2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiFLG decoding added.
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiFLG macros added.
2001-01-14 Casper HornstrupSmall HTTP daemon
2001-01-14 Casper HornstrupSome work on winsock stack
2001-01-14 Eric KohlAdded some hal functions
2001-01-14 Eric KohlPrint driver names on initialization
2001-01-14 Eric KohlAdded shutdown description
2001-01-14 Eric KohlFixed 'clean' rule
2001-01-14 David WelchMore small cluster size fixes
2001-01-14 Emanuele AlibertiADVAPI32.LookupAccountSidA and ADVAPI32.LookupAccountSi...
2001-01-13 Nedko Arnaudovno message
2001-01-13 David WelchFix for vfatfs on volumes with smaller cluster sizes
2001-01-13 Emanuele AlibertiPE image file dumper, by Sang Cho, adapted to ROS ...
2001-01-13 Emanuele AlibertiObsolete regnav removed.
2001-01-13 David WelchRemoved use of intermediate buffering when reading...
2001-01-12 David WelchRemoved debugging code from NTDLL loader
2001-01-11 Phillip SusiFixed compilation error with symbols _environ/_environ_dll
2001-01-10 Nedko Arnaudovno message
2001-01-08 David WelchSome memory manager cleanups
2001-01-07 Eric KohlUpdated 'clean' rule (added missing directories)
2001-01-07 Eric KohlAdded some more runtime functions
2001-01-07 Eric KohlIndicate loading process by dots (in non-debug mode...
2001-01-06 Rex JolliffFixed a bug in partition chain handling
2001-01-06 Rex JolliffFixed a problem with command line parsing
2001-01-06 Eric KohlAdded some more functions
2001-01-05 Phillip SusiExport SetLastErrorByStatus()
2001-01-02 Eric KohlImplemented NtSignalAndWaitForSingleObject()
2001-01-01 David WelchThe VFAT filesystem driver now goes through the cache...
2000-12-30 David WelchFix for compilation bug
2000-12-30 Eric KohlAdded HalAllocateAdapterChannel()
2000-12-29 David WelchImplemented MmAllocateContinuousMemory
2000-12-29 Eric KohlAdded / moved exception support functions
2000-12-29 Eric KohlImplemented shutdown routine dummy
2000-12-29 Eric KohlImplemented fsd shutdown support
2000-12-28 Eric KohlFixed some undocumented functions and types
2000-12-28 jeancopy some functions from crtdll
2000-12-28 jeancopy of some functions from crtdll
2000-12-28 jean*** empty log message ***
2000-12-28 David WelchImplemented /Device/PhysicalMemory
2000-12-26 David WelchDisable testing code
2000-12-26 David WelchAdded support for calling BIOS functions
2000-12-24 David WelchFixed compilation bug
2000-12-23 David WelchAll task switching is done in software.
2000-12-22 Emanuele Aliberti_itow, _ltow, _ultow added to crtdll.
2000-12-22 Eric KohlImplemented NtResumeThread() and NtSuspendThread()
2000-12-22 Eric KohlImplemented NtResumeThread() and NtSuspendThread()
2000-12-20 jeanbegin implementation of memory detection
2000-12-19 Emanuele AlibertiVersion resource added to the command line utilities...
2000-12-19 Rex JolliffFixed a problem with install rule
2000-12-11 Eric KohlImplemented some verify functions.
2000-12-10 David WelchSome work on file caching
2000-12-10 Eric KohlImplemented some verify functions.
2000-12-10 Emanuele AlibertiCleaning up before moving psxss to subsys/psx/server .
2000-12-10 Emanuele AlibertiCleaning up before moving psxdll in subsys/psx/client .
2000-12-10 Emanuele AlibertiI added the -p option to make buildno simply print...
2000-12-09 Emanuele AlibertiUpdated to be a proper secur32.dll version resource.
2000-12-09 Phillip SusiOpps... can't just return from a native thread proc...
2000-12-09 Phillip SusiRtlCreateUserProcess was not checking for failure of...
2000-12-08 Casper HornstrupFixed typo.
2000-12-08 Casper HornstrupFixed bug that caused a crash when creating an unnamed...
2000-12-08 jeanSUPERSEDE implemented
2000-12-08 Eric KohlReplaced hard-coded paths
2000-12-08 Eric KohlFixed floppy driver bug!
2000-12-07 jeanLdrFixupImports more verbose when DLL not found.
2000-12-07 jean bug corrected in updating fat16
2000-12-05 Eric KohlRun winlogon.exe instead of shell.exe
2000-12-05 Eric KohlMinor fixes
2000-12-05 Eric KohlFixed forwarding of current directory string
2000-12-05 jeancorrected bugs in create operations
2000-12-05 Eric KohlMoved system applications
2000-12-03 Eric Kohlno message
2000-12-03 Eric Kohlno message
2000-12-03 Eric KohlAdded some functions to msvcrt
2000-12-03 Eric KohlAdded some functions to msvcrt
2000-12-03 Eric KohlSome minor fixes
2000-12-02 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
2000-12-01 jeanadded test arg in NtFlushKey
2000-12-01 jeancorrected bug in writing files : extend files before...
2000-12-01 jean*** empty log message ***
2000-11-27 jeanmany bugs corrected
2000-11-27 jeanadded test for NtFlushKey
2000-11-23 jeancorrect bug in write operations
2000-11-21 jean*** empty log message ***
2000-11-21 jeansome changes to prepare write in hive files
2000-11-20 Eric KohlModified makefiles for use with rcopy
2000-11-19 Eric KohlFixed bug (or better: typo)
2000-11-19 Eric KohlFixed tls code
2000-11-19 Eric KohlAdded tls bitmap initialization
2000-11-19 Eric KohlFixed bitmap bug
2000-11-19 Eric KohlFixed tiny display buglet
2000-11-16 Jason Filbyminor fix
2000-11-16 Eric KohlFixed a compiler warning
2000-11-10 jeanbugs corrected
2000-11-10 jeanreference/dereference of objects corrected
2000-11-04 Eric KohlFixed some system information stuff
2000-11-04 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
2000-11-01 Eric KohlFixed linker warning about missing _NtProcessStartup()
2000-10-25 Jason Filbyminor fixes
2000-10-24 Nedko ArnaudovGPL sync + delete value implemented
2000-10-24 jeanfixed bugs