23 Phillip SusiUndoing last commit, causes kernel to crash on boot...
2001-01-23 Phillip SusiFixed loader bug with uninitialized sections
2001-01-21 Casper Hornstrupno message
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiApplied David Welsh's fix for getting physical address...
2001-01-21 David WelchFixed bug in NtFreeVirtualMemory reported by Philip...
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiKeyboard driver should not translate \r to \n
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiReworked console code to use frame buffers and input...
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiAdded InterlockedXXX functions, probobly should use...
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiNew console client support
2001-01-21 Phillip SusiFixed a few bugs and enhanced performance
2001-01-20 Eric KohlAdded services.exe to boot sequence
2001-01-20 Eric KohlAdded services.exe to boot sequence
2001-01-20 Eric KohlFixed severe bug in CreateEventW()
2001-01-20 Eric KohlImplemented ObOpenObjectByName()
2001-01-20 Eric KohlCompleted mutex and semaphore implementation
2001-01-19 David Welch(Finally) implemented Philip Susi's suggestion for...
2001-01-18 Eric KohlImplemented system module Information
2001-01-18 jeansuppress use of FILE_READ_xx and FILE_WRITE_xxx defines.
2001-01-18 David WelchFixes for problems with NtReplyWaitReceive and KeWaitFo...
2001-01-18 jeancorrect _environ assignment, because it's an array...
2001-01-18 jeanincorrect use of FILE_xxx defines, not avalaible for...
2001-01-18 jeanchanges due to correction in ../misc/dllmain.c
2001-01-18 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-01-18 jeancorrect environ affectation : it's an array of pointers
2001-01-18 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-01-17 Emanuele AlibertiBootstrap title and short licence banner reformatted.
2001-01-17 Emanuele AlibertiLog file names macros added.
2001-01-17 jeanibetter clean
2001-01-17 jeanbetter clean
2001-01-17 David WelchMultiboot fixes
2001-01-17 Eric KohlImplemented SystemDeviceInformation info class
2001-01-16 David WelchFAT12 fixes
2001-01-16 Phillip SusiFixed bug with screen buffers larger than console windo...
2001-01-16 David WelchRemoved debugging prints
2001-01-16 David WelchFix bug in MmAllocateContinuousPages spotted by Philip...
2001-01-15 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-01-15 jeancorrect crash when running DllMain
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiCopyright string updated.
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiSYSTEMTIME type replaced by TIME.
2001-01-14 Emanuele Alibertitz command fixed (info class 44).
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiSYSTEM_TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION added.
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiFLG decoding added.
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiFLG macros added.
2001-01-14 Casper HornstrupSmall HTTP daemon
2001-01-14 Casper HornstrupSome work on winsock stack
2001-01-14 Eric KohlAdded some hal functions
2001-01-14 Eric KohlPrint driver names on initialization